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Hi everyone, nice you’re watching a new video Because Today I have a DIY school supplies for you I do this every year because it’s very fun to do this video is a collaboration with Hema so all of the products you see are from Hema well, let’s just get started because there are lots of fun diy’s! for this diy I’ve got this notebook this is an ombre, and I love that effect then I have an hole puncher, cause we’ll need that as well and glitter washi tape With this we’ll make dots on the notebook and we do that with the hole puncher you need to take a good look where you have to put the tape so the dots are now in the hole puncher Open the hole puncher and get them all out I now remove the back of the tape and that’s very easy to do and then you can stick it on very easily the advantage of tape is that you don’t get glue residues all over your notebook I now glued all of the dots on and it wasn’t that much work I was already done after a few minutes and now it’s time to make a title I’m going to pick a subject of course and I’m going to do this using (fake) calligraphy and for calligraphy i’m using a pencil, a fineliner a set triangle and an eraser it’s really hard to see for you, how softly I drew it on with the pencil and now i’m going to add thicker lines I’m going to do the same thing on this notebook but with a different kind of tape with this holographic tape and that’s going to look like this this is how the notebook turned out a part of the dots is now done I made them with a hole puncher, and then stuck them on I even did the sides and if you want to you can do the back as well and you can keep it like this but you can also decorate it with holographic stickers look! yes, I am quite happy with the result you can also decorate it using calligraphy and I’m going to show that as well as last a little heart that really suits me I think the notebook turned out really good though it didn’t work out the first time I made it just look how it went wrong, and how I fixed it well, I make mistakes as well, and the first time I made this notebook I wrote instead of economie, ecomie super dumb! but I made a new notebook I can fix this one by using this awesome sticker with always be a unicorn on it and it’s exactly the right size to cover it and that’s how it turned out the fun part is! it matches exactly with eachother so that’s really convenient Here I have some paper watercolor and these stickers and I’m going to do AK, so I’ll need the letter A and the letter K but because these thing are closed, I’m cutting them open so you’ll see the effect that it’s an A otherwise you’ll only see the outline AK means aardrijkskunde (geography) when it’s dry, you can remove the stickers It’s done and now I’m going to cut it out and I do that by using a cartoon like style now I’m going to glue it on using glue make sure you glue the edges as well and then it’s done with small thing you can change your notebook completely I already really like this notbook, because of the gold strip but look at these stickers! I think they’re awesome, and that’s why I’m going to stick them on I’ll get them out of the packaging and then I’m going to look how to stick them on but the gold completely matches with this and I just think it completely fits together and the text is fun ass well, genius beacause it’s for school I love watermelons and that’s what I’m going to make on a notebok with a potato really! and I’ve seen an american youtuber do this It’s been quite some time though but I like it so much, I really want to show it to you guys I have a potato and a knife first of all I’m going to cut it in half like that and then I’m going to cut this one in half and here we have out shape I’m going to apply red paint on the potato and I’m going to use it as a stamp I did this notebook as well and I’m going to let that dry as well the paint is good as dry I got the green paint here and as you can see it is quite dark so I added some white and yellow In the end I got to this color it’s just a little more fresh, so that’s why I chose for it and now I’m just going to apply it Just pay attention to my actions I paint from the outside to the inside, then stop and do the same on the other side like this the notebook is dry now but of course there are seads in a watermelon so we’re going to draw them as well These are the markers I use These markers got a thin and a thick side and for the seads i’m going to use the thick side I’m drawing 3 above and 3 below This is the result and I’m very happy with it I recommend you doing this as well, because it’s very easy and very fun to do! then I really want to show you some fun little things first, this pastel pink book I think this one is very beautiful and this is completely my style love it! However, how fun is it to put a sticker on it for example this is simply brilliant stuff but I think I’m going for this one, I mean this is completely Joy right? I think this is totally awesome pink, with glitter, love it! so I’m going to put that on love it! now, I’m going to adjust this pen loop at the back of the book so that I can put my pen in it as well how handy is that? so we’ll go to the last page right here and here at the back there’s a sticky side, so this sticks and now this sticks very well then I use a pen very handy and fun and if you’ve got an important page in your book you can use a paperclip say this is an important page for example you can put this in between tadaa, very handy so you’ll know where the important page is, it looks cute these were all of the diy’s are you going to make one? post it on instagram and tag me and let me know in the comments wich one your favorite is thank you so much for watching and see you the next time! bye!

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