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Uhh, getting lost in a good book, are we, Sophia? Hey! Throw me one of those marshmallows, will ya, Lana? Okay, but just one. Open wide! Wow! Nice catch! That deserves a second helping. Very nice! I’ve got one more delicious marshmallow for you… Gah! Looks like Sophia just fell victim to the ultimate friend prank. Another day, another hour in art class. But just because your hands are busy doesn’t mean they can’t pop a skittle or two into your mouth. But the thing about candy is, the more you share, the less you have left for yourself. Lana’s so focused on what she’s doing, she doesn’t realize Sophia’s gettin’ all the grub! Yes. That looks good. Hey! Where’d all my skittles go? Sophia! How did you eat all these so fast? That’s it. I’m gonna get her back for this. Watch and learn my friends. Take a ball of clay and pinch a small piece off like this. Rub the piece on your palm to smooth out its edges. Now put it aside. With some paint, draw an “S” on the clay. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Make a bunch in different colors and you’ve got yourself a bunch of skittles! This’ll teach Sophia not to mess with my candy. Yes! She put out more! She won’t notice if I snag a few, right? What the heck is wrong with these?! Those were the nastiest skittles I’ve ever tasted! Another important lesson in sharing is caring, right? Finally, it’s lunch time! And these hot dogs are hitting the spot. Aw man, I forgot to grab a drink. Think I could take a swig of your soda, Lana? Ew, no! You know I don’t like to share germs. Hey! Is Mrs. Applebee coming over here? Now is Sophia’s opportunity to play a little trick on Lana for not sharing her drink. Wow, who knew saying know to Sophia would result in such an explosive reaction? Ugh! I’m covered in sticky soda! Sophia! You’d better run fast ‘cuz I’m gonna get you back for this! Alright just one more period before recess! Too bad they don’t allow nap time in high school. I’m just gonna rest my eyes for a few minutes. Ooh! Is Lana asleep? Yep. Out like a light. And when a friend is fast asleep, it’s the perfect opportunity for some major prankage. For this prank, take a long screw like this one and clip it into two pieces. Next, squeeze out some hot glue in the middle of a small piece of parchment paper. Stick the top half of the screw right into it, standing up. Once the glue dries, paint over it with some blood-red nail polish. Now do the same thing on another piece of parchment paper with the bottom half of the screw. Now, take the two pieces and place it on either side of your sleeping buddy’s hand. Careful not to wake them up! Oh man, this is gonna be so good. Oh Lana! Rise and shine, beautiful! Huh? That tickles! WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY HAND?! Call an ambulance, Sophia! Chill out girl, it’s just a funny prank! Well, that was sure a jarring way to wake up from a nap. At least it didn’t hurt, right? Oh, c’mon, you’ve gotta admit that was a grade A prank. I’m still your best friend, right? Shh! We’ve got to be quiet, it’s test day! Okay, everyone looks hard at work. I guess I may as well get some of my work done then. Wow, look at these hard-working students go! Ooh! Looks like the head teacher needs to speak to me. I’d better go. Is she seriously leaving us? When the teacher’s away, the students will play! Now’s the perfect time to pull an epic prank on Mrs. Applebee! Oh man, she’s not even going to realize her mug of coffee is upside down! Quick! Clean up the excess coffee. Now get back to your seats before she comes back! We totally nailed that one. Well, everything looks normal here. Alright, where was I? Ah yes, here we go. BOOM! That coffee’s going everywhere! I don’t remember putting this thing down upside down! Stop laughing, girls! You’re giving yourselves away! I know yelling is not the answer here but detention sure is! Pack up ladies, you’re goin’! Detention stinks but it was totally worth it. Well, that’ll ring more true after we’re done. Working on that big project due tomorrow, are we? What time is it anyway? Okay, that’s it. I can barely keep my eyes open! Oh yeah, this feels so much better. Is Sophia seriously asleep? Looks like I’m finishing this thing up solo, aren’t I? But I suppose i have time to take a small prank break, right? If you’re bestie is out cold, glue can be a great way to give them a whole new look. Just drop a few globs of glue on their forehead and cheeks. Now rub it in — just be careful not to wake them up! Now once it dries a bit, go ahead and peel a few pieces so it’s hanging off her face. Man, this is gonna be the funniest thing ever! Time to wake the beast. Sophia! Sophia! Wake up! You’re face is falling off! Huh? Oh my gosh! What’s happening? Why is my skin peeling like this? Call my dermatologist! No! Call the ambulance! Now!! Oh man, I can’t hide it anymore, this is just too funny. You’re not dying, Sophia, it’s just good old Elmer’s glue! How would you feel if I told you your face was falling off?! Everyone has one of those friends that talks and talks and talks. Even if it’s right in the middle of a geography lesson. And I was like, sure I’ll go to the dance with you, as long as you get a haircut… SHH I’m trying to listen here! Do you mind? Yup, Sophia definitely minds. Fine, she doesn’t want me to talk? I’ll bite my tongue or rather, pierce it. Try this prank on for size! Hey, Lana! You wanna get me to stop talking, huh? Well, this outta do the trick! AHH! Oh my goodness! Sophia! Somebody help her!! What now? Oh my! Are you doing what I think you’re doing?! Okay, if you look a little closer, you’ll see not everything is as it seems. Gimme that thing. Looks like we’ve got a master prankster on our hands. That’s it, you’re both going to the principle’s office. Pranking’s awful fun, but it often comes with a price. Look on the bright side, Lana, at least Sophia finally shut up! Did these school pranks have you snorting with laughter? Than get a load of these bloopers for some real side-splitting action! Share these pranks with your friends if you dare and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page so you never miss out on our awesome videos!

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  1. Sofia put some mentos in lana’s pepsi
    That is my favorite part and make
    More pranks please❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. At 2:55
    Are you serious….
    Who's gonna take all those screws in 🏫 school.
    If our teachers sees it… we're finished 😂🤐😫🤔😥

  3. The sharing drink one sucks like imagine if they payed for that and then u rune there drink and also some people are germophoback

  4. 😀😎🤔😁😍😐😂😘😑😃😗😶😄😙🙄😅😚😏😆☺😣😉🙂😥😊🤗😮😋😇🤐

  5. I love this video but I just want to point something out nobody looks that long that they won't notice u putting in mentonies in there huge can of soda

  6. Well in the nail prank with blood,how come Lana get to know immediately bout the fake blood 📌🖐️
    So u see guys even their school is not real.and they know bout the pranks gonna happen.chekin the bloopers if u don't believe me

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