Back to School Organizing Tips: Binder & School Notebook Organization
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Back to School Organizing Tips: Binder & School Notebook Organization

Hi everyone. Itís Alejandra. And in this
video, Iím going to share with you two ways to set up your school binder. The first way
is a more traditional way with a three-ring binder. And the second way is for students
or people who donít like to use three-ring binders like papers never end up in the binder
because it requires putting holes in it and they end up everywhere but the binder. So anyways, itís going to make sense once
I show you. So let me grab the binders and show you exactly what Iím talking about. OK. Option number one is a traditional three-ring
binder just like this. So this is the Better Binder from Staples. Itís the binder that
I always talk about that I absolutely love. I love the quality, the color selection, the
style, just everything about it. Iíll show you inside what I love about it the most. But this is the outside. So this is a one-inch
binder and this is actually a brand new one-inch binder. Itís the one with the expandable
spine. So a traditional one-inch binder only hold 275 pieces of paper but now with the
expandable spine, it holds 375 sheets of paper. So 100 more so itís just awesome. OK. So in the very front cover, what I did
was I stuck scrapbook paper inside to kind of personalize the cover, add a popup color,
and stuff. So yeah, I did that and then I did the same thing on the spine on the side.
I cut out a piece for the window and then I took my label maker and I put my name on
top of it. You can put whatever you want there. I just put my name. And then on the cover right here, I just took
a 4 x 6 piece of photo ñ whatís it called? Itís like a 4 x 6 photo poly envelope, Iím
not sure. And I just stuck it on top of the binder. I used double-sided Scotch Tape just
like this and I stuck it on the back to hold it in place. And then what Iím doing here
is putting the school schedule inside. So I donít know what high schools or middle
schools do now but when I was in high school, they mailed you a 4 x 6 note card with your
school schedule for the year. And I used to always just put it inside of the pocket right
here on the front but then it would always slide around. So I figured if I put it inside
this envelope, it wonít move. OK. So thatís the outside. Let me show you
the inside. All right. So the cool thing about this brand new Better Binder with the expandable
spine is it also has this built-in poly pocket envelope built into the front cover of the
binder. So traditional binders, they just have like that half poly envelope ñ itís
not even a poly envelope but itís just a pocket right here where you stick the pieces
of paper. But with this one, it just comes built-in
so itís kind of cool. And then it has a little bungee to open and close it. So what I would
do and what I used to do in high school is I would store all the pieces of paper that
never came with holes. So you know like teachers sometimes hand out assignments and theyíre
not hole-punched? I used to hate when they do that. So Iíd always stick the paper in
the very front cover and then when I got home or got access to a hole puncher, I would punch
them and then put the pieces of paper in the appropriate section in the dividers. So thatís
one thing you could do. You could put like a notebook in here or you
could put maybe like some light school supplies like a notepad or Iím not sure but thatís
just a cool thing about the binder. The best thing about the Better Binder is
how the rings are on the back spine. Theyíre not actually on the center spine. So when
you see binders with like rings on the center spine, itís kind of annoying because every
time you open and close the binder, the papers are always moving. So the fact that the spines
are on the back cover is really nice about the Better Binder. All right. So over here on this side is I
have all my lined paper in the very front and then behind, I have this colored lined
paper that I found from Target that I thought was really fun. So Iím guessing like Iím
not in high school anymore but Iím guessing you probably cannot turn in assignments or
homework on colored paper. Your teacher probably would not accept that. But when I was in high
school, we always wrote notes to each other. I donít know if students still do that. But
if I had a colored paper back then, it would have been so much fun to write your friends
a note on colored paper. So I donít know. I thought that would be fun. And then you can also take your own personal
notes that you arenít turning in on colored paper and kind of color-code them if that
helps you with studying or just taking notes in general. All right. So these dividers, these are my
favorite dividers. They are Avery ñ these are the 5-tab dividers. Avery makes 5-tab,
8-tab, 12-tab, 15-tab, 31-tab, A-Z-tab, and monthly tabs. And theyíre all color-coded
with like really pretty colors and they all have this really nice table of contents pages
in the very front where you can just label each section just like that. I just did that
with my label maker. One really good tip is ñ so I always reuse
my dividers like I change my binders like if I donít need a binder anymore, Iíll change
it but Iíll save the dividers. So one thing I always do is I make a copy of the cover
page so I could have a blank cover page if I ever reuse the dividers. So before I label
ñ put my labels on, Iíll just copy this page with the copier in my printer so I have
a backup of one of these when it comes time to reuse the dividers or you could just like
stick a label on top. But sometimes if the label doesnít match
up perfectly then it doesnít look very nice or I donít know, it doesnít look very nice.
Maybe thatís a perfectionist thing. But anyways, thatís what I do. So I love these dividers. Another set of dividers that I really like
thatís great for school binders is this poly pocket dividers. The only come in 5-tab. These
are from ñ I think theyíre from Office Depot, maybe Staples. Iím not sure. Iíll have to
look it up. But they have this nice poly envelope pocket in the very front so you could stick
papers in here like smaller papers or papers that donít have holes yet or other pieces
of papers, smaller ones inside the pocket. So thatís really cool about that and theyíre
color-coded also. OK. And then right here, I have this gusseted
binder pocket that I showed in my warranties and manual binder. Itís basically a poly
envelope pocket that has holes to it goes in the binder and it has a little Velcro clasp
just like that. And somebody on my Facebook page had commented and said, I think she was
a teacher, she said that one cool way to use this in the binder is to put your composition
notebook inside just like that so you can always carry in your binder and itís not
going to fall out. So I thought that was a really cool tip. So yes, so now itís not
going to fall out. All right. And then on the back of the binder,
so I donít know if students still do this but when I was in high school and middle school,
we always wrote notes to each other, slipped it in the locker and stuff. And in middle
school, we collected them. It was like fun to collect all your notes. So I thought something
cool would be to get one of these poly envelope pockets. This is like full of poly envelope
pockets but get another one, a smaller one and attach it to the very back of your binder
and so you could just put all the notes that you collect. I donít know if collecting is
a good word. But all the notes that you get like every week or whatever. And so, this is actually an adhesive poly
envelope. But the adhesive do not adhere well to this vinyl backing so all I did was use
a double-sided mounting tape just like this. I got this from Home Depot. You can get it
at Target also. And I put it back here on the back of this envelope and then attach
it to the binder and now itís not going to go anywhere. Itís totally secure so yeah.
And you could do another one up here if you really wanted to or you could just add another
one of these gusseted binder pockets to the very back and put all your notes in there.
So there are just a lot of cool options. OK. So that is how you set up binder number
one. Now, along with this binder is a pencil case. Now, when I was in high school, I never
kept ñ well, I donít want to say never but keeping your pencil case inside your binder
can make it kind of bulky. Like if I put this in here, it would kind of constrict how many
papers I could stick in the binder. And then when I close it, itís not going to close
ñ well, that closes OK. But once I add more papers, itís going to be too bulky. So you
could just keep this separate inside your backpack. But let me just show you what is
inside of the pencil case. OK. So this is binder option number two for
people who donít necessarily like traditional binders, maybe you donít like the rings or
papers just never end up in the rings, may end up like everywhere else but the binder.
And this might be a solution for you. So it looks like a binder but it does not have rings.
Itís kind of cool. Itís kind of hard to find. And yeah, let me just show you what
it looks like. It has this little elastic bungee cords that
are attached so all you do is you just take them off. It has got this cool table of contents
in the very front that it just like peels, like it just pulls out from underneath and
you can just take it out and label it. It comes with three different sheets so you can
label it three different times. But yeah, so if you were looking for like something
in your history section, you would just go to red and all the papers are just right here. Thereís no ring in the way or anything. Everything
just kind of gets like shoved inside just like that. So itís great for people who donít
want to mess with rings and like the papers donít fall out either. So you just close
it. You could shake it this way, shake it this way, shake it this way, and nothing falls
out. Now, I donít know how many pieces of paper
it holds. It probably holds ñ I donít know. Iím not going to guess. It holds a good amount
so you could use it for like your main binder. It might be kind of small. Maybe itís like
your notes binder or your homework binder or something like that. But this is a cool
option and I just added a sticker on top to kind of personalize it a bit. And this is the 10-tab binder. It also comes
in 5 or 6 tabs so if you donít need as many categories, you could get the smaller one.
And I think thatís everything I want to say about it. But it just kind of cool how it
doesnít have rings. Itís just another option. OK. So I hope this video was helpful. So again,
you can do option one, a traditional binder or option two, a nontraditional binder. Either
way, I will put links to all of the products I showed you in this video below in the description
and you can check it out. And if you want more back to school organizing tips, you can
watch my other school-related videos or you could check out my website at Alejandra.TV.
And I will see you soon. Bye! 1

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