Back to School Night Routine
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Back to School Night Routine

– [Joy] Whizzaroo! – Dad, may I play video games? – Watch a movie, please Daddy? – Sorry guys, it’s a school night, but you can play outside
while I cook dinner. – Let’s get these boys out, Joy! (lively music) – Here it comes! (boinging) (crashing) (crying) – Oh no, new game! (wheels scratching road) – Let’s ride, Bro! – Right behind you. (bike motors humming) (cheering) – Hey guys, wait for me! (wheels crunching road) (wheels grinding road) (cheering) – Mmm mmm, I’m hungry! Are you guys hungry? I’m just gonna make some dinner. (lively music) In with the banana! Now let’s add the rest of the ingredients. A yummy salad! Now let’s give it a little stir. (vegetables bumping bowl) Dinner is ready, now let’s eat! – Wow, Daddy, you really outdid yourself! – This is delicious. – I’m glad that you enjoyed dinner. Now it’s time to do some chores. – I’ll vacuum the floor. (vacuum motor purring) – I’m gonna get this table nice and clean. (squirting) (squeaking) – Don’t worry about the dishes, Daddy. We’ll take care of them. Thank you. (water trickling) (silverware rattling) I love washing dishes with you, Sis! – No problem, Honey! (broom brushing) – That floor looks clean. – I’ll wash the baby! I’m gonna get you all clean, Sweetie! (sploshing) I’m gonna wash your hair. (water squirting) You’re all clean, Sweetie! Okay, I’m gonna put you to bed. (upbeat music) (water trickling) – I have everything I need for school. (zipper zipping) I’m all packed and ready
to go back to school. – Daddy, will you tell me a bedtime story? – Of course! Once upon a time. (chiming) – Oh, wow! Ying, you’re beautiful and you’re beautiful and you’re beautiful! Oh no, I don’t have enough money! Aha, I’ll be right back. Ice cream, hot dogs, who wants a snack? (bell dinging) – I’d like some ice cream. – Here’s your ice cream, Ma’am. – Thank you Ma’am. – Now I have enough money to buy my dress. (chiming) – And then she lived happily ever after. – I love that story Daddy, good night! – Everyone in bed, good night! – [Sparkle] For more awesome
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