Back to School MAKEOVER and PRANK First Day of School Outfit!!
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Back to School MAKEOVER and PRANK First Day of School Outfit!!

– Hey guys, it’s Marissa, and today I’m going to give Brookie a back to school extreme makeover and I have to be a
little quiet here outside because this is going to
be a prank on Brookie. Ha ha. I saw The Ohana Adventure do this and I thought it’d be a great idea to kind of put a little twist on it, so I’m gonna be pranking Brookie and instead of the typical
cute back to school makeover, I’m going to give her, like, a very unexpected makeover
that she does not like. So, I’m gonna go to the thrift store and find an outfit that is totally out of her comfort zone and something she would not normally wear. I actually haven’t told Brookie
that we are filming today so I’m going to go tell
her after I get the outfit that we’re gonna be
doing an extreme makeover and I’m gonna do my best
to have her blindfolded. Let’s just go to the
the thrift store, yeah? (upbeat music) Okay guys, made it to the thrift store and now here is the fun part, I get to pick out Brookie an outfit and I’m gonna make this interesting, so. Let’s go in. Right guys, let the search begin. I’m gonna start by doing pants. These are an option, black. Or these. Which are not bad but I can
just a crazy top to go with it. Next up is shirts. Gotta go crazy with this one. We have this one. Or. This one. Okay for shoes I’m deciding
between these ones, these ones. She would not like either of ’em. (beeping) Okay, just got out of the thrift store, I got the items for Brookie in this bag and I’m gonna go home. I’m gonna tell her that we need to film and surprise her with
this extreme makeover and then blindfold her, get her reaction, do her hair, so yeah, I’m really excited, so, let’s go home and tell Brookie. My favorite part. Give this a thumbs up if it’s hot where you live. I would give mine a million ’cause it’s so hot today. Brooke! – [Brooke] What? – [Marissa] Come in the office. Do you wanna film? – [Brooke] Sure. – [Marissa] Hi, do you wanna
do an extreme makeover? – Like, gonna be like
cutting or like cutting hair or like dying hair, ’cause no. – [Marissa] Well, I need to blindfold you and I bought you some clothes. I’m gonna show you the clothes that I got for you to wear for school. – What if you picked
me, like, the 80s, like. Okay, wait, ready? I’m a ballerina. Ow I just landed on my own toe. – ‘Cause I do not want
you to see your outfit, your makeup or your hair, you’re gonna have this blindfold on while you’re getting dressed, while I’m doing your hair,
and while I do your makeup. I’m gonna give you your clothes that you need to go put on, can you promise not to look? Pinky promise?
– I swear on my life. – Pinky promise? Do not look at the clothes, okay? – I promise on my life.
– It’ll just make the video so much better if you have.
– Okay. – A genuine reaction. Here are your pants. – [Brooke] Thank you. – And here is your shirt. Bye.
– Bye. – Okay, while Brookie is getting dressed, I’m going to get the color of hair dye that I wanna spray in her hair. I’m gonna pretend like I’m
spraying hairspray in her hair ’cause it’s like the same sound. It’s just, like, a spray dye, so I’m gonna go get that
and surprise Brookie. A white, glitter spray, I could do a yellow, that is disgusting. I think I might do that one. Okay. Oh those actually fit. Cute! ‘Kay, come sit in this chair. I have some accessories to put on you. Is that just gonna look, make me look like Jojo Siwa, like, have the big bow and stuff. – So I’m gonna put the shoes on. These are the shoes. They’re actually not that bad. Cinderella. – Here let me put it. – [Marissa] No, you can’t feel them. – Okay. Well, I can feel them with my feet. It’s like I’m wearing grandma slippers. That tickles! – I’m gonna, like, roll these up. Just to make it a little bit more trendy. I have this but I’m just gonna put it on while you’re doin’ your hair. Okay guys, now time for the hair style. I’m gonna need some hairspray, elastics, and bobby pins. This outfit isn’t like bad
it’s just something you wouldn’t wear in school,
if you know what I mean? Are you ready, Brooke? – Oh, yeah. Fallin’ asleep here. – Okay, there’s one side. So I’m going to just. – Oh, what is that? Marissa!
(muffled laughter) Is that hair spray or like? – Yeah, it’s hair spray. – Spray paint. – We’re gonna just lock this in place. – What is happening? That’s a lot of hairspray honey. – Removing the sealing of this. – I thought you were gonna take my hair, I’m like, what? – I just really wanna make
sure this stays in for a whole day of school. – [Brooke] Yeah, they don’t. It’s getting in my mouth, blech. That tickles. (spraying) – Lots of hairspray today honey. Sorry, I just gotta, a little. – That’s like straight in my face. – Few little touches. – Stop it! – Okay. Now we’re gonna lead
you to the accessories and then the makeup. – These shoes do not.
– Okay, come. – Fit very well.
– In the office. – Ow. – And sit in this chair. – Oh. – Right here. Oh, don’t lean back. – Oh, okay. – I’ll go get the stuff. Pucker. Okay, spread that around lightly. Oh yeah. Okay guys, the next and
final piece of makeup I’m going to do is this on her eyes, so. Close ’em tight. – I’ll try not to peek
while you do my eyebrows. I usually don’t wear makeup to school, so. – [Marissa] This’ll be interesting. – Is that your finger or like? – [Marissa] It’s a brush. Okay, don’t open. – I’m not opening. – [Marissa] I have two more accessories. Um, where did they go? – She laughed when she came in so I have no clue how to feel. – [Marissa] Okay, so
this the first accessory. I actually think this is super cute. It’s like a little hat thing. – Um, no hats in school. Oh, oh, oh. – Okay, stand up actually. – What is this? – [Marissa] Okay. Hide that tag. The braids actually look cute with that. And the final. – I swear I’m turning into, me into a cowgirl. – The final item. Guess what these are. – I have no clue. Glasses? – [Marissa] Yes. – Oh yeah. – [Marissa] Okay, open
your eyes and smile. Okay, you ready? The mirror. – Oh. (laughter) What did you do to my hair? – It’s like white and yellow. It didn’t show up super well, but it’s kinda ugly. – Take the hat off. – Yeah! – I swear, grandma
slippers, grandma slippers. – [Marissa] Cuteness. How do you like it? – Um, I’m never wearing
this to first day of school. – Don’t you like the lips, actually? It’s kinda cute. You just gotta, like,
make that shirt look cute. Don’t you think those jeans
are actually kinda cute? – Um, no. – No? Okay, so that is
Brookie’s extreme makeover for back to school. Comment down below what
you guys think of it because I didn’t go as
crazy as I could’ve. – I need to do this to
Marissa and get revenge. First of all, like, I
would never wear this to the first day of school. Like, are you, like,
serious about, I, like. – Um, yeah, no I’m not serious. – And like.
– You just have to wear it for the rest of the day, okay? – I have soccer so. – So, I guess you’re just
gonna have to deal with it. ‘Kay, I actually think I did
good on the color scheme, though, like the gold, the red, the red, the white, the blue. And then the little pop of
color down at the shoes. – [Brooke] Yeah, really cute. – I mean, not too shabby. But it definitely isn’t
the cutest thing ever. – Oh, I will get revenge, don’t you worry. – Well, we’ll see. Is there any part of it
that you actually like? – No.
(giggles) – The bucket hat’s kinda cute though. If you styled it right. Yas, queen. Snatched. (upbeat music)

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