Back to School: Loud House Locker Decorating Interactive Guide ๐Ÿ’Ÿ #TryThis
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Back to School: Loud House Locker Decorating Interactive Guide ๐Ÿ’Ÿ #TryThis

The Louds are going back to school. Going back to school? S-K-O-O-L! S-K-O-O-L! And each member of the Loud crowd
will show off their style in The Loud House
Locker Decorating Guide. Let’s do this! Let’s start with
the fashionista herself, Leni Loud. Ooh, you wanna do an interview? OK, my favorite color is zebra. Zebra it is! And since she’s about
her looks as much as books, Mirrors are a no-brainer. Something’s wrong with this mirror. [sighing] O-M-Gosh!
How embarrassing! Don’t worry about it, Leni. This chin hair is like three inches long. Leni can turn the hallway
into her runway. So let’s stuff some of her
fave accessories in there. Wait a second.
Is this a locker or a closet? Hi Lori, have we always had
a window in our closet? Either way, it’s looking totes adorbs. O-M-Gosh! It’s perfect. Next up, Lucy’s locker. Since she already sleeps in a coffin,
why not make her locker one too? It’s like a coffin for your dreams. What else do we need? Candles, cobwebs, cauldrons. Spooky. Even Fangs would go
batty over in here. And there’s just enough room
for Lucy’s poetry book. Give me your best rhymes for ‘rose’. – Shows.
– Clothes. – Bows.
– Decompose. Ooh, evocative. Easy, we’re passing with flying colors. Or in Lucy’s case, black. Rock star Luna Loud
needs a rockin’ locker. Let’s start with a splash of purple. And we’ll need to squeeze her guitar
and some serious ampage in there for in between class jam sessions. Thank you! Every good concert needs some haze,
so a smoke machine it is! The final touch:
posters of the British flag and rock god Mick Swagger. Just like my idol, Mick Swagger. Alright! Ooh, drafty. Done! Now it’s a school of rock.
Lincoln’s up! His locker has got to be stuffed with
comics featuring his favorite hero, Ace Savvy. One Eyed Jack and Ace Savvy! Do you wear those
under your clothes every day just waiting for an
opportunity such as this? Speaking of hero, is this
a peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich? How long has this been in here? Ew, that’s gotta go. This is my favorite sandwich, Lily. Peanut butter and sauerkraut. Lincoln’s an avid gamer,
so video games it is. To be played during recess, of course. Hey Leni, wanna play video games? Those things will rot your brain. Besides, I have fashion
magazines to look at. Let’s lap a Smooch poster here
and ta-dah! This locker is screaming “Lincoln”. ♪ Grab life by the lips
Give it a smooch ♪ Who’s lockers up next?
Ah, pranks for nothing, Luan. [laughing] Even the class clown thinks there’s
nothing funny about a boring locker. Why are clowns never bored? Because we’re good
at keeping occu-pied. I said good at keeping occu-pied. [cheering] So we’ll need a serious amount
of chattering teeth, bowling pins, bananas, a unicycle. Anything else we’re forgetting, Luan? Wait! I can’t find my whoopie cushion. I don’t have time for– Thanks, Mom. Toodle-loo! [laughing] And whoopie cushions! Jeeze Luan, aren’t there
any books in there? Oh wait, this looks like… oh no. It… it can’t be. These look like Luan’s diabolical plans
for April Fool’s Day. Next year, I’m gonna stop
going easy on you and give you all an April Fool’s
you’ll never forget! What have we done? [Luan laughing] We’ve seen too much.
Let’s keep going. Lynn’s on deck and we’re giving
her locker a super sporty spin. Since she likes to let
everyone know she’s a winner… Winner, winner, chicken dinner! There’s no better place to show off
her trophies than her locker. ♪ Give me a T-R-O-F-Y ♪ I think you spelled that wrong! ♪ That’s my kinda song ♪ Throw in some cleats,
a jersey and gym socks, and Lynn just turned a hall pass
into a hall of fame. At least I don’t smell
like crusty athletic socks. Just remember to wash those gym socks. This locker’s covered in mud. This must be Lana’s. My favorite way to stay fit
is mud wrestling. Wait– Wait, what? [screaming] Take down! Two points! Now what should go inside her locker? Any of her pets? We got a runner! Aww, El Diablo likes you. Aww! Snakes don’t belong in school.
How about some tools? I’m telling Dad! Forget that pitiful plunger, Dad. This is a class five clog. You’re gonna need Big Bertha. Done. Time to make
Lola’s locker sparkle. Let’s start with a tiara. As partial as I am to a sparkly tiara, I’d have to say that a girl’s
most important accessory is her brain. Smart and stylish.
What else does this locker need? Dang Lols, you’re really on
your rhinestone game today. Thank you for noticing. Rhinestones, check. What else? Glitter! Glitter, check.
But it’s still feeling a bit empty. Thank you all for
coming to my tea party. Who would like a finger sandwich? Now it’s a party. Put your thinking caps on,
’cause Lisa’s up next. She’s a total bookworm, so let’s
put some textbooks on the shelf. Who needs textbooks when
I can do field research? Well, books are out. Research equipment is in. I prefer to see my
classmates as coworkers, or occasionally test subjects. Alrighty, moving on. When Lisa needs a study break, she really knows how to break
it down to some west coast rap. ♪ Everybody gather round for the jam ♪ ♪ We’re on the come up
And here’s the master plan ♪ Slay all day, girl! Woo! So boom! A boom box it is. This locker is looking smart. Now if Lily was in school, her locker would look super sweet. So a sundae it is. [gasping] [laughter] And that baby gets cranky
without her binky and blanky. Wah-wah! So in they go for necessary nappage. Let’s add her mobile and this cute ducky wallpaper
for a cozy touch, aww. We’re literally on
the last locker, Lori’s. This is literally genius. She loves her tech, so let’s deck out
her locker with some screens. Beep, bop, boom! You don’t need all these devices. Yes I do. Bobby and I like to admire
each other from multiple angles. And Lori loves yoga,
so let’s throw in her mat. [groaning] [screaming] Last, we’ll add a hook for
her car keys to Vanzilla. One time Lori forgot those
and it did not go very well. Ooh, girl! We did it!
Which locker made you holler? Comment below. And make sure to let us know
how you’re gonna rule your school in style.

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