Back to School: Khan Academy and Education | EBTN Ep6
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Back to School: Khan Academy and Education | EBTN Ep6

-Finally tonight, a report
on the role of technology in education. PBS’s Steve Goldbloom brings us
more from his “On Technology” series. -I’m Ron Richardson, and
I’m the Co-Principal here at Claremont Middle School. -What’s your opinion of the
role of technology in education? -Oh, it would be
such an inequity if our kids didn’t have
access to 21st century learning and technology. It would be a tragedy. Our students need to
be equipped on how to be competitive
in the workforce. We have our elective
program here where we have
computer animation. We also have an
ethnic studies class where they focus on
multimedia, so kids have full access to
using technology. -That was everything
I wanted, Noah. Tech is making a big
push inside the classroom with many viewing it as the
great equalizer among students. But here at the Waldorf
School, screens and tablets don’t even make it
through the front door. Are you going to be
here the whole time? Or just part of the time? -The whole time. -What will your role be? Do you know? Where do you see the role
of technology in education right now? -From the outset of technology
in education it’s kind of been foist on teachers, and
without the teacher saying, here’s where it makes
sense for me to use it, here’s where it doesn’t. -I’ll walk you through
what we’re doing. You just look right at me,
and we’ll talk very naturally. And don’t even
worry about Maria. She’s not even here. -I don’t worry about
Maria. [LAUGHING] It’s so funny looking. -She’s, she’s the best. So I want to make– -If you want to focus on the
philosophy of the school, that would be great. -Thanks, Maria. So the Waldorf– it’s
the Waldorf Peninsula– -And then also make sure that
she phrases it as a question. That way if we need to take
your voice out, we can use it. JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE): Hello? -Jordy, who is
this Maria person? Is she a producer? Are you replacing me? JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE):
She’s your babysitter, Steve. After the crap you
filed from Vegas, what did you think
was going to happen? -Well, she’s pushy. She’s getting in
the way, and she’s making me incredibly nervous. JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE):
Yeah, well, you’re making all of us
incredibly nervous. You’re on probation right now. You need adult supervision. -That is ridiculous. I don’t need to be
treated like a child. (WHISPERING) Make it
look like I did it, Noah. Myself. STEVE: I have this supervisor,
and she’s on me all the time. CHILD: That’s annoying. STEVE: It is annoying. She’s following me around. It’s unnerving. I mean– Just a few miles down
the road from Waldorf is the Khan Academy, which has a
whole new approach to classroom learning. -The slope is not constant here. For a line, the
slope was constant. -Right. -So the whole point of
differential calculus is, how do we figure out
that instantaneous slope at any point? -Would you want to break
it up with some ping pong? -So Khan Academy, I set it up
as not for profit about four or five years ago. And the whole idea of
our mission statement is a free world-class
education for anyone anywhere. The videos are part of it,
but we also have exercises, we have dashboards for teachers,
we have feedback for students. The reality is that even
a good chunk of the US still does not have
broadband at home, still does not have
a computer at home. So yes, it’s a problem
in the short term, but in the longer term
I feel pretty good about the dynamics of
technology penetration. -Hey. -How did it go? -It went really well. -Yeah? -No, it was a standard– Why
don’t you take a look at it. [CELL PHONE RINGING] -Hello. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): Listen, I need you to consider
stepping in for Steve. -No, no, no, no, no. We’ve already talked about this. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): How many shots of ping pong and horseplay
do I have to endure? He’s a liability, Maria. Keep him on a short leash. MARIA: Will do.

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8 thoughts on “Back to School: Khan Academy and Education | EBTN Ep6

  1. I love that you guys are trying new approaches. However, I do feel like it was a missed opportunity to be at those three sights and not give us a little more meat in terms of reporting.  The debate on this issues is only going to intensify in the coming years, and access like this will only become more difficult to obtain. — Still a YT thumbs-up. 🙂 

  2. After many gassers… here's a real buzzer!

    Is this curtains for Steve and Noah?

    What does fate have in store for his competition?

    Can our heroes prove Jordan wrong—at least on one account?

    The answers to these and other steep-learning-curve questions next Wednesday… same Gold-time, same Gold-channel!

  3. Waldorf alum here. I think it's important to note that while the Waldorf approach typically does not include technology in the early years, it is included in the upper level education. Waldorks are not unable to deal with technology, in fact quite the opposite. They are capable of both using and not using technology (library research, face to face interaction).

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