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Back to School HACKS | The Workshop

– I know.
(clapping) – Okay, class, attention, hey, attention. This video contains advertising
from Build-A-Bear workshop. – But keep watching
for some back-to-school tricks.
– Hey, missy. (upbeat music) – Time to go to school.
(screams) (laughing)
– That actually scared me so bad. – [Both] Welcome back to the workshop. – With Lindsey.
– And Erin. It’s back to school, which is
sad because the summer’s over, but I love getting ready
to head back to school. – Yes, we get new clothes,
new classes, new accessories. Everything is new. – Today, we’re gonna
give you some fun ideas for when you head back to school that are pretty crafty. – I already know what
your favorite’s gonna be. – Spoiler alert, I love to sleep. – We know.
(laughing) Shall we get started? – Let’s do it. (clapping)
– [Both] School. (upbeat piano music) – First impressions are key. – So these are a few ideas of
what to bring on the first day to make sure you’re in
good with the teacher. – First up is the traditional apple. Teachers are known to love apples, but I’m gonna let you
in on a little secret. Teachers love sweet treats way more. So we made these. – It’s a cupcake that looks like an apple. The flavor can be whatever you want. Orange, chocolate, maybe even apple. These are so fun, and
they look really good. – I feel like we should try it, just to see what flavor it is. – Yeah, we can always make more. – Yeah, I sure do love me some apples. (laughing) (hiccups)
– No. (laughing)
– Okay. (soft upbeat music) (laughing) – I think my teacher’s
really gonna like this. – This is a guaranteed A Plus. – For sure.
(laughing) If you’re not a great
baker, no need to fear. You can also make a personalized card for your teacher.
– Aw. – I made one just a few minutes ago, and put flowers and wrote a
nice, little message inside it. “I am so excited to be
in your class this year. “Yours truly, Lindsey.” – [Erin] Super cute. – Also, you can get your
teacher a cute little jar, filled with everything
a teacher might need. You got a stapler remover,
some pens and pencils, and some bracelets. How cute, rawr. – Or, you can make your
teacher this cute sign, so you don’t accidentally call her Mom. – Did you do that Erin? – Yeah, that was embarrassing. (laughing) – Super cool, okay, why don’t we show these cool kids some more cool hacks? – [Both] Let’s do it. (laughing) (energetic music) – These next ideas are for that accessory that you always have with you. – [Both] Your backpack. – Some of my favorite backpack ideas include making a really fun name tag, which helps you one,
not lose your backpack, and two, it looks awesome. See? Look how cute it is. It has all my favorite foods
on them, even an avocado. So it’s great, so you don’t avocado don’t. (beep)
Avoca-don’t. It’s great, so you don’t avoca-don’t. (beep)
So you. (laughs) So you avoca-don’t lose your backpack. (dinging) (laughing) I also put these really cute tape on the back tress of my backpack, because one, it’s adorable, and two, you’ll be able to find yours. – Whoa, super cool. On my backpack, I put tons of key chains on the zippers, so people know the stuff I’m into.
– So cute. – And this is my favorite key chain. It’s super cute, it reminds
me of my little dog. – Aww, wait, is your dog purple? – No, silly, he’s green. (laughing) And I love bedazzles and glitter, so I have this really cute key chain with diamonds and hearts, that’s me. (laughs) But my favorite part
is taking a Ziploc bag and stuffing it with stuffing, and putting it in the front
pocket of my backpack. – Wait, what does it do? – Well, sometimes I get dropped off early, and I can squeeze in a little nap. (laughs) (chirping) – Wait, Erin, get up. We still have more things to talk about. – I’m up.
– Okay, all right. Let’s go to the next one. – You scared me.
(laughing) (soft upbeat music) For our last set of tricks,
we’re gonna show you how to keep all your school
supplies together in fun ways. – Pencil pouches are totally fine, but I think we can make something to hold those pencils in a fun way. – I took my notebook and
covered it in rubber bands, and then I can slide my pens and pencils in and out of it super easily. Also, it makes a really good instrument. (upbeat guitar music)
Yeah. (laughing) Oh, music to my ears. – Meow, school, meow. (laughs)
– Yeah. – Notebook, pens, pencil (laughing) For me, I have to have all
my pens and pencils separated and all nice and neat of course. So I have rolled them up into
these cute little decorations. And see, here’s one pack
that has a pen and pencil. And this one has a little pack, it has a ruler, pen, pencil,
and then some other pencils. Aren’t these so organized and cute? It’s so organized, I love it. (laughs) (laughing) Erin, do I have on my mustache? – You got a couple centimeters in there. – You got a few inches.
– Oh, no. – Five, six.
– [Both] Seven, eight. ♪ School ♪ ♪ Meow ♪ – Try some more
back-to-school tips and tricks and share this video with someone who’s going back to school. – And give a thumbs-up if you’re going to take a nap on your backpack. Well, goodnight everyone. – Erin, it’s noon. (chirping) (laughs) Wait, it’s time to go to class.
– Wait. I forgot this. (laughing)

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