BACK TO SCHOOL GLOW UP! ✨ transformation
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BACK TO SCHOOL GLOW UP! ✨ transformation

it’s gonna be a hot girl back-to-school season school starts on Monday and I am nowhere near ready for school to start it’s freaking me out it’s giving me so much anxiety so I decided to turn this around and instead of getting anxiety over it we’re gonna get ready for it we’re gonna look hot it’s gonna be a hot girl back-to-school season not just a hot girl summer and I’m basically gonna be transforming myself and getting ready for the first day of school as I always start my transformations I’m gonna hop into the shower get squeaky clean and I will see you guys once I am out I want to talk a little bit about the products that I use in the shower mainly for my hair and a huge things to function a beauty for sponsoring this video if you don’t know what functional beauty is it’s basically a haircare brand that creates shampoos and conditioners made specifically for you and your hair tight going into a drugstore and trying to find like a shampoo and conditioner not everyone has the same hair type so it’s not all gonna work for you and I do not have the time or money to try every single bottle out on that rack what’s great about a function of beauty is that all you have to do is fill a two-minute quiz online on their website and just fill out your hair type and what you want for your hair and they will send you a customized bottle of shampoo and conditioner made for you and a little bonus these products have no parabens sulfates GMOs toxins it’s vegan and 100% cruelty free which makes me so happy and it just is a really great advantage I wanted to talk a little bit about my goal so as you guys know I have wavy hair and we be hair tends to get very frizzy so I really wanted a bottle of shampoo that would help control all this frizz my second hair goal was curl definition so I wanted my curls to be bigger and and nicer and honestly they are I mean look at this this is all-natural hair also with frizz comes the loss of shine in your hair or at least I just not that obvious because it’s not like all together so I really wanted something that would help achene to my hair and the last two goals of mine were deep conditioning and strengthening I think strengthening is pretty like self-explanatory we all want nice and healthy hair and we all want nice and smooth and soft hair and then for the fragrance of mine I picked milk shake so it’s really nice and sweet to be honest I think the best part of all of this is that you can pick your own color for the shampoo and bottle I don’t know why but I really enjoyed like looking at all the colors there was this really nice lavender one it comes with a pump even if you don’t want to use it it comes with it so as you saw earlier I hopped in the shower and I got out I let it air dry I didn’t put on any products and this is what she looks like right now she’s not frizzy she’s shiny she’s soft and smooth and I’m just so happy that I finally found a shampoo and conditioner that I can like use without worrying that it’s like damaging my hair and that I know it’s actually gonna work and give me the results that I want to see so I want to help you guys out and I want you guys to achieve your hair goals as well so if you click the link in my description you can get 20% off your first order function beauty is available in the US Canada Great Britain Europe Australia New Zealand Singapore so if you live in any of those locations you can get your function of beauty custom bottle of shampoo for 20% off if you click the link in my description alright now let’s move on with the transformation [Music] to move on with our transformation I just got out of the shower I brushed my hair and I exfoliated my skin that next up is to do a little face mask because you know it’s the first day of school we want to have nice clean glowing skin and I’m also gonna do like a little lip scrub my lips look so pale right now it’s like the texture of this mask is like a mousse do you see that look at that it’s amazing and it’s kind of exfoliating there’s like little particles inside that I feel which I think this is what does the trick wait hold up all right are you supposed to buy masks over here I never know my mom tells me to not but then I see like a bunch of pictures of people in face masks and they’re all doing it so like I don’t know if it’s good for you if it’s bad for you I was only supposed to put it on parts of my skin that had pores didn’t know that but that’s totally fine that’s what happens when you don’t redirect I’m supposed to leave this on for 10 minutes so in the meantime I kind of want to get my teeth whitened just because you know at school let’s get white and a steam [Music] [Music] I brush my teeth I whiten them I just turn off my face mask and I’m gonna like moisturize and do it like a deep hydration I have a few products that I’m gonna put on my skin and I want to come and talk about the first one is toner it says then your ad is clarifying toner II this is what really just cleared my skin loading that up on a cotton pad and only putting it around in the areas that are kind of like irritated not like irritated but problematic next up I’m going to use out some our acne clarifying treatment you only put this on irritated areas so like I said earlier my forehead a little bit on lastly I’m putting the perfecting day cream with SPF 30 because it is sunny outside however I’m not putting this product on my forehead because I went to a not really a dermatologist but basically like a skin mapper anyway so I went to one of those and they told me like do you put on your moisturizer and then your spot treatment and I’m like yeah and she’s like well that’s why it’s not gonna work because you’re hydrating it in a spot treatment it’s supposed to dry that part of your skin so if you’re like hydrating it and then trying to dry it it’s just not gonna work so whenever I use like a clarifying treatment or like a spa treatment I always put that on and then I just put on moisturizer wherever it didn’t put that on and it actually works like that’s actually a tip that you should use because it works next up is Lin square of time this is the Frank body lip scrub really just getting that dead skin ah I’m also going to be putting on a little lip mask so that we really have nice and smooth lips so because this is a school transformation I need to pick an outfit for the first day of school tomorrow can’t wait for that all these clogs but I still have nothing to wear let me just wear this to the first day of school I think that would be really or maybe this showing up to the zoo what am I gonna wear this is what I’m gonna wear at the first day of school after looking into my closet for 30 minutes I found something in my sister’s room this shirt from kit it says devil’s advocate and then I’m wearing these like ha turned up pants I think these were from Poland bear these shoes are just white tennis shoes it’s my backpack oh my god I’m gonna be walking around school like this like an actual schoolgirl because I go to school now oh my god be completely honest I have no idea like what I’m gonna need for the first day of school like I don’t know what if I need to bring like books like what do I need to bring I’m just bringing a black binder with me black folder with just some paper in it this is my pencil case from last year I’m bringing my calculator just to put in my locker girls stuff is in here and then I’m putting a little painkiller just in case I got a headache I’m putting some chapstick to hair ties I’m also putting a $20 bill in here because you never know if your school goes on fire and you need a leave and you don’t know where to go you’ve got to have some cash on you at all times and in the front pocket I’m putting on my school ID it my card my house key is tinted lip gloss kind of some perfume because it’s summer and I do not want to be one of those people with do and that’s it oh by the way this bag is from Herschel it’s just a black bag I’m really simple you know just last step of this transformation is getting my nails done I was originally gonna do it myself but you know what I haven’t gotten my nails done in like months and I need a professional to take care of them so let’s go to any ole salon and treat these bad boys do a little nail shot I just came back from that nail salon I got my nails done for school I got a nice little gel manicure I guess that wraps up my little back to school for a safe school transformation thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it please send me your prayers so I do not make a flop out of myself the first day of school and if you want to check out function of beauty I will leave the link down below again you can use that for 20% off your first order and yeah I love you guys so so much and I will see you next week bye guys

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