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Back to School Gaming Haul

– Today’s video is
sponsored by Squarespace. It’s that time of year again. School is getting back into session, so let’s take a look at
some gaming accessories that can help make sure
that you are entertained and distracted between, after, and possibly maybe during class. Now, seeing as how this
is a back to school video, it’s probably a good
idea to include a couple, actual, school-related items, but still keeping them gaming relevant. For instance, this
notebook made by Moleskine, which features an awesome
old-school Mario design that looks great, or for those times that you’re getting a
little too overwhelmed from tests back, to back, to back, a Game Boy that you can
squeeze all your anger into. (thud) For those of you dorming, let’s take a look at some
awesome gaming-themed lights to deck out your room
with, starting with one of my personal favorite little
collectables, Pixel Pals. Pixel Pals are awesome
little pixelated versions of characters, turned into standing lights made by PDP, and they
come in a large variety of different designs,
mostly focused on gaming, like the link I’ve got behind me, but they’ve got some great
pop culture designs, too, like Batman. – Batman. – Me, personally I focus
on the gaming side, and there are a lot of different
franchises it celebrates. There’s a lot of different
stuff from Nintendo, but also a few things
mixed in from Microsoft, and SONY, like God of War and Halo. They just run off a pair of triple A’s, you don’t have anything plugged into them, they can just stand somewhere lit up. If you don’t wanna worry
about batteries, though, they do have an optional kit you can buy that turns it into a
plug-in power instead. Speaking of lights, but
spelled very, very differently, it’s not out yet, but
at the end of September, Nintendo will be releasing
their new version of the Switch, the Switch Lite, which the big focus in driving that is being a more portable experience, perfect for something that
you need to take on the go. Its smaller size makes it
something that’s a lot easier to transport, and while
its new battery life isn’t as good as the new refresh Switches, it still is a major improvement over the original launch ones. Most importantly to me, though, is that they’re actually
adding a bit of splash of color back to the systems. The regular Switch right
now is still only available in a basic black, though you do customize
it with Joy Cons, as well. The Switch Lite is coming
in a bunch of other colors. They have a basic gray one, but you can also do turquoise and yellow, which look awesome. They also already have announced
one special edition system coming out a little later, which is the Pokemon design
that is absolutely beautiful. In fact, I’d argue it’s probably the
best special edition design Nintendo’s made so far for the Switch, though it doesn’t really
have that much competition. Another very important
thing is to make sure you have battery power
on the go for the Switch. Now, there’s a couple options out there that are officially licensed. My personal favorite
are the Anker batteries. They are just a really good,
efficient charging system for your Switch, but they’re
also pretty expensive. So if you’re looking to
save a little bit of money, another great option is
this charger from Bionic. What’s really handy about this is not only is it an affordable
way to charge the Switch on the go, but it also
allows you to charge Joy Cons directly attached to the sides of it. So you can actually charge
a full set of four Joy Cons all at once if you like,
by having two attached to the switch that’s plugged in here and two attached to the sides. Really useful if there’s
games you like to play on the go in tabletop
mode, like Mario Kart or Mario Party. Before moving on, I wanna take
a second to thank Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video. Now, you guys are used to
seeing me here, on YouTube, but we actually also have a website, where you can see all the other stuff I’ve been working on, and
that was made super easy thanks to Squarespace. With them, we were able to
get the very straightforward, but very appropriately-named
website, And thanks to their
pre-designed templates, we were able to make it look awesome. The templates made it not only easy to do, but are also designed to look great on both mobile and desktop,
so I don’t have to worry about what platform you
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and get 10% off your first website or domain. As digital games have become
more and more popular, something that has become
extremely important is storage space, because
there is no worse feeling than wanting to play an
old favorite of yours and realizing, oh no,
I actually deleted it because I had to make
room for some new release. Now, on the Switch right
now, your only real option for this is buying the biggest
micro SD card you can find, but for Xbox One and PS4,
there are a lot of options out there involved using
external hard drives, and one of your best choices is to grab an actual external
SSD, like the T5 right here. SSDs have gotten a lot more affordable, and one of the big upsides to them is that along with being
able to hold a lot of data, they’re also a lot faster than traditional external hard drives, so you can even cut down
load times for games. Plus, you could also just
hook it up to your computer and use it for actual school
stuff if need be, I guess. By the way, everything we’re
talking about in this video is linked down below in the description, so if you’re interested
in grabbing something, make sure to check it out down there. Something I really love is couch co-op and couch competitive, cause
there’s no better feeling than actually sitting next to a person that you’re working along side with or beating up at a game. But depending on the games you’re playing, especially if you get up to four players, this can be really expensive if you don’t have everyone
bringing their own controller. So let’s take a look at some really good, affordable options to make
sure you have a full set of controllers on hand
for things like Mario Kart or Smash Brothers. For Switch, my absolute favorite choice is PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe Controller, because it not only is really comfortable and has good button quality
for its price point, but it’s got a lot of bonus of features that not a lot of cheap
controllers always have. You’ve got a digital
buttons on the back side you can program to do different things, depending on the games you’re playing. It has the ability to swap the face plates for a number of different
designs, look really nice. And if you’re playing any games
that support in-game audio, you can actually plug
a headset in right here and not have to worry about anything else. It also doesn’t hurt
that a lot of the designs they have for it are just awesome-looking. I mean, this Pokemon one is one of my favorite-looking
controllers right now, hands down. Now, as for Play Station 4 and Xbox One, well, there’s not as many games that really push local multi players, so it’s not a problem as often, but if you find yourself
in that situation, there’s a couple of cheap controllers I can really recommend. For PlayStation, I really
like HORI’s Mini Gamepad. Now, this design is based a little more around old-school controller style, almost like an SNES design. It doesn’t have handle bars, so it’s not quite as comfortable unless you’ve got smaller hands, but in general, I find it
to be a really good solution that’s just an affordable
choice that works on PS4. There’s not a lot of license controllers for PlayStation, and if you
want something super cheap, you can find things online, but often times they don’t work out great. So as far as something that’s
actually officially licensed that works great goes,
HORI is the best choice. As for Xbox One, there’s a
lot more choices out there, but my personal favorite has got to be PowerA’s Wired Xbox Controller, primarily because out of
all the options out there, it comes the closest to actually feeling like a regular Xbox One controller. Sure, it’s not the exact same, the button quality’s not
gonna be quite as good, and the grip is a little different, but it is much closer than a
lot of the other competition comes to, and still has
some extra features, like having extra buttons on the back. It’s a very basic replacement choice, but most importantly, it’s
cheap and gets the job done. Going back to controllers for the Switch, something that’s not a cheap option but I think is also
really handy to pick up is the SN30 Pro+, and I actually just did
a video recently on this that went really in-depth,
if you wanna check that out. I think the main important
takeaways, though, is that it’s a great wireless
controller for the Switch and you can use it across
multiple different platforms. You can also use it with a PC,
Mac, or even Android phone. So, it’s something that’s very adaptable to a lot of situations, and
it’s just a great controller. If you want something a little fancier and maybe a bit of an ’80s vibe, I’m also a huge fan of
these neon light set-ups made by FanFit Gaming. Now, the one I got behind me is one of their first runs, which is a Pokeball, I love it, it’s an awesome design, but
it’s also not one of the ones they actually make anymore, and so there’s a lot of other cool ones you can check out there on their website, including things based
on Halo, Street Fighter, even just more generic
stuff like logos from Twitch or YouTube. Another issue that comes up a lot for the Switch specifically
is your comfort of using it on the go, cause
it’s a great little hand-held, but the Joy Cons attached to the Switch aren’t really designed to be
the most comfy thing out there. So a really popular solution
to this is gaming grips. Now, there are a lot of different options out there, but there’s a few specific ones that really stand out to me. When it comes to comfort, I’m a big fan of Skull & Co. and Satisfye, which work a little bit differently. The Skull & Co. is a more traditional kind of grip design, which
just has even distribution of both hands, but something
that’s really cool about it is they have different grips
you can attach to the back to adjust depending on your hand size. Satisfye, on the other hand, takes a slightly different approach in having a more angled-out right grip, which is really important for games that rely on you using
both sticks really often, because this actually makes
a more comfortable position for where your thumb is
gonna lie on the switch. So if you’re playing a lot of things that use dual stick
controls, like, say Fortnite, this is gonna be a better
grip choice for you. Another thing that comes up a lot while playing the Switch
portably is using headphones. Now you can use a wired set
of headphones if you like, but if you wanna use your
favorite set of Bluetooth ones, you’re outta luck, because the Switch, for whatever reason, does
not support Bluetooth audio. Thankfully, though, there
are a lot of adapters out there that will allow you to use them. And my personal favorite is the Genki. The Genki is just a really simple adapter that allows you to hook up up to two different wireless
headsets at the same time, so that way if you wanna
listen with someone else side by side, you have that option, and it just looks great,
really fits the theme well of using the Switch with a
traditional Joy Con colors. Personally, one of my favorite things is not only does it work
with low latency headphones, but it also works
beautifully with AirPods. One other option that I find
is a little less comfortable, but works as a really
good all-in-one solution is this grip right here, because it not only gives you a larger grip design
to use for the Switch, but also includes a
built-in case on the back that can carry up to six games along with additional micro SD cards, which si really handy to have around. It also features a USB C pass-through, so you are able to charge the Switch using the port down here, while making sure that the grip is nice and snugly attached to the Switch, so it’s not gonna slip out or anything. It also comes with a little
detachable stand you can use, so if you wanna use it in tabletop mode, that option’s there, but
it’s not a permanent fixture. Of course, you also need a way to transport all this gaming stuff when you’re on the go. Now, thankfully the Switch is
a small enough portable system that it’s easy to put in different bags, but you still want a way to protect it. I’m a really big fan of
getting a carrying case for it, PDP makes an awesome line of them with different designs. I love this Charizard one, it’s been my main go-to right now. It gives you not only a
way to carry the Switch, but also a handful of a couple of games and a little pouch to carry any
additional small accessories like the game key. If you want something that’s a
little more all-encompassing, though, PDP also makes an
awesome Switch-themed backpack. This has been one of my favorite
accessories they released, ever since the Switch first came out, or at least the older version of this. This is the elite model that
costs a little more money, but it is an awesome choice. It not only has lots of areas
to store everything you need for your Switch, but it still
keeps enough room available that you can use it just as
a regular backpack, as well. Now, as for other systems
like the Xbox One or PS4, those aren’t really portable systems, but you might still want
a way to bring them around and carry them around. Because they’re so much larger, there’s not really a convenient backpack that’s gonna look normal, but if you wanna be able
to transport systems, there are gaming-themed backpacks
like this one right here, which is able to fit very large systems and still have enough spare room to carry other stuff that you need.

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