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Oh maybe yours Oh get around down hey everyone welcome back to my channel today I decided to come back with a back-to-school video because everyone seems to enjoy this kind of videos and I enjoy making them I have loads of fun so I decided to make organization tips for when you’re at home and you just kind of want to like organize your desk or whatever and then back-to-school DIYs I have a couple also I’ve created a channel in Portuguese to all my Portuguese for you and you can subscribe here if you haven’t yet that would help me a lot so I hope you enjoyed this video and let’s go ahead so my desk was a bit plain and boring so I decided to spice it up with some fun and bright things so I got this plan for my Kia a candle a mug that Lucy and Emma got me and I fill it up with some pens and pencils I actually like to get like a lot of colours just because they help me study and just like highlight the most important bits of whatever I am study for now this one is really basic and simple but I just thought it was cute so I got this canvas and I just glued some little cards that I got from paper trees of things and it were really inexpensive and they just have like this really cute quotes on them and I did one myself that says love yourself and that is it for the DIY this is just a cute and simple way to spice up your test and make it look very girly and cute at the same time but this yeah y-you just need a pencil some washi tape and all they want to do is safety washi tape that you picked as the one you won and roll that around your pencil til it’s all covered and there you go it’s as simple as that I really like this one because it’s just so different and it proper looks like it’s really expensive when it’s really not these or walkies I’m going to start off with everything we need for this DIY so we’re going to start with a notebooks some acrylic paint and a paint brush and all you want to do is take the paint and start painting a notebook and I have to give two coats in this one just because my notebook was black and then take something that has a circular end and draw it around and then I went ahead and took a silver sharpie but you can use any color that you’d like like a gold one or bronzey color and then just fill it in now this is an optional step but I went ahead and I used some sticky label and I try to recreate one of those my name is labels so I just drew two lines and filled that in with a green sharpie you can use a color that you want and then that is it for this DIY it goes like this so I give it all you give it alright back one step forward two steps back why can’t you cut me some slack so this next yet why again you’re gonna need a notebook some patterned paper some glue and a brush so I went ahead and just traced dbits that I want to cut out and then I used some glue for my notebook and glued the patterned paper and went ahead and took some green paper to make a pocket shape if you have a glue stick that would be better but I didn’t so I used a fabric glue glue the edges and then just pop some stuff inside the pocket and that is it for this DIY now for this one again you’re going to need another notebook pattern paper and just start tracing the bits that you want to cut out just like the last one and then I used a glue gun for this one again if you have a glue stick please do use that because it’s so much better and then I traced the pattern paper again then I went ahead and glued some pom-poms to my notebook I thought this was a really fun idea I actually have these at home and I didn’t use them for anything so I decided to just come up with something original so that is it for this DIY so I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a like and leave in the comments on below what are the times back to school videos you guys want me to make and I will see you guys next week with a brand new video I love you lots and see you next week bye

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  1. Adoro os teus vídeos e sou portuguesa continua bjs adoro o facto fazeres os videos em ingles eu não sou muito boa em ingles😘😙

  2. Adorei. Quando voltas a Portugal? Se vieres ao Porto faz encontrinho por favor. Já subscrevi os canais adoro-te.

  3. Sou fluente no inglês, o que me ajuda a entender seus vídeos. Mas quero muito um canal seu em português.. Liiinda sou muito tua fã ❤😍

  4. Adorei o vídeo!! Os cadernos ficaram mesmo fofos!! Quando voltas a Portugal, e fazes um meet!???
    Love You 💗💗

  5. Omg gostei do vídeo devias fazer mais vídeos do mesmo gênero e fiquei com algumas ideias para os meus caderno
    Continua assim 💚💛❤

  6. hi here a question i dont live in the us or USA do i dont know this.
    is the re a pack with 100 sharpie s or not????
    xoxo me

  7. Sou portuguesa mas entendo inglês.Vejo muitos comentários a pedir legendas em português.Há um site que dá para meter legendas,pesquisem "Rikki Poynter" no YouTube e na descrição dos vídeos dela tem esse site.Quem soubesse falar as duas línguas podia meter as legendas ou até mesmo a Vânia😊

    (P.S)-querem que eu meta?

  8. Olá! Adorei este vídeo foi muito útil! Para um próximo vídeo de regresso ás aulas podias dar algumas dicas de estudo ou de como nos sentirmos motivados neste regresso ou até falares um pouco acerca do teu percurso escolar n sei isto são só ideias para te ajudar como pediste mais nada. Beijinhos linda <3.

  9. Muito legal
    Pensei que tu era Americana aí eu vi o vídeo com o Mauro
    Adorei teus vídeos
    Sou Brasileira. Muito legal achar uma youtuber portuguesa bjs

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