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Back To School Baldi’s Basics In Real Life (Kids Choice) / That YouTub3 Family | Family Channel

– Get me out of detention! Baldi just catch me already. He saved me ! Well, at least I got another notebook. (Baldi slow clapping) Baldi! – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All Together] The YouTube family! – And today we’re playing
Balid’s basics in real life, education and learning, number three. This time Audrey is our player. I am the principal. – The drummer boy. – Drummer boy is Jake. – The drummer boy, we have not
been the drummer boy before, Jake, what he’s gonna
do is that when he comes across the player he
gets to distract Baldi by playing his drums that way; – I like music – Baldi can’t find the player. – The broom. – [Mom] Okay so he get’s
to sweep the player. – I’m jumprope lady. – And I am Baldi. – [Audrey] Because he’s bald. – [Mom] Are you ready to play player. – Let’s do this. – [Mom] Okay lets go. – Okay you guys, the game has begun. I have to find the first notebook. This is a pretty big building and I’ve never been here before so. Oh, I found Baldi. (giggles) Oh, it echos.
Hello Baldi. Where should I go Baldi?
Oh, there’s a notebook! Okay, first notebook. Let’s see what math
problems we have this time. Okay, first math problem four plus one. My favorite number, five. Six minus three; three,
pretty good so far. 10 plus 12, what? 10 plus two is 12. Wow, that was easy. – Wow, you did great.
You really do exist. Here’s a shiny quarter. – Thanks Baldi. Let’s go find the second notebook. Ohh, Baldi!
Baldi’s right there. Baldi just teleports.
There’s another notebook. Okay, it’s a red one. Let’s see what math
problems it has inside. Okay, two plus two is four.
Three minus three; Zero! What?
(crr) minus (crr) How am I supposed to know? This is just a jumbly-jumbly mess. I’m gonna guess my favorite number; five. (buzzer) No!
Okay. – I hear every door you open. – My goodness Baldi’s coming.
He’s right there. I gotta hurry.
Okay, oh my gosh, okay. Where’s another notebook? Okay let’s go over here. Where could it be?
I’m gonna get trapped. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna
get trapped by Baldi. (Baldi slow clapping) No, no, no!
No! – I got her.
Nice try. – I lost.
Let’s restart this round. Okay, new round, we have
to find the first notebook. Let’s go a different
way then we have before. It’s not on the couches. Okay.
I wonder where Baldi hid it. Did he hide it underneath the couches? No, he didn’t. Let’s see.
In the trash? Nope, just gum. Baldi, where’d you hide your notebook? Oh, he’s a good hider. Looks like there’s none down here. Okay, well, let’s go back. Maybe he hid one by himself,
like, by where he’s at. Let’s go over there. Let’s see.
Where’s the notebook Baldi? He’s playing the silent game. Not in the lost and found.
Let’s go in the auditorium. No food or drink allowed
good thing I don’t have any. Whoa, oh there’s Baldi.
There’s Baldi. Okay, well I found the first
notebook on the teacher’s desk. This looks like a science room. Alright, let’s see what
math problems are inside. Five plus five; 10.
12 minus 12; zero. Zero plus nine? How do I write a nine backwards; nine! – Wow, you really do exist.
Here’s a shiny quarter. – Yes, Okay let’s go on
to the next notebook. That was easy! I’ma little nervous to go in the same area as I did last time because
that’s where I got caught; but we have to head over there because I know there is no notebooks,
over in that direction. Let’s see. I see a blue one.
Over here. Okay; blue notebook.
Second notebook that I got. Okay let’s see what math
problems are inside. Okay, five plus six, first problem; 11. Nine plus nine; 18. Ah, you kidding me.
Not again! Jummbly-jumbly plus jumbly-jumbly? I have no idea.
I’ma have to guess on this. Ten? (buzzer) Oh, no.
Baldi’s coming. – I hear every door you open. – Run! Okay, there’s a notebook
right here but Baldi is literally right behind me
so I can’t get this one. Let’s see where do I go? Okay, we’re gonna have to
go down here even though I know there’s not
another notebook because I don’t have any other options. We have to find seven of these! I only got two!
Let’s try a classroom. It’s dark in here. Trigonometry, eww! I don’t see any notebooks in here. But at least I escaped Baldi. So now I just have to
keep hidden from him. Alright let’s leave. Okay, I don’t see Baldi anywhere. Maybe, we can go back and
get the other notebook. Oh, I hear Baldi.
I hear Baldi. Okay, let’s hurry.
Right here. There’s a red notebook. (Baldi slow clapping) Yes!
We got three notebooks. Let’s see what math
problems are in this one. Okay, next one, seven minus four; one, two, three, four; three! Six minus nine?
That’s a negative. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. Negative seven? (buzzer) I needa go back to school. I didn’t even get to the
scribbly-scribbly part. I don’t know what I’m doing, but at least I got another notebook. Okay, I gotta run.
He’s right behind me. Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh. – Let’s play! – Okay hurry, hurry.
Baldi’s coming. – Oops, you messed up.
One, two. Oops, you messed up. – No! – One, two.
Oops, you messed up. – Stop it! – One, two, three. I messed up! Five; Yay, thanks for playing with me. (screams) – Baldi!
Where do I go? Where do I go? There’s another classroom over here. Oh my gosh, that was a close call. Let’s go inside. Whoa!
Okay, do we see any notebooks? Not seeing any notebooks. I don’t wanna go outside and see Baldi. I know, but we have to,
now we have to find; six, seven; four more notebooks! Okay, let’s go. Where’s the next notebook? This room is awfully quiet. It was just really loud right here. Did I hear someone clap?
I’ma have nightmares of Baldi. Okay, let’s go see what’s over here. I haven’t gone in this area yet. Need four more notebooks. (Baldi slow clapping) Baldi!
Okay, let’s go over here. We gotta sneak up in another classroom. There’s another notebook! Let’s hurry and solve
the math problems and hope I don’t get them wrong this time. Okay, two minus two; zero.
Nine plus seven. Are you kidding me?
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15; 16! And this one I’ma get
wrong I already know it. So, I’m just gonna draw a little heart because everyone needs a
little love, right now. (buzzer) I got it wrong, but at least
I got another notebook. Baldi! – No running in the hall, detention! – No!
Baldi’s gonna get me. Can I pay you a quarter? – No running in the hall. – Are you the one that takes the quarters? – No running in the hall. – Are you kidding me?
What? Ew it smells in here.
Get me out of detention. Get me out of detention.
Get me out of detention. Baldi just catch me already.
Are you kidding me? Why is the principal not in here? It smells so bad in here.
What happened? Lab gone wrong? Am I good?
Am I good? I think we’re good guys. There’s Baldi!
Okay. Hey, it’s the drummer guy! (Baldi slow clapping) He saved me! Okay, Baldi’s following the drummer guy. Let’s try to find our next notebook. Where could it be?
Down this hall? I just hope I don’t find
another stinky classroom. That classroom was the worst. Okay is it underneath the stairs? No?
Oh, wait, it’s on the table. Next notebook.
Let’s see what’s inside. Four minus four; zero.
Four plus four; eight. Are you kidding me? Baldi’s gonna know where I’m at. Should I answer it? Can you take this along with you? Seven? (buzzer) Of course, okay. I gotta go before Baldi get’s me again. (Baldi slow clapping) Oh my gosh, okay, there’s another hallway. Let’s go down here.
Troy is right behind me, okay. – Sweep, sweep, sweep! – No!
No, not sweep, sweep, sweep. No!
Ah, no! – Your education is over.
Thank you. – I lost again and there was
another notebook over there. I only needed two more notebooks. Alright guys, I didn’t win this round of Baldi’s basics in
education and learning. – But do you know what time it is? – Disco time! – [Together] Mail time! – Mail time. – This package is from
McKenna in New Hampshire and they sent a fidget crunch
toy, which is super cool, I’ve actually seen these before and they’re really fun to
play with; and slime! I think for Audrey and I, and
maybe even everybody else. And I think this is also some kinetic sand which is super cool! They sent a lot of Polaroid
pictures of themselves, and their doggies and they’re so cute. Thank you so much
McKenna for your package! – Alright this package is
from Olivia and she said this is the third package
she has sent to us. So wow, super fan!
Thank you, Olivia! There’s a picture of her.
Cute little girl, huh? Alright, and Olivia, couple
things that she’s sent us here. Here’s some toys for Jake and Ty. And she sent a thing of
slime, but it’s broken so she wants Jordan to
fix her slime in a video. – Ooh, yes! – So, there’s that; and then
she sent us this little bag of ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions. So we’ll have to play this as well. Thank you so much, Olivia! – Thank you!
– [Jordan] Thank you! – This is from Nora in Kentucky. – Oh wow! – She sent us a lots of
little toys and games. – [All Together] Whoa! – It looks like this is probably for a three-marker challenge,
all these pictures. That’s cool. – And a book of that YouTube family fans. – That’s cool.
Okay? – Some slime, sparklers! – Oh, it’s getting to
be that time of year. – And lots of little toys. – Oh cool. – [Female] That’s awesome. – Thank you! – Okay, so this package
comes from Pinka Panda, and Pinka Panda, that’s
their channel name. They have a YouTube channel
and also they would like a shout out for their cousin, Spencer. So, shout out to you Spencer. Pinka Panda sent us a bunch of pictures that are super cute; that’s them. And then, if we wanna go to China, we might wanna know some Chinese words and so there’s some Chinese words like ‘hello’ is ‘Nǐ hǎo’.
Very cool, thank you so much. Cute pictures.
And what else did they send? – They sent slime. – Look how pretty, that’s cool slime. – And this for Logan you’re
suppose to blow it up. – Is it for Logan; or is
it just a ball for anybody? That’s cool. – I think it’s for Logan. – Okay, so we will flatten
it out, pop it out. Yeah, it’s like a round pokey ball. Cool, that’s awesome.
Thank you so much! – [Baldi] Thank you! – [Logan] Thank you!
– Thank you! – Okay this last package
comes from Keanu in Idaho. They sent us some cute
pictures, lots of cute pictures. And then there is also, a
bunch of slime for everybody! That’s awesome.
Thank you so much Keanu. – [Baldi] Thank you. – [All Kids] Thank you! – Alright you guys, so that
is it for today’s video. We hope you enjoyed it and if you did give it a big thumbs up
also comment down below if you wanna see more of Baldi’s basics in education and learning. – I would love to see another episode. – And comment down below who
you want the next characters to be because there’s so
many characters in this game. Alright remember to like,
subscribe, and share and – Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure! We’ll see ya’ll next time – [All Together] Bye! (upbeat music)

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