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(upbeat music) – What’s up guys, welcome
back to the vlogs. What day is it? Tuesday. It’s Tuesday, they start
school tomorrow, woo! Doing some supply
shopping, but first… – Lunch. – [Clintus] Lunch. We eat so late, we got
out of the house late. It’s my fault. – We slept in today. – We sleep in and
I edit the vlogs, and I get distracted with all
the updates from the morning. So we don’t get outta the
house ’til 11, 11:30. It’s one o’clock now,
we’re eating lunch. Just like yesterday, yesterday
we literally ate one meal, and then ice cream. What’s for lunch? – Oh geez. – [Clintus] Oh geez,
Char Pizzeria. Oh baby, so excited,
I love this place. – [Woman] Any bruschetta? – [Tiffany] No. – [Clintus] Yes.
– [Tiffany] Yes. Wait. – Sausage, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, peppers. – I’ve got a cheese pizza
with olives, bell peppers, green bell peppers, and corn. – [Clintus] Very yummy,
very yummy. This is the farmer’s market. It’s got a little bit of
everything from the farm. Artichokes, eggplant,
spinach, bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos. Here we have some
brushetta/brusketta, however you say it,
I hear it different ways. – [Bryce] And. – [Clintus] It’s awesome. – [Bryce] That’s the salad. – [Clintus] And Mommy
got a Caesar salad, ’cause she’s gonna nibble
on everyone else’s. – It’s what I do best. – [Clintus] It’s what you do best. – Caesar salad is good. – [Clintus] Caesar salad’s
always good. – [Tiffany] Which way, Bryce? You following the arrows? – All right, first destination, Target. They have all of the
supplies that we need. Hopefully, we can do do
this all in one take. (children mumble to each other) – So you probably need,
like, an inch. Let’s see what an
inch looks like. This is an inch. – No, that’s way too skinny. – No, it isn’t. – I kinda like this. – This is Sierra’s backpack. Everything in here, good to go. (Clintus laughs) Lookit, it’s got the dividers. – [Clintus] It’s a one stop shop. – Yeah. – [Clintus] Not very cute though. – It’s actually kinda cool. – [Clintus] Concept’s cool.
– Look how manly though. Boyish. – I can’t find any
coloring markers. – [Clintus] We’ll find them,
they’re here somewhere. – I’m gonna get, where are they? I’m getting these. Two in one. – [Clintus] Double side
Expos? Nice. Those are dry
erase markers, though. You don’t need those. That’s for the whiteboard. – I know. – [Clintus] You don’t
write on a whiteboard. Teacher does. – No, we have our
own little whiteboards. – [Clintus] Oh, do you?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Oh, that’s cool. – Any of those? – Are you gonna put them in– But you don’t have
a binder, never mind. These ones are made for binders, and then these
ones are made just for … – I had those ones last year. Red, green, yellow, and purple. All right, I guess
I’ll just get these. – I was thinking
either these or the … – A buck. – These are horrible. – And those are the ones
that we had in our class that they gave us. I’m gonna use this as my, like, crayon box. – [Clintus] Crayon box. Crayon box or pencil box? – Pencil box, whatever. – [Clintus] What are you
gonna put in it, pencils or crayons? – Pencils. – [Clintus] Sound like it’s
a marker box too, right? Put markers in it. – Yeah, I’m gonna put Expo
markers, drawing markers, pencils, and–
– [Clintus] So maybe it’s more accurately described as a
drawing, writing utensil box. – Utensil box. – A work box. – [Clintus] All right, time
for the most important purchase of the day, what backpack
is everyone gonna go with? We’ve got Star Wars,
we’ve got Angry Birds, we’ve got Superman vs
Batman, Ninja Turtles, Civil War, Minions. We got a sequin Star
Wars, which is very cool. Paw Patrol, yeah. Nope, kids are grown
out of the kid ones. We’re going for the
more classic adult ones. I like it. Sierra’s got good taste. She already got a few picked out. She looked online. Bryce, what are you
gonna go with, dude? – I don’t know. I want, like, an Under
Armour or a Nike one. – [Clintus] Oh yeah? There’s a Puma. – Or a money one. – [Clintus] Bling bling? Want bling bling
on your back? Oh, you know what
we should buy Bryce? Two lunch boxes because he
usually leaves one behind, so he needs two to rotate. – A Puma one. – [Clintus] Puma, it’s Puma. Puma. – Can I get this one
and then the … – [Clintus] (chuckles) It’s peanut butter jelly time. Oh, did you find one? Puma.
– [Bryce] I only saw one Puma backpack. It’s over there, and it’s red. And I found this lunchbox. – [Clintus] Right. You know, you don’t have
to have a Puma lunchbox. You can get one of
those other lunchboxes. You know what I’m saying? – For your lunchbox, you wanna get a bigger,
like, this is really small. For your lunchbox, you
would rather get, like, a bigger one like this where
you can carry more stuff in it. – Get a cool one like
this cassette tape one. – Look at this one, this one’s cool. – [Clintus] That’s old school, bro. Do you even know what those are? – Yes, tapes. – [Clintus] Yep, here’s a blue Puma. – I say you should get a
bigger one, like this green. – [Clintus] Oh, that’s ’cause
there’s a blue and green Puma backpack, see? These are all Puma backpacks. – They all match. There’s a pink Puma. Hmm. – [Clintus] Trying it on? – Yeah. Can’t tighten it. Really loose. – Well, that’s as tight as it goes, dude. The backpack’s kinda big. Yep, going all the way. No, wait, here you go. – That’s good. – No, you can go more. – It’s got a … – I like it. All right, so, you guys might
remember this familiar face. This is– – Hola. – Jack, or Jack Jack. You guys still call
him Jack Jack? – [Voiceover] Yep.
– Still call him Jack Jack. He was on Bryce’s baseball team, once or twice? – Twice.
– [Clintus] Twice? A couple times, yeah. You still playing baseball? Yeah? What position do you play? – Catcher. – Really? Hi-five, dude. Great, great, great. Oh, no?
– [Voiceover] No, that’s your favorite. – Oh, that’s his favorite position. You rotate around a little bit? Yeah? Right on. Well, Bryce is playing
basketball now. That’s his sport. He loves basketball. That’s what he’s playing, so
you probably won’t see him on the baseball
field any time soon. But you see him
in the vlogs, right? Hi-five, dude. (scanners beep) All right, so the girls
ditched the boys. They’re gonna continue doing
shopping, the boring stuff. We got the cool stuff
out of the way, right? We got the backpacks,
we got the lunchboxes, we got all the cool drawing stuff. We’re gonna go get haircuts ’cause we got some serious
mop action going on here. We’re kinda looking a little scruffy, scruffy little nerfherders. But first, let’s go get a smoothie. What’d you go with? – Rocking Raspberry. – Rocking Raspberry. I went with Blimey Limey ’cause the strawberry mojito,
they were out of mint, and they’re like, “We
can do it without mint.” I was like, “Well, you can’t
have a mojito without mint, “so I’ll pass.” The Blimey Limey’s a
good close second. Is it good? – Mhmmm. – He’s a big fan
of the berry ones. I usually like citrus, or like, well yeah, lime is citrus. – Citrus? (gags) – (gags) All right, all done, haircuts. Yep, looking good. You’re looking good,
ready for school. – Yeah. – Ready for work. Good, let’s go home. – You work at home. – My work’s at home, I know. – The only person
that’s gonna see is, um, Baby, me. – Everyone sees it,
everyone sees it. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – 400,000 people. (Clintus laughs) – So everyone has
returned now home, and Sierra, of course,
super excited to get everything set up and
packed up for tomorrow morning. Here’s all the supplies
that they picked out. We got colored folders
with two pockets. This is Bryce’s crayon box, pencil box, yep. – Notebooks. – [Clintus] Notebooks. Two in one Expo markers. What are these? – [Sierra] Those are ice packs. – [Clintus] Ice packs
for lunchboxes, okay. – Pencils, erasers, scissors. – [Clintus] A little bit of everything. And these are the backpacks
they decided to go with with lunchboxes that match. I like it, I like it. – I got Puma. – [Clintus] Puma, yep. Everyone’s happy? – Mhmmm.
– [Bryce] Yep. – [Clintus] And then, of
course, start school tomorrow, we’ll figure out if there’s
anything else we missed or anything else you need, right? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Cool, rock and roll. You guys excited for school? – Yep.
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Are you? Are you? I know you are, but are you? You are. – ‘Cause everybody says fourth
grade was their favorite, and it’s not as hard,
like, it’s an easy grade. – [Clintus] Oh, so you’re
excited ’cause it’s easy. Taking the easy way out, I see. – They don’t have that
much homework, woop woop. – [Clintus] Well, we’ll see about that. – Sierra didn’t … – I looked at your homework thing. It said all you have to do
is read 20 minutes every day. – Yes. – [Tiffany] And math. – I don’t care. Math’s my favorite. – [Clintus] Math’s your favorite? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] That’s cool. – Math and science. Smells so fresh. – Is that a good size? Is it too low, or too high? – [Clintus] It’s up to you. How do you like it sit? – I don’t like it way up here, but I don’t like it sagging down. – [Clintus] You have to find
a happy place in between. – I think this is good. – [Clintus] I think you’re right. – I’ll put this in my room. – [Clintus] Are you so
excited to make lunches again? – No. Sierra’s gonna help
me every morning. – You guys, I just got done reading
comments on today’s vlog, and I want to thank you for
the overwhelming support for what I do, all around. You guys are awesome, amazing. Thank you. I was down on myself last night. It was probably ’cause I was
tired, 2 AM, I was tired, but I’ve been dealing
with haters for years, and every once in a while, a couple of them get to me, right? It’s like, I’m constantly
dodging rocks and being thrown tomatoes,
and I’m dodging them, and I’m smacking them
down, no big deal, right? And every once in a while,
someone gets that dagger right in my ribs, and I’m like (grunts) You know? And that happened last night. I had a moment of weakness,
whatever you want to call it, and a lot of times, I don’t vlog it. A lot of times, I will
say it, I’ll record it, get it out, and then the
next day, when I edit, I’m like, “Eh, delete.” But I felt like it needed
to be said both times. The last two days, kinda
going off on rants, and like I said, I think
I’m gonna end the vlogs here because this is my sanctuary. As dirty as it is, I mean, it’s dirty, there’s crap everywhere, but this is my sanctuary, and this is where I end my
day every day, literally. Watching YouTube videos,
replying to comments, looking at analytics. So yeah. No matter what you do, there’s always gonna
be more supporters than non-supporters, more people that love
you, and care about you, and enjoy what you do
than those that don’t, and so, to all of you,
thank you very much. Vlog on.

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