Back to School! 10 DIY School Supplies Ideas and More Fun School Hacks
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Back to School! 10 DIY School Supplies Ideas and More Fun School Hacks

Jessica is a bit bored during her class
and can’t stop doodling in her notebook Stop it, you’re making me sleepy now. Oh wow, our first page looks like a kindergarten mess. Definitely not what we want in our journal. Jessica just got an idea for her notebook how about a downsized chalkboard. We’re about to get messy: cover your table with baking paper, cover the front binder edge with protective paper tape. Add a solid layer of chalkboard paint starting with horizontal lines. Let it dry for a minute and then add a second layer, painting vertically. Remove the safety tape and discard the baking paper and you’re done. Grab some chalk and fill it up with sketches and/or school notes. The best part about chalk it can easily
be removed with a wet cloth. Jessica can now draw as much as she
wants without messing up the actual pages of her notebook. Emily is using her nail file in class the little does she know – it’s not allowed, well at least not in front of the teacher. Luckily she has a spare one laying in her pencil case. But how can we make sure the teacher doesn’t confiscate it again? Using a ruler and pen mark up your nail file with measurements. Add some numbers for an extra visual. That was fast! Emily can now continue to use her nail file and pretend it’s a ruler during class. Now she’ll be using her ruler more
than ever just made me not for math. Emily and Jessica are w orking on their homework. Emily wants to put a touch of lip balm, but she is all out. What a bummer. Jessica’s bendable eraser sure looks
cool, but wouldn’t it be much cooler if it was just a little sturdier? Wait a second, maybe this lip balm case doesn’t have to go to waste? Squish and kneadable eraser and form it into a lipstick shape. First you’ll want to clean the lip balm out using a cotton swab. really dig in there it’s going to take a few minutes. Now just insert the eraser inside the hole. Voila, you can now use your redesigned lipstick to erase all you r pencil mistakes. Get ready to mess with your classmates. Let’ put the top back and give it to Jessica to try out. I wonder if she’ll notice the changes we made. Try it out on paper, silly. Wow, it actually works! Lip balm container keeps the eraser intact Meanwhile, I think it’s best we stick to the real lip balm instead. *yawning* Madison had another sleepless night and
can’t stay focused. She is about to pass out in class. Girl you can’t sleep in class at least not like this. Pile of notebooks might be a bit too low for your head, I wish there was something comfier around. That pencil case is also not going to help you out either. And a lunchbox is definitely too hard for your chin. All this discomfort doesn’t change the fact that she’s about to pass out in class. Ouch, might as well go back home and take a nap, Madison. Geez, ouch, that looks really bad. The dog destroyed Madison’s soft toy this morning and cotton wool is scattered all over the place. Madison just thought of an idea on how
to put this stuffing to good use. Let’s empty this ziplock bag and then
stuff it with this leftover cotton wool. Now to just place this new padding into
the front pocket of our backpack. Zip it up and we’re done. Madison will no longer have to worry about comfort, cause she’ll be able to grab a quick nap anywhere. Well as long as no one’s watching sweet dreams, Madison. Hey Madison, welcome back to class, grab your exercise book and put that pencil to good use. Madison is still thinking about the amazing time she had in Paris… darn it! “How did this happen? Don’t tell me all the pencils got broken in my bag?” You should probably protect your pencils by buying a case or even better – come up with an idea to make one yourself. Emily’s makeup brush roll sure looks like it does a great job of keeping her brushes secured in one place. If only we could do something similar?! Grab a long piece of felt then use a ruler to mark a dozen small lines. Grab some scissors to make some cuts. Using both of the horizontal holes place
all of your colored pencils through. Roll the fabric into a big burrito. Place a single drop of hot glue in the center and attach a ribbon. Add a decorative ribbon for a visual twist. The ribbon will keep the pencil case intact. Tidy up and you’re done! Madison is back in class, this time with our custom DIY pencil roll. Which almost looks like waves of a rainbow. Even Emily is impressed by Madison’s creativity. Do you mind if I borrow one? Emma has once again mess up her class schedule and has disturbed the class. Sling quietly into your desk, girl, and pretend none of this happened. Unfortunately Emma is about to realize she completely messed up her schedule and forgot about her math test today. Ayayay… Back at home she realizes that her system of sticky notes are messy and impractical, but now all that is about to change. Emma can’t allow herself to miss class anymore. Let’s grab our old comics picture, flip it and remove the cover replacing the art page with a newly printed calendar. Put the cover back flip it and you’re all done. Glass is the perfect surface to mark all of your important dates using an erasable marker. With the help of the calendar Emma won’t have any more scheduled mix ups and we’ll be ready for every test. Oh look we got here a bit earlier. Just enough time to chill. Well the morning mail is sorted what about lunch? Broken lunchbox how did this even happen? Did Superman laser through the box or what?! This should probably go straight in the trash, but now what can we use to pack our lunch instead? Let’s check the craft box. I think we’ll have to get a bit creative now using all these washi tapes. We’re going to use baking paper as a base cover it with some duct tape gently peel it off flip it and cut the access tape off. Don’t stop there and add more tape, this time together with the decorative tape for a lovely outside layer. Flip it again and remove the leftover bits. Use a ruler and a pen to shape a narrow end. Chop, chop the edges. Cover the longer sides with more tape and cut around one-third of an inch Peel off the piece, duplicate it and make a bigger copy. Attach the smaller parts to form a cross. Make cuts in the corner is in order to make them flexible Let’s the end and stick all four edges
together. Attach sticky pads to the lid and the front . Amazing, it’s done. A fabulous DIY lunchbox alternative entirely made from tape. which you can take to school. Emily is enjoying her cup of morning coffee, before going to class – no rush. Let’s just grab books, pencil case and
all the other girl stuff we probably won’t use. Well, darn it, Emily forgot about gym class, meaning she needs room to pack way more inside her backpack. This is not going to work out. When it comes to clothes we need to relax and take a minute to organize it. Firstly, lay down the shirt leggings on top fold it by the knees, sports bra by the chest and a single sock in the middle. I know, just bear with me. Let’s fold it in half and make a burrito roll out of it. Grab the remaining sock – turn it inside out and use it to tighten the roll by
inverting it while holding one of the ends. That’s it a bunch of clothing neatly stacked together. And it looks like there’s still some spare room left in the bag. Alright Emily, don’t be late for school! Hey Crafty Pandas, I hope you enjoyed these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next to the comments down below If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos, hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to stay tuned for more! Brought to you by Crafty Panda Bubbly.

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