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Average Is For The WEAK! – Student Motivational Video

You’ve gotta wake up early I don’t mean just on weekdays, I mean every day You’ve gotta value work, more than you value sleep Changing your behaviours, overcoming negative habits It’s challenging It’s hard Very few people are willing to endure the pain and sacrifice, of what it takes to be great They settle for average Average is dangerous Average is for the weak Some of you are lying to yourself You say you wanna be great You say you wanna get to the next level You say you wanna be the best in your class or the best in your school, you wanna do great things but your actions don’t match your words There are those of you with phones and with every new phone that comes out you get it every upgrade you get it every piece of software you get it You’re upgrade your technology but you’re not upgrading yourself You’ve gotta invest in yourself, don’t let yourself be average the average waste their lives away every weekend for what? Not me! I’m in charge of my own life Everything in my own life that I’m not happy with if my own fault I take responsibility You will never hear me complain about my circumstances as the reason why I’m not where I want to be If I don’t like where I am I’ll work harder I am a perfect reflection of the hard work or lack of work I put in Your commitment and obsession should always be to be better today than you were yesterday When you look at the lives of the greatest men and women the world has produced one thing is common among them all You see relentless, sickening work ethic! To get to the top, you have to skip hanging out with friends watching TV, and wasting your time on meaningless things Great students marry their books they hustle for knowledge, just as billionaires hustle for opportunities While others are sleeping they’re working while others are playing video games they’re learning when others are out drinking and doing other things that don’t count they’re studying Learn from them Follow in their footsteps Stand on the shoulders of giants. Get a head start Go grab your books, go to the library and start exploring the world My mother told me that readers are leaders and that has proved itself today If you go through life just trying to stay comfortable life will send you more and more discomfort You’ll get more and more problems Life will keep trying to drag you down and because more people are so concerned about staying comfortable instead of growing and reaching higher because they don’t want to move beyond their limitations they keep struggling Do you think Bill Gates started Microsoft feeling comfortable about it? Do you think Usain Bolt slept his way to becoming the fastest man? Do you think Will Smith procrastinated his way to the top? Of course not! They worked. If you think that things are going to fall into place magically If you think you will do it later If you keep procrastinating If you’re waiting for that perfect time You are deceiving yourself You have to create that perfect time When are you going to stand up and start hustling? I have met students who are lazy Students that bask in that euphoria that everything is going to be okay in the end students who do nothing to change things Students that only dream Students that have only wishes This time You’re going to tell your teachers your classmates that here I come! I have come to win to excel, to look down on my weaknesses and make them my strengths Turn off the phone, the TV and the laptop I’m heading to the library You are heading for success You are heading for greatness It’s in your hands How much more time are you willing to waste? How much more time are you willing to burn? Wake up! WAKE UP! If you have to make sacrifices to be where you want to be so be it If you have to tell your friends you can’t go out drinking with them anymore, so be it. You are not average Do you want to see average? Look out the window Everyone you see They’re average Not you That’s not you! Student Motivational Video – Subscribe to Stay Motivated

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