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AVer Classroom Technology Solutions | AVer Information |

AVer works tirelessly to create solutions that bring new and innovative ways of learning to students around the world. How exactly have AVer solutions helped students? Let’s take a look! Before class, students take their fully-charged tablets or laptops from an AVer Charge Cart. They can use these devices to log into a cloud learning platform and read materials their teacher uploaded. Once class begins, teachers use the AVer IFP to immerse students in any subject with the help of AVer Visualizers. Also, AVer Classroom Video Conferencing lets students meet anyone anywhere. Crystal-clear video and audio make long-distance communication as smooth as face-to-face conversation. Even better, livestreaming lets parents or students keep up with classes even if they can’t come to school. Students can also send assignments using interactive learning software. And teachers can send back positive feedback. Wow! Good job. AVer’s classroom technology solutions puts the classrooms of the future within reach of nearly any school.

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