Australia’s First University Accredited Islamic Education Programs
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Australia’s First University Accredited Islamic Education Programs

As The Director of the Center for Islamic Thought and Education I’m delighted to announce Australia’s first University accredited Islamic education programs These programs include the Graduate Certificate in Islamic Education the Graduate Diploma in Islamic education and the Master of Teaching Secondary with a minor in Islamic Pedagogy Focusing on Islamic education and indeed Islamic schools has been a signature project of the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education the programs are taught by experienced professionals World leaders in their field and these programs will be able to give the students and the teachers the skills To further the career and make a difference to the future of Islamic education and schools The programs also aim to enhance the teaching and learning experience of teachers working within an Islamic school context, but also with Muslim students in public and private schools We are sure that these programs will add value to your professional experience and to your learning capacity and That they will enhance the Islamic renewal project that we have undertaken. As the Head and Dean of the School of Education I’m delighted to announce the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Education with a specialisation in Islamic education and also the Master of Teaching Secondary which includes an Islamic Pedagogy minor. Our School of Education is the largest in South Australia. Our Education degrees are industry relevant and prepare you from the very first day for the practical nature of what it means To be a teacher in a classroom The Islamic education programs are informed by world-class research 97 percent of UniSA’s Assessed Research was at or above world-class ranking in terms of the Excellence in Research exercise for Australia. The programs went through rigorous accreditation process and this ensures that they are recognised both nationally and internationally. The Master of Teaching Secondary Program with an Islamic pedagogy specialisation offers a pathway to teacher registration in Australia. The Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Education with a focus on Islamic education offers world-class postgraduate level professional learning. Graduates from these programs will become leaders nationally and internationally in high quality teaching and Educational practice which is framed around Islamic pedagogy, And it’s responsive to the needs of Muslim students in contemporary classrooms These programs are the first accredited recognised programs in Australia within a framework of Islamic pedagogy. They align with the Australian professional standards for teachers and Allow graduates to exit with the knowledge, research, pedagogical and practical skills to promote learning for Muslim students in diverse educational settings. The programs ensure educators and teachers from all backgrounds build cultural and religious competencies and capabilities To better apply this in their professional knowledge, Practice and engagement. Well as a teacher who does not identify as a Muslim in an Islamic school I’m excited at the prospect of being able to advance My teaching skills in a way that is cognisant of the unique Context of an Islamic school. The Graduate Diploma and the Graduate Certificate in Islamic Education will be able to provide me with necessary Islamic educational knowledge that will complement my training as a teacher And I’m very happy about it. As the President of the Islamic Schools Association of Australia and a former principal of a large Islamic college in Australia. I recognise the significance of the newly established accredited programs by the Centre of Islamic Thought and Education, I believe these programs are timely, practical and provide a very long awaited professional solutions for Islamic education in Australia and the programs honour the tremendous educators within the Islamic schooling And the critical role that they play in Islamic schools And the direction that it will really help them shape the future for Islamic education in Australia. As a religious studies teacher at an Islamic school the new Islamic education qualifications offer at the University of South Australia Will allow me to enhance my knowledge and skills to provide quality teaching and learning in this context. The Master of Teaching specialised in Islamic pedagogy will provide teachers pathway of teacher registrations with a sound understanding of best educational practice for contemporary classrooms.

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  1. another small step forward , in the rapid rise of Islam in Australia , despite all the hardship Islam world wide has never in all its history grown and spread so fast .

  2. I'm from indonesia.. An now i am a student of islamic education in my country.. Can i continue my study to this university?

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