ASSEMBLY – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 06 #Nakkalites
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ASSEMBLY – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 06 #Nakkalites

Despite Waking up early to the alarm’s buzzing, Brushing teeth, bathing, eating frantically And arriving hastily here Reaching school everyday before the assembly begins,
Is like walking on fire… Let us see if they have crossed the fire. (Bell rings) To arrive late at the assembly is the COOL thing. Who is he, climbing here? Who is he? What is he doing? Go away folks School !
Stand at ease Attention ! Praise to Mother Tamil ! (Singing The song – Praise to Mother Tamil ) Hey Shiva !
Look at Joy. I too have it I too have worn Joy today. -Is this even Joy?
-Ofcourse, yes. When you press on the note, the Imprints should be made.
That is when it is called Joy How can this be called so ? -Hand over the band, first!
-How would I even know that? Give me that watch Hey Sasi ! Please give me a band dude. My foot ! I earned it through Joy.
If you are keen, you too try. Look at him…Crying like a baby
All he got was one slap ! Stupid fellow… It is the other guy who is crying Is it him? (background) School ! Stand at ease. Attention ! Anish ! How did your early bird arrive late today? He is screwed now.
He will be removed from his class leader post. Not just the Class Leader post.
Even his first rank will be confisticated. Shut up ! He is one among us now. Anish.. We will be at last bench today Get lost man. I need to recite the Pledge Okay recite.. India is my country All Indians are.. brothers and sisters I love my Country ..And I’m proud of its rich …and varied Heritage Why doing this?
Look at him …worthy of it.. I shall view my parents, teacher and all elders The best student of the week..
Anish from XII-D Is it me? Anish, Please come to the stage What would happen,
If the mentioned person doesn’t appear on the stage? The Physical Trainer would take you to the Princal,
That is all ! OMG ! In that case, will Anish be taken to Principal’s room? They will make him kneel in this prayer hall. I don’t think so.. I arrived late just today. They will excuse me for once. Only average students like us will be excused. This is what they did to one of my brother’s friends.. Why don’t you listen to our advice and be less studious? Not just that,
They will dismiss him from school too. -Is it?
-He is in trouble. He is screwed ! He is screwed ! He is Screwed ! School !
Disperse Seems like you guys are late today too !
(talks in written Tamil format) (chorus) The bus was late, Sir ! Isn’t it written in BIG tamil fonts everywhere?
Then why pronounce it as Bus? (In written Tamil Format)
The bus arrived late, sir. You should fly fast like the early birds. You guys walk lethargically like lazy buffaloes ! Anish ! Sir.. Why are you deteriorating, day by day? Not like that, sir. Weren’t you responsible ? What is wrong with you? Why growing bad with their company? Are you intending to be a back bencher too? Watch how I am gonna deal you. If we are late, He is late too, right? We will be safe if we escape
before Tamil Teacher reaches the Principal’s room Or else.. Run..Run.. ♪ Pista Song Welcome (sarcastically) -How dare you enter the class late?
-No sir What then? We informed Anish that the teacher is arriving He neglected our warning and started running Yes sir, We did inform him. All the late comers need to assemble at the ground. I’ll whip you guys ! (Mourning) Seems like your majesty won’t arrive before 10 a.m. How many days have you turned up? -Bus arrived late, sir
-Oh, the bus ! ♪ Rajini song -Were you wearing band in the hand?
-No sir, I did not. What is this then ? It is a devotional band sir. You should arrive clean
when you are here tomorrow. Okay sir. will rip your apart. You ripped it,sir. Where is your ID Card? WHERE IS YOUR ID CARD ? I left it at my uncle’s place when I visited him, sir. -You are spinning tales !
-No sir. -All fiction !
-Definitely no sir. -You should be wearing your ID card for tomorrow’s class.
-Okay sir. Sir… -What type of pant is this? It is a pant, sir. I asked, what type this is ! -Why don’t you remove this too?
-Okay sir. Pull it over Okay sir. Pull more. This is how you should arrive to school. the pant shouldn’t hang below -Heard that you wouldn’t listen to PT’s instructions
-No sir. -You will listen only to the teaching faculties
-Not like that, sir. This is the first time sir. I have never arrived late before Have you ever visited the ground? Show me the nails
(repeats multiple times) The nails look so beautiful, don’t they?
Then why are you refusing to show it So much arrogance, that you won’t show the nails ! What is this ? Is this how you come to school ? Can’t you tuck in ? Wil do it, sir. -Are you here to study or loiter ?
-To study, sir. Then tuck in. -This is how you should come to school
-Definitely, sir. -Will anyone come late to school, hereafter?
-No sir. -Run around the ground four times, before going to class.
-Four is huge. (Requesting to reduce the punishment) -Why are you running so fast?
-Get lost, man. I have to finish it quick and
get back to class. Anish ! Why are you running so slow?
Look at them, how fast they are ! Raise your hands too. Why is our Physical Trainer tormenting Anish too much? -Aren’t you aware of things?
-Nope -Do you know what happened during last class?
-What happened? I found this Two thousand rupee currency in the ground, sir. Very good, Anish ! This is how you should be..
Never eyeing for others’ possessions. Okay, give. Don’t bother yourself sir,
I will hand it over to the Principal directly. Give it to me, I am heading to his room now. I will hand it over myself, sir. -Okay
-thank you, sir. Anish has done a good deed today. He has responsibly picked the ₹2000 currency from the playground And handed it over in the office I am gifting this Pen as a compliment to his honesty. Clap your hands, everyone. OMG ! We could have bought 200 pens with that money. -Hey you ! Come here Are you brainless? Why do you even come to school ? Arriving late, my foot ! I ran five rounds, sir. -Don’t repeat it hereafter.
-Okay, sir
-Go to your classes. Thank you, sir. -Don’t repeat this again
-Okay sir. ran just two rounds.. -Let me got to class, sir.
-Which class? Have you ever attended the PT period? -No sir
-Heard that you filed a complaint I will thrash you. get lost. Late again. -Bus arrived late
-Aren’t you the Tamil teacher? Can’t you say ‘bus’ in tamil? you should be an inspiration. -Got delayed today.
-An excuse everyday ! You never arrive late to collect advance salaries
during festive occassions ! How are you so punctual at those times ! I am answerable to the Correspondent Are you answerable?
No, I am. -Never seen a teacher like you.
-From now on… (Cinematic way)
Our Tamil teacher got a gruesome punishment,
compared to us. This period is going to be fun-filled then. Get inside man, Sir is being scolded.

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