AssClass 1 (Assassination Classroom Abridged)
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AssClass 1 (Assassination Classroom Abridged)

nothing class let us get started on today’s assignment ready uh Class what are you doing? Whoa [-] guys get it for shit These are just BB guns some I supposed to pop a cap in your ass and one of these oh silly students these are anti sensing bullets one bullet can shoot through me like butter or Jfk, okay, then I didn’t shoot yourself on the hand shoot myself Well, that’s just a ridiculous request [why] would I want to do that? I triple dog dare you all right give [it] here No can read this [set] [up] for the class nah, man. You should read it. Oh The [moods] out again, even though it’s daytime make a wish yeah That’s where it all story breaking news so I the Moon Exploded in other news we have footage of the first cat to ever land on the moon. Let’s watch oh no, and Before we knew it the culprit behind the attack came knocking down our doorstep Hello My name is Guru [Svendsen], and I will be your new teacher [oh], I forgot one more detail you also have to kill me Why all right the government is Gonna give you [all] the supplies and weapons you need to take down this Thing that’s very guys. He’s talking about me the world government has tried everything they could to try and kill him But nothing has worked we’ve even tried to use our fastest fighter jets to try and take him down [Turgenev] Martin should be back before dark Sadly due to his mod 20 speed He’s able to outmaneuver us and with him destroying the moon. He is now threatened to do the same to her by negative swiss cheese By making it swiss cheese, so we’re leaving it up to you guys [good] luck kids Why? The government literally put a middle school class that struggles to tie its own shoes to eliminate the most dangerous thing in existence yeah, [ah] [alright] kids. It’s lunch time. [I’m] after North Korea. Should be back by the time you guys are done tata Why hey girlie I’m a boy. [I] want your [dick] whatever come with us Let’s talk, and that’s my plan to kill toto Sensei. So what you’re telling me Is that you want me while you sit back and do nothing? To walk up to that monster and blow myself up basically and if I don’t you’ll beat me up of course Do you tie your own shoes I? Don’t see how that has to do with anything, but no, I don’t all right looks like I have nothing to lose let’s do this Great cuz it’s still study time well you do that though. [we’ll] be taken enough, and we’ll be completely defenseless Then the pills should be kicking in Yeah, I Hate how perfectly this is going [alright] here goes nothing. [oh] No, no, no [you] [sir]. What do you want? It’s still sunny time maybe alone? nice, try there little girl Nagisa, what are you doing? This is that a fruit containers [dollar] Grenade? [oh], [shut]? Yeah, we did it. We can finally go back to big a normal classroom seven assassination classroom not quite What I thought we killed you [look], I was able [to] shed my own skin at the last moment to save myself and little Nagisa from harm, no Would you like to know what happens there doggies dude who causes? disruption in my class My tickle them tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle. No have you learned your lesson? [I] think [I] shit my pants wonderful and you Nagi Sir, I don’t swing that way let’s [do] [detect] teacher relationship should always stay as it is No, love involved Except for you. I love you what to go out um [no], [oh] take this plate away from my mom ah Look at me guys look at my plate learn by mistake my God

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  1. The part when they viewed the moon and a fart sound came out! That just cracked me up because I didn’t expect it

  2. the moon is visible everyday…even when its daytime. I know this is satire, but there are real people who think the moon only comes out at night.

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