Assassination Classroom Funny Moments Part 1[?] (DUBBED)
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Assassination Classroom Funny Moments Part 1[?] (DUBBED)

actually I’ve shared every oh come on now kid, dish, or I’ll smother you stop it professor b!tch I can’t breath through your enormous ta-tas Nagisa?
Oh snap Your really a dude.
Nagisa:You didn’t know that?
We had our doubts MY PUDDING!!! I can’t let something I put my heart and soul into to be blown to slitherings Kayano take it easy Its a [email protected] pudding not the family pet Height about 3 meters Weight lighter than looks Birth date unknown, weak points unknown… What the hell is this? A change of clothes just because And he still had time to do this thing with his tentacles What thing with his tentacles! I’ve got their scent, haha, didn’t I tell you, with this clever k – 9 disguise, I’m a natural There is absolutely nothing natural about what your doing right now well I know I’m Karasuma Worst cosplay ever! Holy crap. He’s ticked off he tried to kill him. And now he’s literately up in arms I don’t- Pew He melted! Man this is balls, you seriously gotta wear a different head band for each subject? Give me a break man Narutos’ not even on the test Look at him You have one second to solve this puzzle What?! You just strain this one me out of the blue? That will simply will not do! What the hell is that?! Jelly broth my dear, now if you excuse me Karasuma, I hear adding a face can boost a girl popularity I – I don’t even know where to begin (muffed speaker talking) Your mine Sugino your hear? I will crush you! (Koro Sensei Groveling) Gross is that how he grovels?!
How badly does he wasn’t this stuff?! (girl screams) When your a confirmed porn acetic, bribery is no guarantee against a scandal I gave you Popsicle’s Lets practice. Show me in tilted Koro:There it is.
Karasuma:Little to much there gang. Reel it in some Stop it You look fabulous That’s right, this is my life This is how it should be! Here I come ladies Jermodomo? (Idk) Pervert! Oh shrink it! Fine whatever whatever. Huge boobs we can work with. Not like we have a choice and bust size doesn’t really matter that much anyway 4 more prisoners free Come is Karasuma. Do you copy? How in the world are these inmates breaking out of my prison? Karasuma:That’s my line you moron! He put letters next to all the girls names Kuro Sensei knows our cup sizes Huh!? What the hell is forever flat suppose to mean?! You 8 armed 2 headed-! Tell this isn’t the most awesome thing ever. It’s alright Oh yeah! Check out my proof, tag small price to pay for the old man silence. You should be greatful Takebayashi I can’t take you seriously when you are being pants by 6 year olds Yes, indeed, I Tadaomi Karasuma wear Anyone likes chocolate, they can be for anyone Right And by anyone, I assume you mean this little stud muffin Were are my valentine chocolates? I know I got something. Nagisa help me look, some joker probably thought it would be funny to hide them on a mountain

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100 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom Funny Moments Part 1[?] (DUBBED)

  1. "Man this is balls, you seriously have to wear a headband for each subject, GIVE ME BREAK MAN, NARUTO'S NOT EVEN ON THE TEST!"

  2. In my opinion, Assassination Classroom has one of the most greatest dubs I’ve heard in anime, and it’s, in my opinion, on equal par with the sub:3

  3. “STOP PROFESSER.BITCH,I CAN’T BREATHE THROUGH YOUR ENORMOUS TATAS”hmmm,wonder how the girls felt once they looked down

  4. I've just noticed that Kayano's voice is the same voice from Stocking in the Anime "Panty and Stocking." The only way I knew it was her voice was when she said:


  5. 0:20
    I am actually eating pudding at this moment whipe watching this… i cant even imagine making a pudding and not being able to eat it….
    And im making pudding too. So im eating pudding, making pudding, and imagining pudding. While watching a girl about pudding.

    Omg im crazy

  6. Sugino is voiced by Clifford Chapin just like Kacchan and that's something I can't get over when I hear him talk. Kinda adds to the comedy IMO

  7. 0:12

    I honestly did too when I saw the first episodes lmao

    It's the voice!
    It's the ۰۪۫V۪۫۰ ۰۪۫O۪۫۰ ۰۪۫I۪۫۰ ۰۪۫C۪۫۰ ۰۪۫E۪۫۰

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