Assassination Classroom -Badass scene
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Assassination Classroom -Badass scene

You know him–that the assassin always has his eyes on his target. Hello, everybody! I’m Nagisa Shiota, the trainee teacher in charge of this class. Seven years have passed. I’ve grown way taller and become a much-loved teacher. if only… Huh? A trainee? You’re shittin’ me? Hey, that’s a girl! Let’s pull down her pants and see. C’mon, you’re in junior high, ain’t ya? Why me? How could i have not grown the tiniest bit since junior high?! Everyone else shot right up! And karma’s over six feet tall! Give me a break! And this hell is where i wind ip for my trainee teaching. The power dynamic is the polar opposite. of our assassination classroom! Do you know what kind of place this high school even is? if you don’t wanna wind up in the hospital, make this a study hall. Th-The bell’s rung, so take your seats, class. Take your seats, class?! You don’t get to boss us around. We’ll kill you. Huh? Kill..? Kill, huh? A commonplace word, one that anyone will have heard. But for us, it’s a magic word that gives us courage. I do hope you can kill me. before graduation, that is. Take your seats. let’s begin.

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26 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom -Badass scene

  1. 1:46 make sure you brush your teeth kids or your teeth will be separated like that man in the background.

  2. He should've been an assassin for real. He'd make good assasin. He looked weak and could dress as a girl too…. lol

  3. they needed a continuation of this series, nagisa being in charge of a bunch of punks who think they can get rid of him via some tricks, throwing marbles on the ground, smoke bombs in their bag, laxitives in his sandwich, and nagisa being trained well enough to not only handle these things but thrive under these circumstances, teaching them chemistry by disassembling the smoke bomb, teaching them science by not just slipping intentionally on the balls but using them as a means of performing a flip when talking about equal and opposite reactions, causing the marbles to knock the guy who placed them in the face, just essentially being a badass teacher.

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