Ask a French Teacher – How Can I Tell if a Noun is Masculine or Feminine?
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Ask a French Teacher – How Can I Tell if a Noun is Masculine or Feminine?

hi everybody
Candace here welcome to ask a teacher where answers some of your most common
French questions the question for this lesson is how can you tell if a noun is
masculine or feminine in French every known as a gender that goes for plural
nouns – like apples and oranges other Romance languages of masculine and
feminine nouns – it’s a trait that comes from Latin and the gender depends on the
origin of the older Latin word English doesn’t have masculine or feminine nouns
so the easiest way to tell the gender of a french noun it’s by looking at the
last letter of the noun the general rule is that if a noun ends with an e it’s
feminine for example Lillet meaning the letter la
vest meaning the jacket and left has meaning the strawberry nouns that end
with any other letter are generally masculine like Lucas on the Crescent
lamech which means the guy olá visual meaning – Jo
the only thing is there are lots of exceptions for example love homage
meaning cheese is masculine even throw its ends with an E
another example is Vlad meaning voice this word is feminine even fro it
doesn’t end with an e so it’s Lavoie because there are so many exceptions to
the general pattern it’s best to learn nouns and the articles together that’s
Lou o for masculine nouns and La Nina for feminine nouns
Louella I like the article in English even are similar to although earth for
feminine nouns and any other letters for mass
nouns are the most common ways to determine the gender of a noun in French
a few other later patterns sometimes apply some masculine endings are as like
loof homage or cheese more like loo DoCoMo or document oh like an wazoo or
bird and wha like lumia wah all the Muir if you see there’s letter patterns when
you study in French it’s safe to assume those nouns are masculine some feminine
patterns are Co ocean-like la nación meaning the nation they like laliberté
or Liberty and earth like lash altars or the singer just like with the masculine
little patterns I just mentioned you can assume that words ending with this
letter patterns are feminine it’s important to remember what gender a noun
is because sometimes it influences other parts of the sentence in French for
example adjectives change their spelling according to the gender of the noun they
modify it looks a bit like this the blue notebook which is masculine is locally
blue the blue chair which is feminine is lashes blue with an extra e and that’s
it I hope that answers your question if you have any more questions please leave
them in the comments below and I try to answer them Adamo see you soon
you you

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100 thoughts on “Ask a French Teacher – How Can I Tell if a Noun is Masculine or Feminine?

  1. Is there any video to understand how nouns can be formed from verbs in french? Please insert a link.
    Thank you.

  2. I'm an Indian.
    Thanks for this video
    Please give us detailed information about French noun because whole sentence is depends on noun

  3. Computer languages are so superior. After learning basic on my Apple IIe I realized I was not going to learn any language with illogical gender attachments to words. I been looking for the advantage to place a gender on words. And have found no reasoning other than carryover from prehistoric language that divided living and nonliving things.

  4. Please someone explain what advantages this has for Communication. And if that is showing to be true. Why should we not build this into machine language.

  5. If you're complaining for 2 genders wait to see another languages which have 3, like romanian. ofc, no one want to learn romanian but as a fact

  6. I am an English speaker who speaks a little Spanish. Can I assume nouns will have the same gender in French as in Spanish?

  7. In my mother language, we have genders on non-living things too but I grew up with it and it's easy to tell the gender of anything. Now I go to learn French and find out that the gender of most of the words is opposite to what I originally learned. Have mercy why would people make exceptions in languages in the first place.

  8. I'm French and I didn't know there was a rule…
    And I can ensure you that many people teaching French to foreigners don't either, they usually say "learn by heart"

  9. My name is etienne. Im a boy and its a commin name here. But in united states they feel it like a féminine name…. So……

  10. This is why I failed French. The exceptions with no logical explanation which causes an inefficient use of your memory make the French language not only hard to learn but also a waste of your fucking time. Also English isn't any better in my opinion for example, phone, two, too, to, i before e except after c, etc. Also silent letters are the bane of my existence they serve fucking purpose other than to be an inefficient pain in the ass. Languages should be designed with efficiency in mind, fuck history and culture for corrupting our languages with inefficiencies. 🙂

  11. Perhaps you should have mentioned that some French nouns take BOTH genders, and their meanings vary as a result! Some examples:

    -la mort = death
    -le mort = deceased person (male or female)

    -la physique = physics
    -le physique = physique, bodily build

    -la critique = criticism
    -le critique = critic (male or female)

    -la livre = pound (weight or British currency)
    -le livre = book

    -la tour = tower
    -le tour = tour, trick, turn, walk, etc.

    -la poste = post office
    -le poste = job

    -la mémoire = memory
    -le mémoire = memorandum

    -la merci = mercy
    -le merci = thanks

    There are many more. All the best in your studies. Bonne chance.

  12. I had to study French for so many years during school. In just a few minutes, you summarized what I needed to know and clarify. Merci beaucoup.

  13. Help! I'm trying to use google translate to turn a book I'm writing into French, but it keeps changing the word 'her' into 'his' Is the French word 'sa' gender neutral?

  14. Why did the latins have to add gender to their words AND THEY HAD THREE GENDERS.

    I'm perfectly fine with saying "the" for everything. Thank God English was majorly influenced by Germanic languages and lightly by latin.

  15. Im learning on duolingo and this is my first mistake
    And this mistake wasn’t as easy to fix
    So i looked up a way to tell the gender of nouns

  16. Interesting video and nice attempt, but being French, I think there is no logic in the gender of words in French, you have to know that by heart…I was never told at any point at school or later about a reliable rule for determining the gender of words. You may say that all words ending in "ette", "elle" or "ine" are feminine, but that's' about it…
    Words ending with a "e" are feminine…There are so many counter-examples. Consider: un fromage, un montage, un imbécile, un lièvre, un gage, un lierre, un chèvrefeuille, un élève, un maire, un ministre, un équilibriste, un chêne, un exemple, un formulaire, un exercice, un ventre…all those are masculine.
    Keep up the good work!

  17. Thanks for the knowledge shared, it's easy to get it, of course, you can't help with the complexity within the nature of the language

  18. I have to write the articles but I don't know the gender…I'm unable to write the fill up the banks… me…can anyone?

  19. "Le weekend" means the weekend and every weekend or something like that. How do I know when to use "le" for a time period. What does it mean?

  20. Man, deciding the gender of French words is always a troublesome thing to learn. No matter how many tricks or formulas you learnt there will always be some exceptions making you imperfect

  21. I have long had a question?What is the process of deciding a noun‘s gender in French? Or who decides it? Of course the existing nouns already have their gender. What if there comes a new word? New technology introduces a lot of new words, how to /what is the process to decide a new word's gender? Could you give examples? Merci beaucoup!

  22. Hello Madame, sorry to ask this question. I may be disturbing but please help me because I'm a beginner from Ghana.
    What is the simple way to help me study french alone to attain perfection as a beginner?

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  24. After being in French immersion for 10 years, you’d think someone would have taught me this but nope😂, so thank you so much!

  25. I am seeing your videos for the first time and I really thought there are amazing I like your videos and and subscribe to your channel

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