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I enjoyed how she cooked for me I’ve tried a lot of exotic dishes, which I’ve never eaten here in Russia for example boiled bara.. “barany?” (it means “rams” in Russian) wtf ? … Asych? Hello guys, it’s me Asych again and in my previous video I told you about my studying abroad and today I would like to tell you about one of the important part of your trip it’s a living with the host family it was very exciting moment for me and if you’ve never lived with the host family before I think it will be exciting for you as well That’s why in my video today I would like to tell you guys about my expirience and give you some tips that will help you make your future trip as comfy as possible The language school gives you all information about your future host family 1 month before your trip firstly you should make sure that the way from the host family’s house to your school doesn’t take you longer that hour also make sure that all your wishes which you express when you filled in a form for your language school were taken into account. I mean you should let them know in advance if you’re allergic to something or have another health problems that you family might be chosen according to your needs if you’re sure that your family is good for you you can move to the next step it’s online meeting and first acquintance by internet you get some short information about you future host family from the letter from your language school and I think it will be nice if your host family can get some information about you and also it’s a good way to get into contact with them before your trip you can write a short letter in which you tell something about you where do you study, how old are you, what are your hobbies like you can write somethong about your own family as well, something about your parents or siblings if you aren’t sure in your gramma you can write that you’re really sorry if you’ve made some mistakes but don’t forget that it’s your goal to come there and improve your language you shouldn’t worry about it your host family doesn’r expect that you know the language perfectly but you’re here to improve that’s why don’t worry at all you can add some of your photos as well photos with your own family, friends I think it will be interesting for the host family to know in advance some facts about you and your life I’ll leave my letter that I sent to my family in the description below and you can see it and use as an example if you need when you’ve made a connexion you should think about the presents which you can buy for your host family the best way is to buy some souvenirs with the symbols of your home town or your country it may be the decorative plaques( like plates) with the paintings of the local sights or little souvenir figures or something like that idk but I think you can find such souvenir stores in every town and also you can bring them some sweets or cookies like special for your place as for me I took some Tulsky Pryaniks( it’s a ginger biscuit with jam inside- it’s a special one from Tula (Russian city)) and I don’t care that I’m from Belgorod(Russian city) and not from Tula at all but my host mother appreciated it because it’s so interesting I can compare it with when you travel to abother country and buy some souvenirs to keep that place in your memory and it’s the same when you bring something from your own country for your host family and even after your home-coming such little souvenirs could remind them about you and that great time together Before your arrival let the school managers know the time when you would like to come to your host family’s place your should use the Google maps to know how much time will it take you to get to your new home from the airport it’s important that your host family could get ready for your arrival if you don’t want to put them in an awkward situation when you reached the house you should be 100 % polite and nice to these people the first impression is the most important that’s why you should introduse youself and show all your good sides to remove all doubts on your account on the first day your host family will show you the house your room, the bathroom and the kitchen, the yard… and when you’ve got your own keys you should definitely ask some of them to teach you how to lock up and open the doors because it might be some difficulties with the locks and you and your host family must be sure that you can do it right ask them how should you reach your school, what transport should you use, where can you buy the tickets… ask some of them to see you off to the nearest bus station that you can be sure that you can find it the next day don’t worry that you ask a lot od questions you shouldn’t think that you look stupid doing that it’s allright because you have to know all this information and it’s important for you it makes sence and it’s that your host family must do for you I mean they have to tell you how you can use something and help you and don’t worry that you ask them a lot you should be sure that you won’t get lost and you should be sure that you’ve got all required information it will help if you have a small notebook with you where you can make some notes with the directions, adresses and numbers of the buses the telephone numbers of your host family’s members because it’s really useful if your phone with the same notes discharged on first day when all your items are sorted out you shouldn’t spend all your day sitting in your room go out, go to the sitting room and communicate try ro spend as more time with your new family as possible because when you’ll start your study you won’t have a lot of free time because you will be studying hard or seeing the local sights it’s really important to do it exactly on your first day to go out and have a chat I’ve done that thing and my host mother said me on my last day in London that she appreciated it and it was pleasant to her that I tried to make a contact at once doing this you can consider you respect to them you can show your good tension to communicate and it’s a good way to make a connexion from the first day and believe me or not but the sooner you do it the better it is ask you hosts what time you have to be at ho,e of it’s need, when they have the proper time for the dinner that you could be at home on time because it’s really hard to cook for everyone by different time always tell your host if you are not going to spend the night at home or if you’ll be late because your host family is responsible to you and even if you think you are an adult nobody wants to have such unnecessary problems and ut’s nothing difficult here just to call them and let them know btw you should let them know about your food likes/dislikes if you don’t want to put them in an awkward position always appreciate and make compliments for the cooking skills of your host mother it’s the best way to make a good relationships with her for example my host mother works as a social worker now but studied at Culinary school and used to be a chief assistant the parents of my host mother were from Jamaica that’s why sometimes she cooked for me some national dishes for example the boiled bananas with the bream fish it was so tasty and icredible expirience for me it was so pleasant for me because it was really special and that’s why I was so glad to praise her because it was from my heart and also I could see that it makes her really happy to cook something is her passion that’s why you should find such pleasant topics to talk about with your hosts to share some goodvibes and make each others happy you should be tidy, wash your dishes after the meal and keep your room clean just imagine like you’re in your own room back home as me now and if I imagine that I let someone to live here and this person makes a mess and don’t appreciate my hospitality I can understand that person doesn’t care about me and I wouldn’t like to invite them again your host family will feel the same thing if you will be intidy and don’t care about your room and their belongings just make your bed and put all your items in the right places even such little things make your room look more tidy and you’ll be untidy you can spoil all impression of youself the members of the host family will speak slowly and understandable with you it’s the point of their contract with the language school so you shouldn’t worry if you don’t understand something on the contrary ask them about the meaninf or definition of all unknown words it’s a good chance to know it from the proper native speakers don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions they will be answered I promise It’s nothing wrong with it remember that the houses may be different to what you are used to and it may have less facilities than you have back home but it’s nothing to complain about you should respect it always offer to help with small household jobs and say yes to any trips or walks together with the family it’s a great expirience of the daily routine you can know how live the native inhabitants in another country don’t waste such opportinity to make such simple things and the hosts always will be happy with your help after your home-coming keep the contact because during the time living together you became really close people and texting each other on Facebook or skyping will be enough to keep it in touch and if you’re going to visit this city again you can go and see you host family again or invite them to your place as well it’s so importnat to be grateful for they let you kive in their house I communicate with my host family with my amazing host mother and next time I’ll leave to London I’m gonna visit her as well and I’m really grateful that I’ve met all these nice people and new culture and became a part of this family even for a short time and I was really lucky with my family and I got used very quickly I tried to hold such simple rules like always keep in my mind that I’m the guest and have to be respectful to the host family and their belongnings and my room and be thankful but on other hand I realised that for this period of my life this is my home and I have to feel comfy and free and I tried to encourage these feelings and emotions your attitude is the most important thing in your trip I left my country with the feeling that everything will be awesome and actually it was and you should think the same and it will be fine as well but if you wanna get the experience of the proper student’s life and live at the residence oe campus you can choose it as well but I’m not the biggest fan of the living at the student’s hostels even though I had to leave my home town because of my studying at University but there I live with 2 my besties that’s why I wanted to live with the host family and get such expirience and feel the daily routine of the family lif in another country and I think it was great and if you’ll chose the same way of living I’m pretty sure it will be fine as well but if you feel uncomfy and wish to change your accomondation you can vist the Accomondation office who will be happy to help and advice you you can change it and live in the residence or campus or just change the family I mean it’s your life and your choice and it’s nothing wrong if you would like to make it more comfortable for youself don’t be afraid to speak to any member of staff about your problems. They are here for any help but I’ll tell you again just stay positive and think that your trip will be amazing you can meet new people and make new memories which you can remenisce a long time so it were my tips how to make your living with the host family more comfortable I hope you enjoyed the video and it was useful for you and give it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to me it will make me really happy and if you have other questions you can ask me in the comments below it will be pleasure for me to answer them everything will be awesome don’t worry and do things that make you really happy and improve youselfs I hope that I could settle your doubts about the living with the host family so stay positive, you’ll be fine and it was me Asych, see ya , bye 💕 watch my other videos: about my studying and my vlogs

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