Arizona group provides education, haven for cows in Hindu culture | Cronkite News
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Arizona group provides education, haven for cows in Hindu culture | Cronkite News

Cows are a sacred animal in Indian culture,
and letting one be killed is a sin. As Anthony Marroquin reports…one group of
advocates in the valley has taken it upon themselves to protect as many as possible. In San Tan valley… Green pastures are home to a “goshala”
it means cow shelter in Sanskrit. I traveled to the far west valley to see why
this bovine haven is so important to this community. It’s a culture not many people get to see
outside of their television set. the Discover India festival helps educate
and spread the messages of Indian culture to our community, but for one group, the message
is much more practical the concept of the Goshala as you could see
is to save the cows. It may sound funny to some people, but the
Indian culture traditionally they revere most of the animals, and cows. To them, there’s no difference between the
cows and your pets at home. Cows are just like animals. Just like dogs and cats and we know how precious
they are for us. I mean we treat them like our children. Same way, cows are also like that. The relationship with the cow is viewed like
an economy. It provides life in the form of milk, and
the owner provides the cows with a secure life… Kill the cow, and you’re breaking your contract. You have used the good part, which is milk,
and then you have sent the cow to the slaughterhouse; you are able to consume its meat. That economy is selfish economy. But keep the cow safe, and they say it will
keep providing long after it retires from its milking days The message does not just apply to cows. Goshala aims to raise awareness of fair treatment
of all animals in the world. In the media center, Anthony Marroquin, Cronkite

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