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App Lab In the Classroom

1235. me. me. me. me. There’s probably been a
time in you life when you thought there should totally be an app for that. Making your own
app has never been easier then it is with App Lab. Its a powerful tool for beginning
computer science students to quickly build shareable apps that are relevant to their
lives. Here are five reasons that App Lab could be a great tool for you classroom. 1)
rapid prototyping, students can go from an initial concept, to a working prototype super
quickly in App Lab. With just a few actions students can see their idea come to life and
exhibit interactivity. 2) Blocks to Text. Coding with blocks introduces students to
programing with out needing to know much Javascript syntax. You can code in block, you can code
in text, and you can and actually drag blocks into text! this makes programing approachable
for new students and dynamic for more experienced students. 3) building interactivity. You don’t
need to know any HTML or CSS to build these apps. In design mode you can just drag bottons
on, drag dropdowns on–any kind of UI element that you want to add. You can add that and
then power that with the code. 4) Light weight database capability. In any kind of useful
productivity or fun app its almost certainly is using a database in the back end and that’s
normally a super inaccessible thing for new programers to get going and with the data
blocks that we have built into App Lab that’s really easy. You can build games that have
a leader board across all your users, a quiz or survey that stores user responses so that
you can analyze them later, rating and comments on an app that lets you rate movies or food
or places to study. Programing with a database unlocks a whole new class of apps perviously
inaccessible to new programmers. and finally 5) shareability. Every app automatically has
a unique URL so that once students have a working app they can instantly share it with
their friends and family on any device. You can put in your phone number or put in a friend
or family member’s phone number. And it will text the link to them, and when they click
it they open it up and they are using your app on their phone. It’s kinda like the game
connect-it where it was kinda like a puzzle where you had to fill in the, like, grid,
with the colors. We all worked in groups and were like, ok so like, what do we want to
do, what do the customers, like, want to see. The name of the game is called The Boat, it’s
very simple. We built App Lab for our particular CS Principles course but what’s amazing about
it is that it can be integrated really into any intro to CS programing class that any
teacher interested in using and we are excited to share it. Check out our youtube channels
for more detailed tutorials on how the different features work. Subtitles by the community

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