Any School Can Be a SWIFT School
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Any School Can Be a SWIFT School

Any school can be a SWIFT school. In a typically organized school, staff
arrive and head to individual classrooms and offices where they will spend most of the rest
of the day. The students arrive and take their places in individual classrooms. Some students have an adult assigned to
them. Then the bell rings and students move to other rooms for specials like
the library or the gym. Some students who have been labeled as
having disabilities miss library or gym because they go to another room for
extra work. And when time is up, the bell rings and everyone moves again
and again. The clock drives the students from room to room and back. In a swift
school, staff arrive to collaboratively plan and prepare to co-teach. The
students arrive and take their places in rooms, but no students have an adult
assigned solely to them. All the adults in the building are actively engaging in
instruction or direct student support at least part of the day. And in every room students work in small groups with
teachers or peer learning groups. Students shift about the building to get what they need to learn and achieve. Every student, every adult, all space and available resources are
engaged in meeting students’ academic and social needs. Student data, not a clock
determine the school day. All students are screened and progress
monitored in a multi-tiered system of academic and behavioral support. The
staff make database decisions about what each student needs in terms of
instructional intensity and support. All resources including the rooms and the
staff are mapped and made available to meet student needs. Everything, every
place, and everyone is on the table. Only then is the schedule developed to
match student needs with school resources. And the schedule can change as student
needs change. The result is students moving within
grade level classrooms as well as between rooms to learn in ways that are
best for them. Any school can be a SWIFT school.

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