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Annoy Your Teacher

>>How to annoy your teacher. Do you want your teacher to
sigh when you enter the room? If so, follow these simple rules. If not, avoid all of these behaviors. Show up after class begins. This works really well if you look
like you’ve just come from the beach. Leave before class ends. This works best if you say
that you need to go to a party. Skip class then send an email asking
if you missed anything important. Try to make it sound like important
things don’t happen in class. Skip several weeks of class, but show up
during finals and ask for extra credit. This shows professors that you only
care when you are about to fail. Ask questions that show you
haven’t read the syllabus. Professors spend weeks planning the syllabus. This is a great way to show
them you don’t value their time. Submit assignments without
reading the instructions. This is a great way to show
that you are lazy or careless. Work on homework from other
classes during class. This shows that your teacher’s class is
less important than your other classes. Send frequent text messages and
stare at your phone during class. You score bonus points if your phone
makes noises and interrupts the class. You sound confused when the
teacher calls on you. Send emails with questions that show you
are not listening or attending class. You can also ask questions during class that show you have not been listening,
both methods are very effective. When you send emails make sure not to mention
your name, your teacher, or your class. To annoy your teachers you want
to give them unnecessary work. Not providing essential information in
email is an excellent way to do this. Of course, if you want to do well
in your class, we highly recommend that you avoid doing any of these things. Ask your professor if you have questions. That’s all. [ Music ]

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