Angelina makes friends at EF San Diego – On the go with EF #54
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Angelina makes friends at EF San Diego – On the go with EF #54

Hi everyone and welcome to ”On the go with EF”.
I’m Angelina and this is my first vlog. I’m in the beautiful city of San Diego in the southern parts of California in the
United States and I’m so excited to be here. Right now, I’m at the EF school here in San Diego. There are students from all over
the world attending this school. I’m a bit curious to find out what they do
in their home countries at Christmas since there aren’t that many weeks left. Okay. Let’s go find some students! I see some people over here by the pool.
It’s really nice and warm today. It’s so sunny. Hi! What are your names? My name is Sam.
Hi Sam. My name is Laia.
Hi. What’s your favorite thing to eat at Christmas? At Christmas I usually eat a kind of soup
made with meat and pasta. It’s so delicious. We have beef or something like that. Beef? Yeah?
Yes, with vegetables. Oh, nice. Is that typical Dutch?
Yes, kind of. We often eat in a restaurant with our family. We eat beef, for example, with my whole family.
It’s very cool. It’s a tradition in my family. Turkey and chicken ….
That’s good! At Christmas, I like ….
In French, it’s called “saumon fumé.” It’s a smoked orange fish.
It’s really good. I really like it. That sounds good. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?
Something you really love to do? Opening gifts is my favorite moment.
Of course! Being with my family, being with someone you love.
Yeah, that’s nice. Just being with my family because I have
a lot of family in different states in Mexico. We’re all together, just spending time together. The whole family is off work and
we stay together for three days. We have a lot of fun. We cook together. I think it’s the same thing
every year, but it’s good. What made you decide to come to San Diego? To improve my English, meet new people,
learn about new cultures, and just see San Diego. It’s so beautiful. Because I want to improve my English. In San Diego, the weather is
the same as in Barcelona and for me, that’s the most important thing. It’s very different. We have a lot of gray days
in Germany. That’s why I’m here in San Diego. It’s more colorful than in my hometown.
The second reason is to improve my English. I hope to get up to a new level
before I fly back to Germany. I like California a lot. It’s next to Mexico, but here,
I have a lot of friends from Germany and France, so I’m always talking in English. The classes are always just
in English, like the iLab. Outside of classes, I only talk in English because
most of my friends only speak English. They don’t speak Spanish. Of course.
It’s very cool. Hey, San Diego. In case we forgot where we are.
They have different activities you can pick from. They have surfing. You can
go to the zoo or Sea World. You can also do tours of different
cities around the area, like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. I saw that they have a really nice café
here, so I think I’m going to get a drink. Oooh. I’m going to get the iced chai. Hi. Could I please get an iced chai latte?
Sure! Thank you so much!
No problem. Mmmm. That’s so good. Oh, look. They’re playing volleyball.
Let’s see if I can join them. Hi, guys! Can I join you?
Yeah, sure. Cool! I’m not very good at this, but let’s give it a try. I’ve had an amazing time here
at the EF school in San Diego. I got to play volleyball and talk to
some really awesome students, which was super fun. I also had a really nice chai latte, so I want to know what your
favorite drink is to get at a café. The best answer is going to get a
sweatshirt like the one I’m wearing. Comment down below with your favorite
drink and don’t forget to watch next week. I’ll see you. Bye! Angelina goes surfing in California

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60 thoughts on “Angelina makes friends at EF San Diego – On the go with EF #54

  1. Double espresso. I spend half an hour smelling it before I drink the first sip. I smell it for another 15 minutes before the second sip. then 5 minutes. I have an emotional connection with the smell of the coffee <3

    Thank you for the video btw, it's really inspiring and fun to watch.

  2. Hi! I don't like cafe alone but I really love Cappuccino. For us in Italy cappuccino and croissant it's tipical breakfast. I really love cappuccino because I can enjoy it in fall or winter near fireplace. This is a very magic and relax moment. Thanks you byeee! 😃😃😃

  3. O wonderful young people, in the pleasures of education and the sincere lessons for any time any place, in the Ef Foundation Is Huge Impacts, To you Are Inspiring In Urban City. Enjoying Days discovery in Urban City, like he Inspiring Best one, in place like Silicon Valley, support internet over the world and very important
    city california In USA One is New York and Two Is California. so Nice Ef meeting.

  4. Hi Angelina, great video! You're so sweat 😊
    My favourite drink is Earl Grey Tea❤️😋 I really enjoy its own flavor and I usually take it during the afternoon. It is healthy and also offer a wide range of benefits! I'm in love with it 🤣😍🍵

  5. Hi Angelina, what a great day at EF San Diego! I wish to be there too! My favourite coffee beverage is cinnamon tea plus coffee plus a little bit of milk, it is delicious! You should try it once. Greetings from Mexico City.

  6. похоже я тут один нуб который очень мало понял, но желание учить англ есть

  7. For me, my favourite cafe beverage is Juan Valdez, it is from Colombia and it is delicious and soft. You have to try it 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this experience with us!!
    I went crazy to be there!!
    my favourite drink is cashew fruit juice!!
    it's delicious and is perfect in summer!!

  9. Omg my favorite drink at a café is for sure the hazelnut latte with moka sirop in it! The taste remind me of Nutella…SO GOOD!!👌🏻✨🌰

  10. Hi, guys I'm from Viet Nam, one drink in Viet Nam I always get at cafe is "Bạc Xỉu", I'm not sure whether its english name is called "Milk coffee", I really love it because there's more milk than coffee in it, it's more sweet, flavor and so easy to enjoy than pure coffee 😀

  11. In my town here in Brazil we don't have a Cafe because it's a small town, but I really like to drink coffee with powdered milk which we called "Leite em pó". Me and my family really love it. =D

  12. Why am I watching this video again after 1 month???' Oh, well. It's nice anyways! 😉 Thanks / Grazie/ Obrigado/ Gracias/ Merci bcp, shokran jazilan! 🙂

  13. Hi Angela! Nice video! My favourite drink is the tea. There are many flavors and differents types . That is fantastic for taste a type of tea every day

  14. Hi Angelina, I am Jules I am from Peru and one of my dreams is can speak in english very well. My favorite drinks are chicha morada and lemonade.

  15. Hi Angelina!!! I just want to say – you're wonderful! At new year me and my family moved to USA because my father is found work here. Then i just cannot speak English, well, your videos is helping me learn English. Thank you!

  16. This channel seems help me and i m so excited that i found this channel and thanks for the author and vloggers
    I just feel I am in english speaking country

  17. My favourite one is a kumys it is a kazakh traditional drink we get this drink from a horse as a milk from cow and i forget about any negative thought when i drink it

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