Angelina explores Toronto, Canada – On the go with EF #92
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Angelina explores Toronto, Canada – On the go with EF #92

Hi everybody! Right now I am in Toronto, Canada. This place is really special to me
personally because I’m Canadian and my mom was born here in Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in Canada by population
and there are about 3 million people living here. This place right here is called
Yongue and Dundas Square. If you’ve seen Times Square in New York,
you can probably see the similarity. It’s really busy and there are a
lot of people, but it’s super fun! You get to people watch, you can go
shopping, grab a coffee … I like it. I like to feel the pulse of the city, you know? People have been living on this
land for more than 10,000 years. In 1793 it was named York by the British Crown and then, in 1834, it was
renamed the city of Toronto. This behind me is the Eaton Centre.
You can find anything in here: clothing, workout gear, home décor, and shoes. But I’m not going to buy any shoes today.
I’m going to look at some. This is a museum all about shoes,
and who doesn’t love shoes, right? Ooooh. This is really cool. The shoe belonged to the Ötzi man 5,300 years ago.
That was a long time ago. During field tests, it was found
that the shoe was comfortable and was effective in temperatures of -5 to -10 ˚C.
That’s crazy! Oh, this looks interesting.
It says this is made out of human hair. That’s something new. I’ve never heard
of that before, but it’s quite cool. Wow. I guess they’re some
kind of Renaissance platform. They don’t look too comfortable to walk in,
but they look nice. These shoes I really like because they
were worn by Drake, the rapper. He’s actually from Toronto. He has pretty big feet, but he’s tall,
so I imagine that his feet would be big. This section has glittering footwear from
around the globe ̶ and look at these shoes! They’re made to look like those wing sandals
that the ancient Greeks would wear, but I think these are a lot cooler because
they’re gold and they’re awesome. I love them. Boots! My favourite. I cannot get over boots right now.
It’s my favourite thing. I would love to wear these because they
have a tartan pattern and I really like that. Tassels. I like tassels. What I personally like about shoes is that you
can express yourself in so many ways with them. I like a lot of colour. I want my shoes to
have colour and patterns and feathers. I mean, who doesn’t love feathers? I love these ones. They have some bling on them which
is never a bad thing about shoes. Maybe they’re not for every day,
but for a night out? Yeah. We have this pair. I just don’t think that these are for walking
because who would walk in these? They have four little heels.
I don’t think you could walk in those at all. Now this is seriously cool. These are some of the shoes that were used
in the Marie Antoinette movie from 2006, directed by Sofia Coppola.
You might have seen it. I know I’ve seen it a million times at least
because it’s of my favourite movies. All of the shoes were designed
specifically for the movie. What I really love about these shoes is
that they’re really quirky and fun. The way that he designed them is just incredible. After looking at all those shoes,
I feel pretty grounded right now, so I’m going to do something a lot higher up.
I’m going to visit the CN Tower here in Toronto. The CN Tower is 553 metres tall and I’ve heard
that they have a glass floor up in the tower, so I’m going to go check that out.
Let’s go. We’re here! I’m up in the CN Tower right now and
I’m going to check out the view. Wow. This is amazing! The city is so beautiful and you
can see so much from up here. I even heard that on a clear day, you can
see 160 kilometres away, which is so crazy. Where is the glass floor? It’s down here. I found the glass floor! It’s super crowded.
I’m going to go out. I’m a little nervous. Wow. Amazing.
It’s not as scary as I thought it was going to be. All the people kind of look like little
ants down there just walking around. It’s kind of like when you’re on the airplane and
you’re looking down as you’re about to land and you see all the people, except this
feels higher up for some reason. If you get the chance to go up in the CN Tower, do not miss the glass floor because
this is a cool experience right here. I’m going to sit down. Yay! Perfect picture right there. Today has been great and I’m so happy that I got the courage to
walk on the glass floor in the CN Tower. What is the tallest building
that you’ve ever been in? Please comment below for a chance
to win this awesome shoe key ring. Don’t forget to watch the next episode
because I’ll be going to Niagara Falls. See you then! Next Episode: Angelina goes through the Niagara Falls

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  7. Was hoping to learn more about Toronto rather than a shoes museum from the company that was started on my country but there CN tower view was nice

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