Andrew’s Journal: A Cross-Country Trip to Build Student Voice
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Andrew’s Journal: A Cross-Country Trip to Build Student Voice

For the past few months, I’ve been traveling around the country visiting students and schools in every corner of America We are here the first leg of our
California tour to talk with students about deeper learning! The goal of this tour is to capture the
voices and stories of American students, stories that oftentimes go unheard. I think the best way to talk about
school is to think about it as an investment in our students, an investment in our country, and in our commonwealth future. We want it to be about kids. One thing I want to change about school is making sure that student voice is more
than just student government. I want to make school a place for students to explore all of their identities. I want to see walls broken down so that students can better express their creativity and become the person that they really want to be. We believe that these stories enhance
our public policy as it relates to education, but more important the telling and sharing of these stories is an act that enlarges democracy.

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