An Unwavering Advocate for Racial Equity in Schools
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An Unwavering Advocate for Racial Equity in Schools

– So the reason that we’re
doing Menaissance programs is so we can have students
from all different walks come together and talk about books and talk about things that
you might not have time to talk about in class. It would be hard to believe– there would be some
parents or some adults, it might be difficult for them to believe that I got a bunch of
hard-headed boys in a circle in an urban school
talking about literature, and then also understand
that you’re not just gonna sit here and talk about a book. Y’all know what that
is right there, right? It’s a recording studio. So, you will be able to
then get up from here and record and express
yourselves via music. Are we doing art in
here as well, Mr. Chris? So, music, photography, art, videography, anything you want as relates to the book. That’s all Menaissance is. When you control for ra– or
when you control for poverty, poor black kid and poor white kid, we still see that the
white kid is performing way higher than the poor black kid. And that gives me leverage and
the chiefs leverage to say, we have to put race in the center of some of these conversations. – So, my question to
you is, write this down, here’s my question to you. What is your cause? What is your cause? His dad always called Spoony
a rebel without a cause. Now what is your point? What is your purpose for living? – (student) What is my purpose for living? – Write about that. – As far as this job, it is
all I’ve ever focused on, and I’ve always believed that education is the only saving grace for anyone, black, white, green, or whatever. So yes, it is far more than a job, especially when you’re
raising students in the system that you’re sitting at the highest level, and you’re trying to fix. Shame on myself, shame on Allison if our children are having
these same struggles when he becomes the chief
communication officer and one of my daughters becomes
the chief equity officer. We’ve done nothing. So shame on us if this data
doesn’t change in the next five, six, seven years. This is not just a job to me. It truly is a…I guess
the word is passion.

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