An Incredible College Student Gets an Amazing Surprise
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An Incredible College Student Gets an Amazing Surprise

Back with my co-host Kevin Hart and
you wanted to help somebody today, right?>>Yes, that is true. But I want to help someone
that is really deserving, maybe a full-time college student.>>Maybe somebody who works like two to
three jobs to pay for their education.>>And, what if they have done thousands
of hours of community service?>>What if, maybe they’re selling
their car to help pay the bill.>>Yeah, now you’re talking. That’s exactly the kinda
person I wanna help.>>I think we have someone like
that in our audience today. Amber Thomas, where is Amber Thomas?>>[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You watch my show, how do you have time to watch my show?>>Because you just bring so
much joy into my life. You are just an amazing person. I inspire to be able to help
people one day in my community through owning my own
business just like you do.>>My goodness.
>>Wow. Well, that’s really sweet. [Applause]
>>My goodness.>>[APPLAUSE] I mean I read about you. And you you literally you
you study all night long. You go to these jobs and you do homework. And you go to sleep like four
in the morning in the morning.>>Yeah
>>And you wake up at six in the morning.>>Yeah.
[LAUGH] I go from one job. Then I have a half break. I do homework. I go to the next one. Sometimes you don’t get out until midnight, one. When I come home, I watch your
show just to revive myself and then I start to study and
I do it over again.>>Wow, I’m quite sure there’s
a Kevin Hart show you probably watch.>>Yeah.
>>Just to revive, I’m saying because she watches your show but I’m saying
there’s something that I’ve done>>[LAUGH]>>Maybe not.>>[LAUGH]
>>I know that you need something to carry all your books around and everything. So we got something to help keep track
of everything and it’s a backpack.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And you have in here>>Thank you. [LAUGH]
>>Let’s see, first of all you have a $250 gift card.>>Aah!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And then you have a $500 Best Buy.>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>And then you have a $1,000 AmEx.>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>And then you have a MacBook Air.>>Stuff like that, we’ll be right back.
So if you watch the show usually I walk out here and the way I start the show
is I toss a mint in the air and I catch the mint in my mouth. And I didn’t do it today cuz
I had something else in mind.>>Amber, you know what, do us a favor,
can you come back down here, please?>>So I heard that you enjoy watching me
throw the mint in the air and catch it?>>I do, yes.
[LAUGH]>>You were hoping that I was gonna do it today.>>Yes.>>I didn’t realize it was that popular.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>I just do it once in a while, and I didn’t know people liked watching it. So, if each of us can catch a mint, you’re gonna win whatever’s
in this box over here, okay? So we’ll take turns and
now the trick is, as you’ve seen me do, you have to, I’ll go first and
then Kevin can go second if he wants. You have to as high as possible,
that’s the whole thing, right. So.>>[APPLAUSE]>>As high as possible.>>Yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You did perfect.>>You win!
>>[LAUGH]>>I was gonna say, she should win.
>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]>>You still win. All right, let’s see what we have right here.
It’s a signed Altoids box from both Kevin and I.>>Thank you!
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah.>>Thank you. [LAUGH]>>Yeah, we should do $100 for each of the mints that are in the box,
let me see how many.>>There you go.>>That’s too hard, that’s complicated. You know what we should do? Shutterfly wants to support students with inspiring stories like yours.
They wanna pay off your student
loans with $25,000.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE] Amazing, amazing.>>Thank you. Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Make some noise for her, everybody.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Thank you. I will.

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