An Edina Public Schools Education: Middle School
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An Edina Public Schools Education: Middle School

(upbeat music) – [Woman] Personalized
learning is putting the learner at the center and engaging them in the learning process so that they can build their capacity to learn anything they want. – What I’m teaching isn’t changing. But how I’m teaching it is changing. The how is getting better. – So having that choice
is personalized learning you got to choose what was best for you. – [Woman] In a personalized learning model the content is really
the vehicle for students to understand themselves as learners and how they process information. – [Woman] Taping into student’s interests and their strengths totally
increases student engagement with the tasks that they’re
already doing in class. – By giving them a clear
purpose on what they need to learn or practice or achieve. And then giving the
autonomy to make a choice on how they want to get there. They have more opportunities
to experience mastery. – You have the time and
you’re really getting very far with your research
then you have that option to go further.
– Everyday we set a goal with kids and the
goals are pulled from the language of the standards. – Students are still being
held to high standards. They have to show me their score. They have to show me their work. – You need to five resources signed off on.
– If they already met the requirements then they can go on to a deeper or extended
learning opportunity. Where if they haven’t
met the standards yet then they need to come back
and revisit and relearn. – I get to choose my own path and I can go advanced or I can go simpler to learn the subject more. – You can choose how you’re gonna work with people if you’re
gonna work with people. – We’re able to get our
work done in our own time. And we’re kind of able to
problem solve by ourselves. – Some of you may rather do it on a google doc or a google presentation. Or make a Powtoon or a
Prezi or maybe you’re making a poster. – What we like to incorporate
a lot of is reflection on a consistent daily basis. And thinking about what kind of effort did you put into the learning today. What was your understanding? Did you meet the learning target? – [Woman] Each day they’re
tracking their effort and understanding and
then we get to a point where we’re gonna evaluate learning. They go back and look at their data, look at their reflections so that they can make
connections between their effort that they put in and the growth they made or the learning that they can show. – However you want to
express what you learn, you do bullet points, you can do a paragraph. – I just see the staff always looking at what is the deeper thing that
we want students to learn? Yes we want people to do well we want students to have great careers but also we want them to be developing as human beings to make a
positive difference in the world. – What do you think you learned the most on this project? – [Woman] Students taking more ownership of their learning has been so exciting. I feel like kids are more empowered then they ever have been before. – [Boy] I can master standards more when I incorporate
things I enjoy into them. – [Girl] Personalized learning helps me enjoy school more. – [Woman] They are more
engaged and their energy levels are the most I have ever
seen in my teaching career here at Edina. – [Woman] They really develop the skills to be a 21st Century learner. – [Woman] We’re honoring
all of those pieces of our students that are so important to help them be successful.

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