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100 thoughts on “An announcement from Khan Academy

  1. You and your staff are amazing! I am a 40-something in my final quarters of my Bachelors and you have really helped me succeed!!! Your passion for what you do is infectious! Thank you for all you do. Would LOVE to see something like this for the GRE!!! Congrats on this recent success!

  2. Keep doing what you doing Sal. You are an inspiration. Your project will put you in the history books. Way to selflessly improve the world. Cheers my friend

  3. Keep it up. Khan Academy doesn't just inspire me to learn, I was already inspired to do that, Khan Academy inspires me to change the world 🙂

  4. finally the face behind the voice, sir your videos helps me out so much, thanks alot and continue the awesome work

  5. This only "levels the playing field" is Khan Academy's SAT prep is selectively rolled out/advertised to historically low-performing populations of students.

  6. Thank you Khan Academy!!! You have helped me raise my scores and helped keep my chin up and know that I can accomplish anything if I put forth enough effort.

  7. Thank you khan academy! You have made daunting topics like trigonometry and calculus easy to learn for me, a 12 year old!

  8. Please more content this is a great app my son has learned so much can you please add science and English courses please please !!!!

  9. Big fan of Khan Academy but my main issue I find when learning about subjects is that it is all based around US education. I'm in the UK and pretty much everyone I know uses Khan Academy to improve their learning.
    Essentially what I'm saying is, it'd be great if there were an A-Level section within Khan Academy. I doubt many new videos will have to be made it's just a matter re-organising the videos so that they can have relevance to the main UK courses as well. It really helps when knowing what we do/don't need to know from the videos available.

    If you're a UK student studying for your A-Level exams, please give this a thumbs up to get the idea heard and hopefully considered!

    Many thanks.

  10. I could not make it through my college math and economics courses if it was not for you Sal. I am really struggling with Economics right now and I am in the middle of watching all of your instructional videos regarding this subject. I'd like to add that I am 53 years old and pretty technically inclined, but you definitely take all the fuzzy areas away! Thank you for your generosity!!!!

  11. Thankyou from Australia, Im a a 40 year old mature student studying first year University for the first time in my life, your videos are a god send to those of us who missed out on a decent education the first time round, you help fill in all the little Science and Maths gaps that I missed at school and are a hell of a lot better than my Uni tutors if Im honest! thanks so much, brings tears to my eyes when I think how many people you are helping.

  12. I just wanted to say thank you to the Khan Academy. I am in a premed program and your videos have helped me tremendously. Again, thank you!

  13. This is awesome.. your materials and teaching methods are an open door for all are helping me a ton. Congrats

  14. Khan Academy, Sal, thank you. Thank you for boosting my maths skills from slightly above average, to 4-5 years above my expected year level. Thank you for improving the way I look at maths. Thank you for giving me the knowledge to love maths. Thanks to you Sal, my dream job changed from being a videogame player to a physicist/engineer, just because of the one video that you made, which made me realise the beauty behind it all. Thank you.

  15. I really find your video very very helping. Can you do a video of scalar functions in three variables. More importantly, visualising scalar functions in different coordinates systems.

  16. Amazing!! Your videos are truly amazing. Thank you for helping students like myself and those starting out.

  17. Bruh this is the dude that does all the videos, it's weird seeing him speak because I thought it was a Caucasian man teaching 😂😂

  18. Mr. Khan i am retired person age of 68 but i want to learn computer because at my time in Pakistan there was no computer. please let me know there is any room for myself. Thanks

  19. I convinced my parents to let me take online classes because i don't get nothing in school & im very bad at math

  20. Just shows you how great proficiency learning is vs the standard classroom training in public schools. GREAT WORK!

  21. I love Khan Academy!! I was never a good student due to my ADHD, I would always fall behind in classes because I learned at a different pace then others. And teachers in my schools didn't "have the time" to work with me one on one. I have now been out of school for around 9 years. I use this program to help me brush up on things I had forgotten over those years, or never really understood in the first place! I got to work at my own pace for once and it was amazing!!! Now not only do I re-remember all the old things, but I learned to understand things I once thought I couldn't. I would recommend this program to everyone!!!! Thank you to all the teachers and the creator of Khan Academy, you are a blessing!

  22. My whole life is a lie. I thought you're a tall white professor that has a whole beard with a small daddy gut wearing a necktie and suspenders based on your voice.

    Thank you for all the lessons.

  23. Salam Alaikom, i am a Muslim young lady and i thank Allah that i found out about you. Since the day i stumbled on this channel, i keep receiving very helpful and beneficial information. I will support you as long as you're passionate to help more people around the world 🙂 ..
    Also, I have a suggestion on a video, I was wondering if would make a video on kepler laws of planetary motion, TY 😀
    God bless you. ~SH

  24. This is a great news. Congrats! Mr. Khan. Also, College Board for its first time agrees that test prep can improve score.

    One more thing, Mr Khan. There is an average 30-50 point gain from PSAT to SAT even if without any practice. That is due to the fact that PSAT is 1520 and SAT is 1600, or 80 additional points on 15 additional questions. Students also has another 10-20 point annual gain in natural growth. So the pure practice gain out of the 115 here can be best estimated as 40-70 points, average around 50 points. That is still outstanding, comparing to merely 10-30 points gains on average from the popular names in commercial test preps.

  25. Thank you Khan for free educational materials.
    everyplace in the world is sick enough from the educational business which corrupted science, because everyone in that business cares about selling books, courses more for profit than delivering you understanding (Totally crime)
    I'm 30 years old, and I purchased tons of books, I could tell you, it could be in 5 books at most, but how it comes while publishers and greedy authors trying to sell more for more profit.

  26. The thing is that I don't have time to study for the SATs. Why don't schools have a no-homework week when all we do is Khan Academy?

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