An Amazing Surprise for a Wonderful Teacher
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An Amazing Surprise for a Wonderful Teacher

– I’m about to surprise a viewer
named Megan Bentley. She’s a second grade teacher at Frederick Douglass Elementary
in Leesburg, VA, and like a lot of teachers,
Megan does amazing things for her students, so we sent
Jeannie to Virginia. She’s outside of Megan’s house
right now. Jeannie?
Hi, Jeannie. Hi.
– Hi. Hi, Ellen. – Hi, Jeannie.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi, Jeannie. So what can you tell us
about Megan? – Okay, so Megan, Ellen, is just
this bright spot in the world. She has the most positive
energy and attitude. You would never know
that she and her husband, Bruce, are going through a really
difficult time right now. They have a ton
of student loans. They’re living paycheck
to paycheck, so much so that Megan
had to go and get a second job at the high school
as a soccer coach, and she’s even looking for a
third job just to try and get by,
but she is a huge fan of you. She loves the show so much. She watches every single day. This surprise that we have
for her is gonna blow her mind. – We like to do that, and I
heard you have some people there that are gonna help surprise. – I certainly do.
Okay, so obviously Megan has no clue that we are here,
but she also doesn’t know that we secretly enlisted
the help of some of her fellow teachers
and her principal, Paula. You guys come in
and say hello to Ellen. – Hi.
– Hey, everybody. Hi.
Okay, so, Paula– which–which one are you,
Paula? The principal, right? Hi, Paula,
how are you? – Hi, Ellen,
it’s great to be here. – I’m so glad that you’re here
to help surprise her. So tell us what makes Megan
so special. Megan is the most enthusiastic
teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is caring.
She’s compassionate. Just this year, we had a child
who broke his arm. She went over to his home,
brought him books, brought him games. Made sure he stayed caught up
with the class. Her children absolutely
adore her, and I just truly appreciate
you doing this for her. – Well, I’m so glad we know
about her to help her like this. That’s amazing, and teachers
do so much good anyway. but she goes above and beyond,
so I’m gonna call her right now. Oh, hold on.
I just did something wrong. I hope we keep
this phone forever. Just one step above,
“Thelma, get me–” [phone trilling] – Hello?
– Hello, Megan? – Yeah?
– Hello, Megan. – Hi.
– My name’s Lois Morningside. I’m with USA Deliveries,
and I see here we have a package for you
from the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Are you expecting
a delivery? – Uh, no.
– Oh, okay. Well, we have a package from
the “Ellen DeGe–DeGen– DeGeneres Show”
or something. Yes.
– Oh, my God. – Oh, I-I–she’s wonderful.
Don’t you love her? – Oh, my God.
– Hello? – Hello?
– Hello. – Hello, hello?
– Hello. – [screaming]
Oh, my God! – It’s actually me.
Hi, Megan. – Oh, my God.
– Megan? – Yes?
– Hi, it’s–it’s Ellen. – I know.
– Yeah, I know. But we have a delivery
for you. What–is it–
– Oh, my God. I think we left it
at your front door. – [screaming] – Hi, Megan. – Oh, my God!
Hi. – How you doing?
– Hi, Ellen. – You may not need the phone
anymore. I’m not sure.
Does she still need the phone? – Okay.
– Okay. – She didn’t need it.
– No. – So, Megan, you’re
a second-grade teacher, right? – Yes, I am.
– What’s that like? – I–well, I love my job, and my kids mean everything
to me, and I knew going into it
that, you know, it wouldn’t be the most
money-making job, but I wanted to make a
difference in people’s lives like you do, Ellen,
and how you inspire everyone every day, and
I just wanted to be like that, so that’s one of the reasons
I’ve got the job that I do. I love my job.
– You’re incredible. You’re 24 years old,
is that right? 24? – I am 24. – And, uh, I know things
about you. But I know a lot of students
come from low-income families. You’re constantly paying for
things out of your own pocket, and helping them out. We actually are gonna send in–
actually– – Take a break.
– All right, we’ll take a break ’cause I want to send you
something, but I don’t have it yet
apparently. So I’ll take a break,
and then when we come back– Okay, we’ll be back. And, Megan, that’s your husband,
right? Yeah, this is my husband.
– Hi, Ellen. – Hi, husband, how are you? – Very good. How are you?
– I’m good, thanks. – Sorry it’s a little loud
right here. – Yeah, well, it’s very
exciting, and Jeannie’s there. – Very exciting.
– So, okay, so, Megan, it’s holiday time. Have you done your holiday
shopping yet? – No, we ha–we haven’t gone
holiday shopping yet, Ellen. My husband and I decided
not to do presents this year. We’ve got some debt
and some student loans we’re trying to pay down
so we can start our family. It’s a dream of ours,
and we just really can’t do that right now, so we’re– we haven’t bought
our Christmas presents yet. – Okay. Well, we want
to help you out with that because you’re a fan of the show
and you’ve probably seen– you’ve probably been watching,
right? The last, like,
the week or so prior to this, we, you know, like,
we give stuff away, like, 12 Days and stuff like
that, right? – Oh, yeah, no big deal
or anything. – Yes, yes, yes.
– Yeah. No, I was just reminding you. So the real reason we sent
Jeannie to your house is we think what you do
for your students is amazing, and that you’re going through
a hard time, so we want to help you
with your holiday shopping, so we’re going to give you
everything we gave away for the entire 12 Days.
Everything. – Here.
– [screaming] Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! – Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful. – Oh, my God! – We got a bike. Paula, will you
bring it right over here? Beautiful. Bring it on in.
– Oh, my God! – Go ahead, Steve.
We can scooch it over. – [screaming]
– Come on in. – Oh, my gosh,
you’re so sneaky. [screaming] You brought everybody!
[screaming] That goes right on top there. Make some–
– Oh, my God! – Come on, get up here, Bruce.
This is all your stuff. Keep bringing it in.
– Oh, my God. Ellen, thank you so much!
– Oh, there’s more. – Megan, so–
so you’re surprised probably to see your coworkers there,
right? – Were you surprised
by your coworkers? – Oh, my gosh,
they are so sneaky. – They’re sneaky. They’re sneaky. You should never
trust them again. That was very sneaky
of them. So listen, this–
this is really amazing. And it’s because you do
so much. I mean, teachers–
I love teachers anyway, but you go above and beyond, and you pay for things
out of your own pocket when you can’t even afford
to do things for yourself, which is an amazing, amazing
thing that you’re doing, so we love that
about you, and… [cheers and applause] – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
This means so much to us. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome,
Bruce and Megan, so we couldn’t be happier
to be able to do this for you, and one more thing,
we couldn’t have done this without the help of your
incredible coworkers, and you all go above and beyond
for your students as well, so we want to give each of you
a $1,000 Target gift card. [all screaming]

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