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100 thoughts on “Americans & Koreans Swap School Lunches

  1. My high school has a salad bar where you can get up to 3 proteins and 3 vegetable toppings so that is really good, always get turkey, egg, and croutons then put ranch on top. Everything else is normal school food but no one knows about the really good salads

  2. this is why I dont eat American school food and my best friends mom (who is Japanese) makes me and her lunch and its amazing 🙂

  3. My school lunch every single day of high school no exaggeration was two breadsticks and a red apple and partially frozen chocolate milk

  4. "i think our lunches are getting better"

    me at an american school: grabs 10 napkins and sees how much greece is in the pizza + another 3 napkins (also i dont know how to spell so sorry if i spell things wrong spanish is my first language)

  5. Prior to Obama, my children had wonderful lunches in NJ. Had the fresh handmade to order sandwich line. The snack line with fresh baked cookies, cupcakes, drinks, etc… then the standard lunch lime with a variety everyday or burgers, chicken sandwiches, pizzas, dogs, and a different fry everyday. Oh and Dominos every Friday. Now its like my childhood hood lunches when I grew up in Newark.

  6. TBH the American lunch they said in the video looks more like a preschool lunch than actual school lunch from America I had great food America from school lunches now dont get me wrong they weren't the most gourmet lunches out and about like from a restaurant but a typical lunch I had especially during my school lunch they described their pizza ok that pizza was trash but at my school they served Pizza hut and they had a full salad bar so totally exaggerating but for Korean lunch from what I'm seeing in this is Korean type dishes from their Korean recipes from chefs in their cafeteria here in America I guess also we just have lunch ladies that just provided lunch premade and reheated which kinda explains this food

  7. Mine isn’t that bad, if u go to the snack bar it’s amazing, the food was mostly good at the snack bar, has slushy cookies chips n a lot more

  8. Yakult, Gyoza, and tempura are Japanese- at school in Japan, we never got gyoza or tempura- just some kind of veggies and fish

  9. Alright everyone I know this probably isnt relevant but let's take a moment at 2:56 with the lady eating pizza with a fork

  10. American lunches served me a 12” let me say that again 12” tortilla with one chicken strip heated from frozen in the middle it hung off the sad depressing paper plate onto the table

  11. I am still mad about the budget cuts on lunches…It was nasty food, and I could not afford to even have cold lunch. I think that considering how much money schools get from the state for their students they should invest in the health of students. I remember many lunch periods not even eatting the bagged up TV dinner meals. Kids would literally rather fast for lunch when it came to plastic bag lunches.

  12. The American lunch they had has about twice as much food as the one in my school. You get one meat thing, around 4-5 pieces of vegetables, and a milk carton. They also charge $3-4 for a lunch. I’d be happy to get that American food.

  13. Trust me our lunches in Nevada are awful, they give us under cooked foods, rotten fruits, the milk is terrible too the white milk tastes like its close to its expiration date, the chocolate milk taste like it’s water down. There’s an account on Instagram called ccsdconfess and they show pictures of what our lunches look like. They also show what the bathroom are like in every school. Our school system here in Nevada is so bad, honestly if they’d stop wasting so much money on the strip and started focusing on our schools and not just the magnet schools then our district would most likely get a little better

  14. I'm on a diet and I really want to e at all of those dishes.meaning I'm not fat or anything like that ok it's to clean the GUTTT

  15. Meanwhile here in Mexico, we don't even have any food system like those, and on the mini caffeterias that cost us like 3dlls any, they only sell Microwave noodles, a bread with beans and cheese, lots of potatochips, and the people still wonder why we have so high levels of child obbesity 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

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