American Sign Language: Basic ASL for the classroom
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American Sign Language: Basic ASL for the classroom

hi everyone my name is señora taylor and I’m going to show you some signs that I’ve been teaching myself over the
past few weeks for my networked learning project all signs that i’ve learned on my own via youtube so here are the three categories of the ASL signs for the world language
classroom enjoy! category one: taking care hello name, friend, work together please, thank you you’re welcome or no problem, sorry nice, good proud, like peace, love, take care important category two: classroom management yes no, sit stand, quiet speak, listen wait, calm down pay attention question, help bathroom, slow fast, ready stop, time don’t touch, maybe okay here the signs for the third
category increasing student participation in the
target language good, understand don’t understand, like interesting, idea imagination, learn fun, easy difficult, obvious more, again play, show say, different student, boy girl, together alone and question words, who what, when where, why how, how many so those are the signs that I’ve taught
myself via youtube videos and that I hope to use in the classroom in
just a few short weeks i’ll get a chance to give them a try I look forward to using them in the
classroom. I think it’s going to work out well and get a lot of hand motions anyway so why not do something that is actually a
little bit more real-world down. um… just a side note remember i’m a novice and I’m
self-taught so don’t use this as an instructional video but just as an idea that I want to share
with you thanks for watching ¡adios!

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