American Education Week 2017
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American Education Week 2017

It’s American Education Week, and I’m just really excited to be able to congratulate all of you on the great
work that you do in our schools. And this goes beyond our educators and our
teachers and our administrators because I do know that it takes an entire staff
to really make the school function the way it should. There are many, many people who contribute to that. And you know, I taught for 23 years, and I always remember that
I was one of those that would always be getting in trouble for different things
I did…because one of the people that really was important in my job and in my
work were the school janitors, just like they are here at the Department of
Education. I remember a couple times sneaking into the building in the summer–
and the teachers, you can relate to this– climbing over the barriers when they’re
doing the floors and trying not to disturb anything. But one of the things the
janitor always told me not to do was this. Kevin? I told you many times to not
put the tape on the wall! Okay! Thank you! Okay.
Hi, I’m Megan Tatum, SDMyLife and career development specialist here at the
Department of Ed. And I’m Andrea Diehm, school counseling and work-based
learning specialist at the Department of Education. Educators are an important
piece to the puzzle. Whether you are a school counselor, a CTE teacher, a school administrator, a business manager, a core content teacher, an administrative assistant, a bus driver a coach, a custodian, a school nutrition
employee or any other type of position at a school, your role is very
important. My name is Kathy Riedy, and I’m the Title II coordinator with the South
Dakota Department of Education. A couple weeks ago, we got to celebrate a few of
South Dakota’s best and brightest teachers from around the state at the
Teacher of the Year Banquet. And I would just like to take the opportunity to
thank the rest of our teachers from around the state for all the hard work
that they do and the effect that they have on our children every day. You are
much appreciated. I’m Daria Bossman, the state librarian. Today’s school libraries are so much more than just books. 21st Century school libraries are the hub for
students to create and collaborate, read, do research and learn. And research
reveals that well-resourced, quality school library services result in
higher student achievement and higher reading scores. So, grab a book and grow a mind. And thank you, all you school librarians, for all you do. My name is
Betty Leidholt. What I know about South Dakota educators is they are passionate about the work they do and the students they serve. I’m
Bobby Leiferman with the Office of State Aid and School Finance, and I would
like to thank South Dakota school business officials for the vital role
they play in supporting South Dakota schools. We’re with the Child and Adult Nutrition Services, and we’d like to thank all
school nutrition staff for providing healthy meals to fuel student minds and
bodies for learning. Thank you! I’m Kim Carlson and I’m Brad Steckelberg. We are
with the SD-STARS team. We would like to say, thank you! We appreciate you taking
the time to utilize the data within SD- STARS to improve outcomes for South
Dakota students. Hello, my name is Yutzil Becker, and I was an English learner. When I started school, I only spoke Spanish. Now, as the South Dakota Title III
coordinator, I help support school districts in providing services to
English learners. I wanted to thank our districts for their work supporting this
diverse population. I’m Kelly Royer, and I want to thank coaches and advisers. You
guys put in long hours and weekends to help students as individuals outside of
the classroom, so thank you. I’m Abby Javurek with the South Dakota Department
of Education, and I just wanted to take a minute today and say, thank you, to all of
our excellent educators in the state. And in particular, I wanted to thank all of
our teachers who have come out over the last few years to really help us create
some high quality assessments for our students and associated resources that
their colleagues can use in the classroom to really drive instruction
forward and make a difference in the lives of kids. Your expertise is so
invaluable, and it makes us all better. And we couldn’t do what we do without
all of your hard work, so thank you so much. What you give to us, what you give
to our children is beautiful. Hi, my name is Joe Moran. In my time in the classroom, I learned that the most important part of any educator is the relationship they have with their students. In that manner, I
want to thank everyone that puts in the time to build those relationships in
the extracurricular activities. Not only coaches, athletic directors, but bus
drivers, maintenance crews, anyone that’s sitting there waiting late at night to
let the bus back in. Thank you for all you guys do. Whew! There are a lot of
people to thank. Here at the Department of Education, we are so fortunate to get
to see every day, the amazing work happening in South Dakota schools. I know we haven’t thanked everyone, and I really wish we could. But unfortunately, we’re
getting to that point where if this were one of those televised award shows, the
music would be coming in. In fact, do you hear that? So if you’re involved in
public education, thank you! Have a great week!

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