AMAZING Super Mario School Supplies!!!
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AMAZING Super Mario School Supplies!!!

hi guys welcome to my channel this is katsmie
and today we are creating some super unique Mario inspired DIYs using school supplies. this first DIY is super easy. we are making Mario pencils. I start by drawing Mario mustache and his
nose in a piece of paper. I use that as a template to then cute my foam
sheets. I take a red foam sheet and draw Mario’s little
hat. With a
white marker I draw the M in Mario’s hat. using a marker gives you a lot more control. I’ll link all of the materials below. now glue all of the pieces to the end of your
pencil or pen. make sure to give it enough time to dry before
using your them. aren’t these so cute? next is mario’s super star. I’m using sticky notes for this. Take one sticky note. fold it in half. and in half again. cut along your folds. you should end up with 4 strips. now do this again with a second sticky note. you’ll need to sticky notes or 8 strips to
make 1 super star. make a long strip by using the sticky part
of your sticky note. you need to glue at all on this one. take one end of your sticky note and very
gently tie a knot and flatten it out. fold any excess edges and you’ll end up with
a pentagon-like shape. take the long tail of your sticky note and
fold it up following the natural direction of the pentagon. fold left, then right, then left again until
you’re don with the strip. tuck in the last piece of the sticky note
and cut any excess paper. press on the edges of the pentagon. the star will kinda pop. you can use your
nails to shape your star. with a marker, I’m drawing super star’s eyes
and ta-da super star looks so cute. this last DIY is my favorite and super easy as well. we’re making a Boo mug. I know that sounds really funny. I’m taking a plain mug. I bought mine at the dollar store and with
a permanent sharpie marker I’m going to draw Boo’s face. I’m not using my mug for drinking so the permanent
sharpie marker works very well here but if you plan to wash and use your mug as a regular
drinking mug, make sure to use oil based paint markers and bake it in the oven. if you want
me to make a video of this let me know. you can leave Boo just like this but I decided
to paint the tongue as well with some red sharpie. i love how this turned out! Thank you so much for watching guys. If you want to watch more videos like these,
make sure to subscribe. I’ll be uploading a lot more videos in the
future. See you at the next one. Bye!

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  1. the star part:
    i dont have a pentagon i have a circul
    when i squeese the edges i have a waste of stick notes

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