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My uncle who lives in Taiwan, one time we
put him on Skype and he was so impressed he actually cried, my uncle cried, because
my son was able to talk to him in Chinese One, two, three The school was here for about 90 years and
then closed due to low enrollment and then after about two years of it closing,
it reopened as this new innovative school so having a two track, dual language school
is something that could really reach out to the community and also a program that is known to show academic success in
a Catholic setting What makes our school so unique is that we’re
the only dual immersion Catholic school in the nation to have two programs going concurrently we have Spanish, English, and Mandarin programs
that students can learn and participate in all day long Studies have shown that the students, the
younger they are, the more able they are to acquire languages more easily they’re just more open to that possibility.
I think as adults we start to filter our language a little bit and it becomes a little bit more
difficult Language is one of those things that you can’t
do over night. It’s not like a piano recital you can just practice the night before and
be awesome the next day. At our school, were aiming for bi-literacy and tri-literacy and
is something that is different from just knowing the language. To be bi-literate, you
can operate two languages like a native. There’s something very unique about our school At first the kids were kind of with their
puzzled faces, but then as the weeks went by you saw that they started making connections
and everything was starting to click for them, especially because things got into a routine. When a mom approached me and she was like,
“This is why I sent my daughter to a dual immersion school because now she’s taking
what she’s learning in class and now she’s applying it a home setting and she’s making
those connections. The way this has actually affected us immediately
on a much smaller scale my wife’s parents are both from Taiwan, now
when we go out to dinner we don’t speak in English we speak in Chinese. There’s the whole faith based aspect of it,
but they’re also just really nurturing. So just from an academic standpoint as well,
I think it’s far superior to any of the schools that we looked at Driving by one day, we saw the school and
we thought wow we hit the jackpot. We have Catholic education and we have a dual immersion,
fifty-fifty program The way the economy and business and the world
is going, these are the three dominant languages. It’s really going to help them when they are
adults just seeking to find a good job. And they’re going to be able to communicate with
people and to unite that global view that is being Catholic. We think that this school represents one the
single best opportunities to get into really great high schools and really great colleges
later on. And I would definitely recommend this school
not only because of the great program they have in place, also because of the loving
teachers. They’re caring, they’re genuine, they have a passion about teaching and that’s
rare to find

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