Alberto Bettiol’s Florence
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Alberto Bettiol’s Florence

I’ve raced since I was five and cycling was- it’s my life. since… I’m 26… that’s 20 years that I ride. At the beginning I was more excited to leave home, you know you want to see the world you want to explore the world. I still have this feeling, to explore so I’m curious. But then, I realized the more years passed the more I missed my home. There’s not so many towns that have so much beauty in this small an area. A lot of things started in Tuscany. Fashion, these big brands Galileo Galilei was from Florence More about the arts- Brunelleschi Michelangelo Giotto People from all over the world take holidays to visit Florence. I think tourists are part of Florence nowadays so I can’t imagine Florence without any tourists. I think tourists can appreciate the beauty of Florence but also can appreciate the food, drink and the lifestyle of Tuscany’s people. The best things in Tuscany are the most simple ones. Because…it’s easier to make things complicated. The really difficult thing is to make it simple. I really would love that people understand our tradition and come to visit Tuscany because when I say Florence is the most beautiful city in the world I really think about it, I’m really convinced because I am lucky to visit a lot of other cities in the world thanks to cycling and thanks to EF. Florence is something really beautiful and the thing is when I come back home in Florence after a long travel I still make pictures that I already have on my phone but I make again. So this makes me think about how in love I am with this country.

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7 thoughts on “Alberto Bettiol’s Florence

  1. Very nice video. The type of human centric content that traditional broadcast cycling so desperately lacks

    Loved his comment about taking pictures of things he already has pictures of on his phone. Just sorta sums up the feeling of loving one's hometown

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