Airman surprises high-school sweetheart at graduation | Militarykind
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Airman surprises high-school sweetheart at graduation | Militarykind

(audience cheers) I was a manager for the football team for my entire high school career and we met through a mutual friend. And then when I started managing, she was like, “Hey, you
guys should be friends.” My dad was in the military. My uncle was in, previous family members were in too. I had two cousins that
were in the military and both of them are security forces for the Air Force and
that’s what I currently do. (gentle music) So, I sent him a letter every single day. Like, everyday I wrote down
what happened at school and what I ate and what me
and my brother fought about. And then, I sent it out every single day. I almost didn’t see him because I was so focused. Yeah, she almost just
walked right past me. I almost walked right past him on the way to, like I
shook my principal’s hand, I took my diploma, and I
just kept walking straight. And then, in this video
you can probably see he’s walking towards
me from the other side. And I’m walking to take my flowers from one of our teachers
that was handing them out. She was crying and crying and crying and I gave her a hug because
she was a good teacher of mine. I gave her a hug and
then she kinda turned me and there he was. It was real exciting. It was like, “Oh my god!” He just said something like,
“I told you I’d make it”. (audience cheers) (crowd cheers) (crowd claps) She’s always been there for me through anything I’ve needed. I could be myself around her. I didn’t have to change anything, like, hide who I was. What’s not to love, you know? I don’t know. We started off as really good friends and he’s always made me laugh. He’s my rock through everything. You know it’s not just a relationship, it’s always been our friendship.

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8 thoughts on “Airman surprises high-school sweetheart at graduation | Militarykind

  1. Awesome! Thank you for your service! Congratulations to the two of you on your marriage! May you both find happiness together for years to come!

  2. I can see who was in the U.S. Civil air patrol and became a Cadet Second Lieutenant, because they have 2 stripes (Airman First Class)

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