After a Student Suicide- How Schools Should Respond
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After a Student Suicide- How Schools Should Respond

– I’ve been in schools where
there’ve been suicides. – It’s, in a way, it’s
like a bomb went off. – It was devastating for the school, a lot of the children, a
lot of the student’s friends were left with a lot of
“what could I have done? “What could I have done?” – There are always going
to be other students who are at risk, they already were, but now that a suicide has occurred, those messages that they hear
can be pivotally important in terms of what they do next, whether they seek help or
whether they move closer to their thoughts and
impulses for suicide. – Who are the people we
need to be concerned about? And then how we respond to
them, based on their given need. And then making sure
that we connect the folks who need the most support
to the right people. Whether it’s, you know,
it’s contacting their, well obviously we’ll
contact their parents, you know, if they have a therapist, contact their therapist, get em connected. – Certainly after a suicide has occurred, the messages are that
everyone, we as human beings, struggle, at different
times, in different ways and so that reaching out
to help and connecting with resources and support
is the healthy, strong thing to do and the ways to do that
in our school are x, y, and z. And just having that message be repeated, really, over and over again. – It’s important that we respond, and know how to respond correctly, because of the contagion piece, you know. A lot of times when
these situations occur, there’s potential for additional suicides. Once the things kind of
settle down, you know, you’re gonna be monitoring
and keeping an eye on the situation because
just because a crisis has ended and the crisis team has left, it doesn’t mean things are
all back to normal, you know? People will still be grieving, people will still be
struggling with, you know, a variety of things and making sure that support is there for awhile. – I do think it’s important
for every kid to know that everybody goes through hard times. What we want to make
sure to do is make sure that there’s no stigma
here against talking about mental wellness and
that we wanna make sure that people know that this is a safe place to talk about feelings.

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