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100 thoughts on “Affirmative action, college, and unintended consequences

  1. If many of us go for speciality degrees why do we need general classes we’ll never use in our future careers ?

  2. She couldn't resist taking a shot. "The current adminstration's hostility"…ad nauseam. There is nothing hostile about wanting to deepen the vetting process of individuals from confirmed terrorist nations. SJWS are SO predictable and annoying.

  3. My experience in medical education confirms that affirmative action favors immigrants, at the expense of African Americans. This is unfortunately a true analysis that affirmative action isn't helping the people it was originally designed to help.

  4. I pride myself in being a good doer, and I am sick to death of all the unthinking "do-gooders" in this country! They do no good in their lives, but want the society, especially through the government, to seem to do good. This is what is constantly taking place with the effort to force people to be "righteous" by making laws.

  5. I went to college in the 70's, and back then we had "Equal Opportunity" which, for all of the grandiose, bathos-ridden and pseudo-humanitarian rhetoric which was used to rationalize it's necessity, boiled down to being nothing more than reverse discrimination. That's all today's so-called "Affirmitave Action" (a good name for a laxative) is. Then as now, all it means is if a black person and a white person applied for the same position at a college, the same scholarship, or later on the same job, regardless of qualifications, the black person always got it. It's reverse discrimination. And as we all know: Two wrongs don't make a right.

  6. I wonder what college he went to and how he got in? Besides that, a test score does not mean a thing without including other factors in the application process. People who think you have to get in because you have a perfect SAT score are a joke and don't know anything about life.

  7. I had a problem with so-called affirmative action in the 90 s when I tried to get into college….had to wait
    Every semester for the minorities
    To get first crack at courses that I needed so I wound up with all the shit courses that I didn't need.
    To all YOU asshole liberals, diversity is racism.

  8. Foreigners get preference because they're not eligible for FAFSA. They have to pay the full amount, and usually aren't eligible for scholarships.

  9. Tucker thinks, therefore he's conservative. He calls the PC retards what they are and has the balls and brains to stand up to political correctness. Make College great again!

  10. My wife was denied a job at FSU because she is white. I heard this at UF as well. We are looking forward to see what to do

  11. Time to end Affirmative Action ! To diversify just to
    diversify is in it self discrimination and discriminate against American
    born children in favor of foreign students hurts taxpayers who payed these evil colleges !

  12. As a parent with children in college our experience is that what this woman is 100% incorrect. Foreign students have more chance to be accepted and get more grants and non loan financial aid.

  13. I actually change it based upon the orginization.. Because the indian population is the only ethnic group that requires proof. During the purchase of my home, our loan officer put me as Mexican or Spanish and it helped me to get my home loan via vet preference.

  14. There are so many immigrants in college because immigrants have better academic performance than the native population

  15. I am just getting so sick of these people who outright lie. Either that or they are the dumbest people to have ever lived. They just can't be that dumb though. They wouldn't be able to feed themselves

  16. I'm severely doubting the "unintended" in the video title. American Colleges and Universities have been almost completely run by leftist-wing nuts for decades. Even since the Jim Crow days.

  17. Look at the college populations. How many people of a specific race are there in relation to population? Affirmative action is a libenazi way of discrimination. Surely it's obvious to even the most obtuse that lower standard of intake means a lower quality of output. ESPECIALLY when these poor kids are thrown into the maelstrom of left wing lunacy that colleges have become.

  18. In Arizona, illegal aliens qualify for instate tuition rates, while someone
    who is from, say Colorado, pays the much higher out of state tuition

  19. My long career in college admissions began in 1976 until I was pushed out by a much younger inexperienced female supervisor in 2001. Over the years I watched a majority male (admissions) profession and majority male post secondary student population to just the opposite. Affirmative Action policies dramatically changed the entire higher education landscape. Policies especially at public universities are in fact blatant cesspools of nasty discrimination against white males. If one looks into it, they will clearly find a clear majority of admissions staff being females and minorities. This is the number one reason why the white male college student bodies are getting smaller and smaller every decade.

  20. It is discrimination. And do all these idiots dress like someone in particular? They all look the same.

  21. In real life business don’t look for the wrong person, so why do colleges? I wouldn’t attempt to be something I know I’m not, it just doesn’t make sense!

  22. I got just one word for you all thinking of going to college – trade school. I got into Princeton because my dad owns a distillery. Our frat parties are still legendary, they set the bar, get it, bar.

  23. This silly woman is only obfuscating the issue. Whatever Tucker says she just makes up an answer to fit. She's a complete bullshitter. Then she claims she wants this issue to be transparent for all to see. Absurd.

  24. So…higher education is about taking in the best and brightest and making them even better. This means you need to look at their test scores. Yet this lady believes that it's not the most important thing. No wonder why the left is falling apart. They can't even figure out how to make a cogent argument, let alone go a single sentence without talking about race.

  25. What a bunch of nonsense. College is not the key to a good job or good life. I don't have a college degree and I make more money, have better perks and benefits and am generally happier with my job and life than any of my friends and they all have college degrees. We need to tell kids that jobs like carpenters and electricians and plumbers are viable, worthwhile, lucrative fields and there are tens of thousands of jobs in these and similar fields that need to be filled.

  26. Of course they aren't going to mention that the Ivy League is 23% Jewish, and that fully half of the "white" students are Jews.

  27. The reason for rising cost in tuition has to do with these concepts: 1) Useless degrees. When you pay tuition, I think all your money goes into a giant pot, which is then distributed accordingly. So if these useless degrees would disappear, costs would go down. 2) Some universities do improvements, like building better dorms, better recreation centers. Any kind of improvement in a university has to be off set by tuition. So the better something is, the higher the cost, which includes hiring more qualified people. 3) Higher interest rates. So if you do graduate and can't find a job, or a good job, then you will be stuck slowly paying off your debt, which adds to the cost of college over time. 4) Higher taxes. So the more you tax installations, they have to off set the cost by increasing tuition.

  28. tO fURTHER THE pROBLEMS fACED BY THE poor IN THE mAJOR uNIVERSITIES, IS THE gREEK sYSTEM. tO make cOLLEGE PAY YOU have TO DEVELO THE "rIGHT" connections. Usually THOSE in the Frat/ Sorority System, USUALLY in the Top Ten Percent on average. o you REALLY see a Frat Pledgeing a Poor Ugly Youth?  SOrry. NOT HAPPENING.  And Everyone KNows IT.

  29. As someone who has worked in college admissions for 8 years now: Most of what Tucker just said is absolute bullshit.

  30. Aaaand this is why I will choose an Asian doctor over a Black doctor. Or any other colour as a matter of fact. You know he was the top of the crop in order to make it in his field of expertise. This actually branches out to most fields of expertise. Black people end of getting hit the hardest. Even if you have the most brilliant doctor on Earth, he can be black and people will just assume he got given a free pass. He simply won't be credited nearly as highly as any of the other races. Nice one society.

  31. This going on at my school USF Tampa. If you see a black kid in the engineering program they are not American. Not a single one. They are all foreigners. The large majority of non-white students are from the Middle East, Caribean Nations, or South America. The most objectionable part of this is many of these kids are rich kids whose moms visited to have the kid in the US and then went home with a citizenship. The kids come back and soak up alot of free financial aid and get a degree on the US taxpayer dime.

  32. By definition, miss, that is true. its literally what was said, and you just say no, that's not true. BUT THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WAS SAID

  33. Admission criteria based on SAT scores, extracurricular activities, clubs, sports and most important skin color.

  34. The slaves you lizard-looking-colonizers took came from which African countries ? may all your greatest fears come to pass: may the children of slaves surpass the children of their masters.

  35. The last 50 years has been about using up America's wealth to subsidize the world. This is just a part of it. We're rotting away and being replaced. A cosmic joke and native born American's, black and white, are the fucking punchline.What a bunch of suckers we are. Oh and the cherry on top, they still get us to fight with each other while we are being made obsolete, hilarious.

  36. Get rid of all affirmative action processes, they are nothing more than another anti white agenda!

    Diversity is a code word for anti white…

  37. Diversity, financial aid, student loans…these are all terms for the middle class. The upper middle class and rich can easily afford college to the point where its the equivalent of a small car or an espresso to them by comparison. Whereas, middle class millennials are saddled with crippling debt. The rich have made college more expensive because they like nice things such as large fancy buildings, landscaping, and amenities. Colleges cater to this because they want their money. I don’t think the rich are intentionally trying to price the middle class out, but they aren’t making enough effort to stop it either. It’s a twisted form of Darwinism at work. Capitalism at its worst. I’m not saying college should be free, but it should be subsidized to where its accessible and not a machine for more poverty. Student loans should still follow you to your grave, but they should be more like $10k at most and not $50 or $100k..Were all adults and should be accountable for our actions. But the current situation has gotten out of hand.

  38. Diversity is the curse God laid upon us for the construction of the Tower of Babel, intentioned to weaken us, but remember..it’s “our greatest strength”……. idiocy in full swing.

  39. Affirmative action is like reservation system from india in disguise. Tread very carefully with that. It can come bite you on the behind if not careful.

  40. Why do these stupid liberals get on Tucker but they claim not to know the stats on what they’re talking about? How convenient

  41. Talk with a few college students, especially the older ones who are taking courses to advance in the workplace. They will tell you that in many classes almost everyone gets an "A". The professors look good to administration when few fail and most are "high achievers", according to the grade book. Who wins in the real world, except academia? Younger students expect a pass in the workplace like they were given in college. That doesn't happen. Then they will cry, Discrimination!

  42. I can attest to the discrimination when I applied for schools. The left is racist towards non-blacks and non-hispanics.

  43. Tucker you are wrong about LEGACIES. Decades ago Yale did a study. They found out that Yale legacies did get admitted into Yale at a higher rate than the general population. But they found that Yale legacies also got into Harvard and Princeton, where they AREN'T legacies, at a higher rate than the general population. The obvious conclusion is that LEGACIES ARE JUST BETTER CANDIDATES. If your parents have the cultural and financial capital to get into Yale, you are more likely to be a better candidate for ANY college. In fact, cultural capital ALONE is often sufficient, as evidence by the fact that refugees who were successful in their countries but lost everything in the emigration — so they have cultural but not financial capital — soon regain relatively high socio-economic status in their new country, starting from near-scratch financial capital. So don't mindlessly dump on legacies. Use your brain.

  44. Tucker is wrong here. Africans are one of hardest working groups. They don’t let race stop them from achieving their goals. In school academically I was always competing w/ Africans. African Americans, many of them are busy trying to be cool, rap, sing, etc….some don’t realize how fortunate they are to be American

  45. This, is NOT CNN! American education is a rip off and its practices unfair towards Asians. There are universities around the world with quality education and much cheaper. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND BROADEN YOUR HORIZON PEOPLE! Getting a degree from an Ivy League or any other so called “top university” is nothing but a trophy or show off diploma. In the end after you graduate, it’s what you do with what you’ve learned and how hard you work to attain your life long dream. A parchment paper from an Ivy League or any show off school won’t matter. Paying an average $50,000 per year to get a college education in America is stupidity. Get quality education abroad for much cheaper and you actually experience an authentic cultural diversity! Not like in America where it’s all about. race race race, blacks blacks blacks, latino this latino that black power gay this lesbian that, more power to muslim brotherhood bullcrap! Perhaps the best international schools to attend for a cheaper price are the Asian Universities. Besides, the world economy and power is shifting towards ASIA so you might as well be in the thick of things. In Asia, you won’t have to worry about “racial dialogue harmony reparation political correctness shhiittness i have the right to be in a Starbucks because I am a non-paying black customer and I will sue the hell out of you.”

  46. The Republican party still believes in the American Dream for all Americans, while the Democrats believe in the American Dream for select minorities and groups… How do Democrats decides who deserves the American Dream and who doesn't?

  47. As consumers we can correct this imbalance: we all know now that it takes an Asian student a lot more work to get into an elite college and graduate. So, now, this system made us unwilling racists: next time we need a surgery – we will look for an Asian doctor. Next time we need a defense attorney – I will hire an Asian lawyer. Great results, affirmative action! We, as consumers, have discretion. Let’s use it.

  48. Cockservatives are stupid! White privilege is stronger than affirmative action. Whites are the majority of America, majority of the police force, the military, CEO's, Politicians, business owners, stockholders, bankers etc. They control everything and they complain, it's pathetic!

  49. If I was young I would get into a plumbing apprenticeship program! A plumber makes great money and can earn all kinds of money under the table!

  50. it's a bit surprising that she didn't ALSO deny that the selection process lacked transparency, since she resorted to
    other obfuscations and arguments from ignorance such as "I didn't SEE any discrimination while I was on the inside".-AS THOUGH SHE WAS ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR whites and asians being reverse discriminated…

  51. 🤣🤣🤣 I love how tucker can’t stand people’s differing opinion so much so that he can’t bear to let them finish. Muaaaahhhhh. Then they call us liberal wacko🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

  52. I want a multicultural diverse professional because I would rather be politically correct rather than selecting and paying for the BEST person for my hard earned dollars. Thus, I will choose a BLACK and/or HISPANIC physician who graduated at the bottom of their medical class for my highly skilled critical surgery because I believe affirmative action brings out the BEST talented doctor possible.

  53. In London you can do a part time degree in the evenings at Birkbeck part of the University of London it specialises in part time degrees for people who work. A lot of people I knew in London decided that working and studying part time although hard work was better. Obviously if you want to be a doctor or dentist then it's full time. Universities have become a lefty brainwashing environment.
    There is a high drop out rate in UK universities because some students are unable to cope academically. A lot of the courses in the ex Polytechnics are an absolute waste of time. Golf management etc ridiculous. They were the place for more practical courses like Engineering, Surveying etc. HNCs and HNDs.

  54. The admissions process is secret.  What total nonsense.  The truth doesn't fear investigation.  Don't forget that!

  55. Ohh if it’s just trying to be diverse then I get it. You can’t have my people loading up all the ivy leagues.

  56. Legacy advantage 160 points, but donors' kids, recruited athletes, African American, and Hispanics get even more points.

  57. Retired Supreme Court Justice O'Connor ruled that AA was to get an extension of 25 years, and after that, AA would not be needed anymore. Great! Intelligence can be obtained in 25 years! A new invention!

  58. That is called racism…I would cancel this BS affirmative action…to hell with diversity …if you are lazy bum you don't deserve better life…and % of black folks admitted are dropping..come on this is clear proof that they are the laziest people that walk this earth…don't blame foreigners…blame yourself. I have a major, always had one of the best grades…paid for my studies by myself, and now proudly stand with what I accomplished…but if you're whiney and lazy…that is a completely different story…

  59. Thank you, Tucker, for always addressing the real issues with the truth and with respect! Love watching your segments, at least I know I won't be lied to or dumber for listening! I love the "doesn't pass the common sense test"..that is why you are fantastic!!! I just finished my AA in Human Services, and I start in the fall to obtain my BA in Social Work, and I know college can be very beneficial, but if they really don't see race, why not admit based of academics, attendance?

  60. You can't really make it completely and 100% "just" as there are a billion of different factors and nuances as Tucker had explained. You might as well make it "fair".

  61. You wanted diversity, now you are getting it so much foreigners are pushing your asses out of university, how dumb you feeling now?

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