Adults Attempt To Do Middle School Science Experiments
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Adults Attempt To Do Middle School Science Experiments

*Music* A Volcano! We should be able to do this because we’re… You know… Asian? Smart…. Oh. We’re going to need this… Baking Soda. We’re gonna need that. Some Flour? We’re definitely going to need vinegar. Pour me to 200 ML please. All the way up to here? Just put a lot in. As much as you want… AS MUCH AS YOU WANT?!? I’M GOING TO THE TOP! I’m gonna pop in one mentos, just for good measure. It’s the fresh maker, you never know. Yeeaaa… yeah, yeah, yeah! I definitely think we need to stand back a little. ONE! *speaking together* Two… Three. *Yelling Happy Celebration* Suck it science! Egg-celent! I have to peel an egg and get the egg in there? In the name of science, hey we have tampons. Like a pendulum. Will you stop playing with the tampon? We have matches. Op, matches, I think we need that. We got baby oil… Oh, baby oil, good. Slip right through there. Do you lube up…. oh? But we’re gonna lather that egg up. Oh, God. EEEhhhhhh’s not going in. We should… Did it! *Laughing* Strike a match cause you just have to suck out the oxygen and the egg should be able to just go right in. Oh, God. Slip him on in. This is how babies are made! Ok now drop it in. WOAH! woooaaaahhhh… ok. Eggs all weird. That’s wrong. O SHIT! That was so cool! How the hell do you get it o-TAMPON! The tampon fuse didn’t work. Oh my God it’s going in! *Laughing* Wow… We got mad points for that, right?

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100 thoughts on “Adults Attempt To Do Middle School Science Experiments

  1. HahAHAHA

    I remember the volcano getting shot down so hard. "It must start with a question and you must be able to graph it"
    I can't graph a volcano or anything like that

  2. I should do it. I'm Asian 😀

    Well you can't spell science without a C…. I'm a failure… Heh…

  3. Eugene: it's like a pendulum
    Girl: will you stop playing with the tampon
    I died😂😂😂 ps sorry I don't know her name

  4. 0:21 – 0:28 A normal conversation between Asians livig in America and studied in a standard middle school about baking soda volcanoes. PS i aint american.

  5. i dissected a sheep's eyeball. i made my partner do almost all of it, and he was just about to vomit as much as i was

  6. When Eugene usually says the Asian stereotype that he should be smart isn't right for him, and then he aces this 😂😂

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