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Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy! SHUT UP! Hi Carlos! It’s me Ms. Frizzle! And Tim! Wanda! Ralphie! Dorothy Ann! and Arnold! Oh wow, Ms. Frizzle and the gang! Are we going on another adventure? Yeah! Hop in! Let’s take a field trip! Alright! (grunting) Let’s go! Yeah! The class is back together now, (laughter, whooping) It’s been 20 years. Frizzle lost her job somehow, so she doesn’t have the bus! (whooping) Not the magic school bus! It was repossessed! It’s the Magic Hyundai A bit cramped but it’s the best What is this place Ms. Frizzle? According to my research, it’s a house! It’s my house! …mostly. D-don’t worry about it! Ok class, start packing this room. What does this have to do with learning? Hoh! Well today, we’re learning about gravity! Oh. (indistinct talking) You see, When I take this item, and then hold it above a box and let it go, Gravity pulls the item down into the box! Wow! Now don’t do this to every item that looks like mine. Ohhh. I knew I should’ve stayed home today. And here’s another lesson kids! When I raise my hand above Arnold, Gravity pulls it towards his face! (slap) But wouldn’t gravity have pulled it straight down and not across or to the- (second slap) I’ll start packing.. The kids are packing Frizzle’s stuff, they got to do it quick. Her husband got a restraining order, (whimpers) Uh, come on guys! when she tried to cut off his d**k! It’s the Magic Hyundai! Why are there no pictures of you on the wall? It’s the Magic Hyundai! Seriously, Ms. Frizzle that makes no sense at all. LOOK! I didn’t want to tell you kids, but… My husband and I are going through a rough patch and, I just thought that– I could count on my favourite class to help me out! (crying…) Oh, you’ve got so muscular, Ralphy… Ms. Frizzle, you can count on us! No ‘problem! Let’s do this! Oh, kids! (laughter until) What the hell is going on here, Vallory? Oh! I see you brought your TRAMP home before I got all my stuff out! We’ve…been divorced… for TWO YEARS!!! That’s it. I’m calling the cops. (gasp) Into the Hyundai kids! Hey grab the stuff! Grab it! Grab it!! Go!! Go go go go go go go go! GO!!!! Ow! *SOUND EFFECT* You just lost the best thing you ever had… ME! Ms. Frizzle had a psychotic break and thinks she’s still married Arnold didn’t go along with it, SO NOW HE’S DEAD AND BURIED! (rest in pepperoni) It’s the Magic Hyundai! Ralphy: Wait, when did that happen? It’s the Magic Hyun-dai So he’s DEAD?! WHAT THE FUCK?? Now that we’ve learned about gravity, Let’s go see what the inside of a 55 year old man’s cheating heart looks like! (hyundai flies) (woman crying) No I know, it’s not her fault, okay, she’s sick, she used to believe the school bus she drove had magical powers– Oh, ohh, that’s weird. What? Sounds like a tiny Hyundai just drove into my ear… Well! It look like there’s nothing here but a cold cheating heart! Guess it’s time to grow back to normal size!!! No! We’re still inside his body! (laughs evilly) I KNOW!!!!! Woah, that’s weird. What?! It feels like a tiny Hyundai is growing bigger in my internal organs… OOOOOHH!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Well!! That’s enough adventure for today, kids. Now get out of my Magic Hyundai! GET OUT! GET OUOUOUOUUOUOUOUOOT! bye bye, class!!! (tires) Has anyone else wondered why we’ve been wearing the same clothes for twenty years? I have a fucking R on my shirt… That’s the first letter of my name, who does that? Hi class, today’s lesson is subscribed to Smosh! After you’ve done that, Check out the video on the left to check out bloopers from this video! And for extra credit, click the video on the right for every oscars ever! And if you’re watching this on a magical touch screen device, all the links are in the description below! Buh-bye class! (evil laughter)

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100 thoughts on “ADULT MAGIC SCHOOL BUS

  1. @3:14 😂😂😂 I had to stop at this video real quick because i needed to take a moment to take it all in…

  2. Say Voldemort 5 times

    Clap 3 times

    Dont talk until you post this comment to another video

    You will sneeze

  3. There’s a theory that Rick Sanchez used to be married to Miss Frizzle, SMOSH, please make a sketch of that!

  4. You are such a nub teacher hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. I'm imagining someone seeing this insane woman on the road and making a 911 call not knowing this is for youtube.

    "Hi yes! There is a woman with blood on her car wearing a dress with alchohol and uterus's on it!"

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