Add Classwork Tab To Google Classroom
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Add Classwork Tab To Google Classroom

One of the features that teachers have been asking for from Google classroom is the ability to reuse a class. Go to any class that you want to update, to show the Classwork tab, and then take your cursor to the lower left corner and click the question mark. This is where you can send feedback or ask a question It’s also where you add a Classwork page. I simply click that Click on “Add Classwork Page” It takes a few seconds and there we go Why is that important? Because when you’re creating your new classes for the following year, you can click on the three dot menu, select “Copy,” and it will create a copy of that class: all of the assignments, all of the attachments and create a new shell. It will create all those things in draft form You’ll notice that this is the class that I just updated; it has “Copy” available. Here is a class I have not yet updated. “Copy” is not there. The ability to copy a class depends on Having that Classwork tab. So that’s why you would want to add it in the first place when I to add it in the first place. When I copy that class it allows me to create a new title, change the section number, change the subject, even add a room. Notice that it says: “Rosters and announcements won’t be copied.” I’ll go ahead and run this process Now this course is ready. I can open it up, go to my Classwork tab and there are all the assignments that didn’t have topics assigned to them. Here are my topics, my assignments that are within each of those topics and you’ll notice that they are all saved as drafts That means that when I’m ready to use that I can simply click on the assignment, click “Edit assignment,” assign a due date double check that everything else is correct. I might have to change my point value and then I can re-save it as a draft schedule it to be assigned, or click on “Assign” and make that available for students right away just like normal. Once again, if you want to make a class copyable so that it can be used again, open the course, and if it doesn’t say “Classwork” up here, Go down to the lower-left, click on the question mark, click “Add Classwork page.” It will take a few seconds to run that process, and after a few seconds there’s that Classwork tab, ready to go. That’s all from the TechNollerGist today. Let me know how else I can support you with teaching and learning in your classroom.

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