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7 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of a Teacher | Teachers Back to School (Spring) | |High School Teacher Vlog 36

  1. Oh my! It looks so cold there!! It's 88 degrees F here today. It's great that your kids are coming in for extra tutoring and help. 👍

  2. I love seeing your equations. 😀 That's a science teacher thing I guess! I was waiting for the flames as you posted them on IG! Never mind, maybe next time? Thanks for sharing your work and personnal expreriences.

  3. Glad you had students stay for help on a Friday! It feels good when students take time to get the help they need!

  4. OMG you do the notebook thing too! Our teacher had our class do it (AP Chem), I still haves mines. It's so ridiculously huge now but it helped during review week before our EOC's here in Florida. Even in college now, I still use that method since its more easy to organize stuff instead of having the usual binder with loose sheets of paper in the plastic covers. Plus with the journal, we left two or three of the first pages of the notebook for table of contents so we can go through back and forth to specific topics we covered. I love it!

  5. How much glue and tape do you go through???? And what brand is the lava lamp. Mine is to hot to bring in. (6th graders touch everything!!!!)

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