“A visit to EF Seoul” – with Chris a.k.a. CoreanoVlogs
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“A visit to EF Seoul” – with Chris a.k.a. CoreanoVlogs

Hello and welcome to Gangnam. Some of you might recognize this
guy from the song Gangnam Style. First and foremost, I’d like to
introduce myself. My name is Chris. Here in Korea, I make videos in Spanish
and I try to share what’s best about Korea with my Latin American audience, sometimes
from here and sometimes from Latin America. Today, I’ve been invited by EF to check out
their new school in Seoul, in Gangnam. I’ll show you their facilities and also around
this place because Gangnam is really cool. A lot of interesting things can be found here. The building you see behind me –
that’s where the school’s located. It’s right in front of this exit of
this station, Sinnonhyeon. We’re about to go in, but first let
me tell you a little bit about EF. EF is a language school organization
that has offices in 53 countries. It’s the biggest in the world and has
been around for about 50 years now. Their philosophy is “live the language”
by studying the language where it’s spoken. They were also the official education
services sponsor for the Winter Olympics happening in PyeongChang here in South Korea. I think those are very impressive facts.
Let’s go in now. Here I am with Yohan.
He is the director of the school, EF Seoul. I’m going to be asking him a few questions.
First, what kind of accommodations do you offer? We provide two great options. First, students can choose
to stay with a host family. It’s a great opportunity for students
to experience Korean culture. Another option, which is more suitable for those who want
to have more freedom, is to stay at our residence. It’s only a 15 minute walk from
our school in central Gangnam, so we actually provide two
great options for our students. I’ve been speaking to a few students and they’ve
told me that you have activities after school. Could you tell me a little bit about that? Sure. I think one of the great
advantages of joining EF Seoul is that we have great activities for our students. One theme of our activities is “Hallyu”,
Korean pop culture related activities, which our students really love. We have our K-pop dance lessons and
K-makeup classes as well. We also go to a famous Korean
cultural heritage place. Another theme of our activities
is experiencing local culture. We go to a local market, which is very famous
and you can see traditional Korean products. Students can enjoy traditional
Korean food there as well. Those are the most popular activities we provide. I hear there are different levels of Korean classes. How do you determine in which
level students are placed? I think that’s another good question. Allocating students to the right level is key
to their success in learning the Korean language. So, we provide a very careful assessment
to determine a student’s level of Korean. First, we provide a placement
test before students arrive. When they actually arrive,
we provide an oral test, so we can determine the exact level
of Korean the students have and can allocate the students to the right
class with the right classmates. Alright. That’s it. Thank you so much.
Thanks, Chris. “Do you have time?”
“I have plenty” “Where are we going to meet?”
“Let’s meet!” What’s your name?
My name is Ahenk. I’m from Germany. You’ve been learning Korean at EF Seoul, right?
I came here two months ago, actually. I started learning three months ago back in Germany,
but it wasn’t that effective for me. Coming here and having Korean classes
every day is absolutely more effective. Here, you’re forced to speak Korean. And you’re in class with people
with the same level of fluency? I didn’t get into this level right away.
I’m still a beginner, but more advanced. It’s totally my level. I hear you take quizzes every
week to see how you’re doing. You took one today?
Yeah. I took one today. Okay, I won’t be asking too much. I usually do very well but it was New Years.
I went to Busan and I couldn’t study. I see that a lot of people are very close here.
No one’s just quiet. I come in here and everyone
is speaking to everyone. Yeah. I’ve met people who I feel really close to.
We even went to Busan together. Where are you from – from Mexico?
Yes. How come you came here? I had already studied with EF in England.
Then I was studying Korean at home. I was looking for a Korean course
and I downloaded the EF brochure. Then I spoke with the EF staff
and they sent me your video and I was like “wow it’s Chris”
and then I decided to go. How do you like it here?
It’s great! They say you have activities at the end of the day?
Yes. This weekend, which was a holiday, I went to Busan with some friends. It’s very nice because we are like family,
so I feel comfortable here. That’s the impression I get.
Yes, because we always hang out and that’s great. Where do you stay?
With a host family. They are fantastic. They are so nice, so helpful.
They are always there for me. I met Gaëtan from France just now. I want to ask you about your experience here.
What do you want to tell us? Here in Seoul? Yeah, here in Seoul, here at EF.
Has your Korean gotten better? Yeah, sure. When I came here,
I was a total beginner in Korean. Zero. You started from zero when you came here.
Yeah. I’ve been here for one and a half months. I think it’s crazy how much you
can improve by being here. I just heard you doing that exercise.
You asked “Do you want to go to dinner?” “Do you want to have lunch with me?”
“Where and what time? On the weekend?” All of that. If you started from zero,
then that’s quite a lot of improvement. Yeah. The teachers are here to help you
if you don’t understand something. Most importantly, you’re not having
a class in your own country, really far from the country whose language
you’re learning. You’re on the inside. You’re in Korea learning Korean. Yeah. If I want to practice or anything,
I can do it anywhere. I hear people speaking Korean everywhere.
It’s really cool. It’s total immersion. Yeah.
That’s the most important point, I guess. Have you made a lot of friends here?
Yeah, everyone is friends here. Yeah, that’s what I keep saying,
that everyone’s so friendly with everyone. Now, I would like to show you cool
places that are located in Gangnam. I am now in the basement of Gangnam Station. This place is really famous for selling
a lot of clothes at a reasonable price and for having a lot of cosmetics shops. Now I’m here behind the Gangnam Station
where there are a lot of restaurants. Really, there are very few places that
have more choices than Gangnam. It’s like a traditional Korean style restaurant. Almost right next to it is this place where
you can cook meat Korean barbecue style, which I definitely think you
should try if you come to Korea. And just around the corner, maybe
you could come for some coffee and tea. There’s also an Irish pub. As you can see, I would define Gangnam
as a very international place. You can find food from all over the world.
But, okay, I know what I want to eat. I have decided to come and eat Korean-
style barbecue, which is really good. When you go to a Korean restaurant,
they always bring you side dishes and if you need more, you can always ask. I believe the meat is ready. Places like these are even better
when you come with friends. I believe that’s it for this video. I hope that
you could learn a little bit more about EF Seoul. And also, I hope you got to know a
little bit more about this area. If you would like more information
about studying here at EF Seoul, I recommend going to the link in the description.
I’ll see you around!

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