A teacher’s story – Concert for Diversity | 教育有選擇 We Have Choices 2019
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A teacher’s story – Concert for Diversity | 教育有選擇 We Have Choices 2019

Thank you Kelly and Jason Having a teacher whom we respect a lot in our life is very important How does an experienced teacher feel about it? What are her stories in her teaching experience? Today, we have Mandy, who is an experienced teacher to share with us what she has gained and reflected from her teaching experience I’m a bit nervous Cam invited me to come and asked if I had some stories in my teaching experience to share Actually, I was also thinking what an ordinary teacher could share I am very touched after listening to the sharing by the parent and student just now I would like to share my story in my secondary school life It seems that teenagers always have to face some family issues When I was studying in secondary school, I also faced some family issues But I couldn’t talk to my family about it. What could I do? I am very thankful that I met a very good class teacher in Form 4 and Form 5 It is interesting… (Too bright. Where can I stand? I can’t see you.) I am very thankful that my class teacher gave everyone of us a notebook for chatting I would then tell my class teacher what I wanted to share and what I did not know how to deal with He/She was very kind He/She replied a lot of words to me every time Besides listening to me, she also encouraged me or taught me how to face my own feelings Owing to him/her I started to have my own teaching aspiration I wished to be a teacher like him/her, accompanying me to grow Actually, at the first few years I managed to insist on my original aspiration I spent much time communicating with the children I would also share my personal life with them They would also share theirs with me Like what was trendy or which pop-star did they like recently I actually had many chances to communicate and share with children They sometimes told me about the difficulties they were facing I thought of solutions together with them Children usually make mistakes I usually discuss with them to seek for solutions Hoping to provide them confidence and to let them know they are capable to do it well Yet, when walking through the path of education slowly In this industry, we usually mention “meet a quota” Actually, there are many “quota” for teachers to meet What are the “quota”? Catching up the teaching progress Chasing students’ assignments Achieving for examination results and the standard in public exam How many students or what is the percentage of students entering Band One Schools? Also, a mountain of documents and administrative work We are rushing for these every day I found that the difference between these and my original aspiration in education became greater and greater At that time, I knew it was the bottleneck Actually, till now, I can still remember my fright at that time What was I frightened? I was afraid of missing the fire towards teaching I was afraid of the extinguishment of the fire As I was really frightened of losing the meaning of my job For me, I did not expect being a teacher was only for the high salary good welfare and many holidays I usually heard these words But I did not expect this is my job. That was why I was deadly scared at that time I was scared to be eaten by a crocodile I therefore usually asked myself if I should let myself go in this way at that time Actually I thought of giving up at that time “Fine, I can do other jobs” I was glad, I was really glad At that moment I came across an institution called EDiversity on the internet This bunch of people are very strange Why? They smile a lot and they have so much positive energy compare to what I see in the education sector which is sick I feel like everyone became very disheartened but very strangely, this group of people always smile For some unknown reasons, I am drawn to them I followed them like they are my “big brothers” We walk together on the path of LBD (Learning by Doing) I am the curriculum director myself Of course, I have to take this opportunity to implement LBD(Learning by Doing) at our school What did LBD give us or give to our children? Our children meaning our students There are many opportunities (to connect) with their classmates Nowadays we often say “connect”, “we connect” They have many opportunities (to connect) with their classmates their teachers, schools, families or society which makes us feel like our teaching is not only factual knowledge it gives us chances to share and communicate flesh and blood Also there are many values which I can cultivate them In fact, at that moment, I was connected with my initial aspiration again The fire within me is still here, it is even spreading out They always say to me, “learn to let go of yourself” I would like to share with you all how I let go of myself as a teacher I am not sure if there are any teachers here I believe some also had times that they were very disheartened, right? So how did I let go of myself? I remember last year we had a student who was in grade 5 He hated Chinese very much I am his Chinese teacher When I went into the classroom, saw his face I knew already that he really hated Chinese asking him to learn Chinese is like pushing him to death I guess Looking at him, I felt we could not continue like that because I am teaching both Chinese in grade 5 and 6 I need to teach him for 2 years I can’t possibly face a child who hates Chinese that much how do I teach him Chinese? So I began to think what I can do and how for teaching method, I learnt LBD(Learning by Doing), then I must implement it don’t waste it the second thing I thought of was how I could let go of this little child No matter what his homework was like I am actually OK because to be honest I don’t even understand what he wrote about because his hand muscle has some kind of problem I had no idea what he wanted to write about but I was very happy that he was willing to do his homework it is better than unfinished work It doesn’t matter to me that his grade is not very good I also encouraged him that “it’s alright, I can see that you’ve worked hard” he felt that his teacher was not criticising him etc and felt like I am accepting him This child has very good presentation skill So I gave him more presentation chances His computer (skill) is also good then he will be my little computer helper I always pretend that I don’t know this and I don’t know that he will rush out to help me slowly I can see his confidence gaining so I talked to him I got to know his family Every day, he slept at 12 or 1am Oh! What made him sleep so late? His mother is nervous being very cruel to herself how couldn’t she let go of herself? After his mother got off work, it was already 8pm after dinner at home Due to the child’s academic performance, which was actually not very bright His mother kept asking him to revise and complete the supplementary exercise When the assignment was not well-done it was obviously his mother helped finishing the work His mother corrected his words whenever the words were not pretty nor not good enough They worked for the assignments till 12 or 1 at the midnight It is impossible for a child with insufficient sleep, right? I thought it was not working and I had to start to connect with his mother talk with his mother At that time, I told his mother that her child seemed to have some difficulties in studying What about assigning less homework for him? as well as fewer dictations? Surely, his mother did not agree as she was very worried about her child being different from the others She was worried about her child learning less “How could my child be different from others?” His mother therefore did not let it go I thought, alright! I would not force her as she did not wish to Then I said I would talk to the child hoping to help his mother bit by bit I kept communicating with his mother Maybe his mother thought I was not lying to her, or discriminating her child She then started to trust me, and allowed me to assign less homework to him This is better than nothing, isn’t it? We kept communicating more, and the workload was lessened bit by bit After a period of time it was found the child had changed a bit One day, his mother chatted with me, telling me her child was willing to write an essay proactively Then how did he used to write an essay? His mother told me, he wrote a line when his mother had said a line It is good to write if he knows, yet how come if he does not? His mother had copied a line, and he copied a line to complete some assignments in this way His mother told me “He is willing to think by himself now!” “He will ask me when he does not understand” Or, he would come back to school and ask me “How can I write better?” Actually this child’s academic performance is still not very outstanding at present, and he still fails yet we can see he has some motivation He started not to show his suffering face when having his Chinese lessons He would answer and ask questions Actually, I was so happy I also told his mother he actually had improved a lot His mum was really happy too. Although his mother did not let go of him totally But his mother was very glad to witness the growth of her own child Actually, I am thinking most of the time, we hold things which are important to us very tightly For example, as teachers, some may tend to use the existing teaching methods as we have always been teaching in the same way We stick to it But most of the time, when we don’t let it go how could we embrace the new things? Therefore, sometimes, I wish to tell everyone here Are there any teachers, parents and students here? I always encourage myself with a saying remind myself not to forget my original aspiration I believe all parents wish their children being healthy and happy after the birth of their children though I have no children, and I am not sure if it is Bear in mind with this belief Why do I want to be a teacher? I guess most of my colleagues are aspiring maybe they have to seek for their original aspiration I work in a mainstream school and I wish there will be more and more choices in future education to let our children grow in a healthy place Lastly, I want to say these pictures were not illustrated by me These are my husband’s drawing Actually, I really thank for his support all the time I lured him to come today Thanks for his ongoing accompany and support Thank you everyone!

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